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  1. 1. CRM IDOL Aug 15thDirección: Teléfonos: Web: http:// www.Psblitz.comCalle Boulevard Nº 162 Ofic. 701- Surco • +511 7110872 Lima- Peru Email: • 999-278-781
  2. 2. Want to know they are talking about your brand? More dynamic platform for your companyBlitz The platform runs its technology integrating social networks Facebook, Twitter andthrough the Channel Manager Portal, offering continuous improvement and speed inexecution of processes that meet the needs of your customers and your business.
  3. 3. Mission & Vision Our MissionIncreasing levels of profitability of our customers,creating value from the continuous improvementin processes associated with customer relations Our VisionTo become a fulling integrated platformto guarantee costumers satisfactionreegarless
  4. 4. Our Company• We have 7+ years of experience in: Process & CRM Extended Value Chain, SCM, ERP, Reengineering, Vision 360º Redesign, Process Mapping, Gap Analysis. Quality: Quality Assurance, Improvement and Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement Tecnology: Security, Networks, Communications, Information Systems, Automation, audits, other
  5. 5. Team Support • Managing Director: Maria García Smith • Sales Director: Rubén Vergara • Lead Architect Johnny Salgado • Chief of Development Team: Ruben Orcada • Marketing & Desing: Tábata VargasA full suite of support for your business and gives you technology solutions for yourcompany. Led by a group of consultants with extensive experience in systems in anenvironment of changing organizations.
  6. 6. Business Competitors en LA• PRODUCTS & ALTERNATIVES What is it about? Getting closer to the Customers ! We support a B2C model focusing on SERVICE AND SUPPORT, and channel integrations.What do We solve? Our Solutions bring together the company to the Customer, managing the SERVICE Cycle from different channels with a 360 degree visibility to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our service is focused to be adaptable to any business process, consists of rapid deployment, configurable excellent functionality, the latest technology and easy integration.
  7. 7. Targets & SegmentsCORPORATE / BUSINESS• Companies that have Customers and relate to them on a regular basis, like a B2C model such as BANKS, INSURANCE COMPANIES, RETAIL, CREDIT CARD, TELCO, AIRLINES, HEALTH RELATED.Blitz is a platform that has a complete set of tools to help Business SERVICE &SUPPORT their customer base, in a BOUTIQUE CONSULTING mode.
  8. 8. What do we offer? •Multimodal CRM Platform for CUSTOMER SERVICING & SUPPORT •To Access from ANY WHERE, ANY CHANNEL• To reach, connect, and engage from traditional and social networks, & other non – structured channels• To obtain bi-directional service and support regardless of channel. Differential advantage •Ubiquity, mobility, global Access & immediacy to your customer base. •Twitter, Facebook, emails, mobile enabled and Portal Self-Servicing as well as those traditional Call Center and Sales Force Support. Soon to be added : SMS, Online Chat, fax-to-email, native Mobile.
  9. 9. Product Strength How is it different?• We have integrated 3 PLANES of Service and Support: • PORTAL SELF-SERVICING • SOCIAL NETWORK & VARIES CHANNEL • CRM SERVICE AND SUPPORT WORKFLOWS Blitz The platform offers network and systems technology, quality, continuous improvement and constant redesigning of processes that meet the needs of your business. We offer a quality product fast and dynamic.
  10. 10. Show us how: ticket customer defined Assign user level or attend Supports your customers directly in an easy and simple interfase, allowing info to flow smoothly Respond directly Integrate cases to Close ticket then solved Service & Support the caseCases come from clients and the platform to act directly integrates with users dynamically allows you to break downthe clients ticket and use variety of tools to help you listen to your customers as a company.
  11. 11. Stage • The AIRLINE objetive: TO ATTRACK & RETAIN CUSTOMERS THRU SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICING AND SUPPORT, bringing the AIRLINE Closer to the Customer. • The AIRLINE has: – Has hundreds or thousands of customers nationwide. – Serves many cities in differente regions and zones. – Has customers who have contacts. – Contacts can also be customers themselves. – The AIRLINE interacts with the customer in differente channels. • The AIRLINE has different ACTORS in different Channels it operates: – Sales Rep & Supervisor – Marketing Analyst and Leads Analyst – Call Center Rep & Supervisor – Airport Agent and Supervisor – Back Office Support: Finance, Billing, Operation, Collections, Etc. – Customer Service Reps & Manager – Channel Manager for: Online Agent, Social Media AgentsChannels to be used to Showcase a AIRLINE Scenario: - Twitter : twit a complaint - Facebook: become a fan and ask question regarding products. - eMail: send documents and a question regarding billing. - Customer Portal SelfService: Track Services requested and follow up on replies. - Blitz Channel manager: Receive streams typify, assign, close, and forward to Business CRM Support Groups. - Blitz CRM Backend: Receive InBox , escalate, reply and close.
  12. 12. Case Study- Airplane 1 3 When faced with high demand of passengersCustomer is about to and having nobe served after passing knowledge of thisthrough an extensive publication, the client counter dispatchedtail to make your check- quickly and without ain good listening your claim. 2 Customer leaves the 4 Get to the counter, hands over his ID card but not let you take counter and pulls out your flight, even though the his mobile device, passenger indicates that there is immediately a publication of the Ministry of download the facts Transport that supports it. through the social networks of the airline. A client loses a domestic flight to have expired ID, despite publication of the Ministry of Transportation indicating that citizens can travel within the country with his paper up. At the counter of the airlines attention are not aware of the case. Upon the fact the client using your mobile device enters the Twitter and Facebook and download the appropriate airline publicly.
  13. 13. Case Study- AirplaneBlitz CM gets it, gives an immediate response to The incidence is the platform where the Service & Support has ancustomer saying that in the process of solution. Defines attention to detail, explains the cause of the event and given to the time of settlement. The case goes through 3 levels of care.and integrates Blitz SS where it is assigned to usersresponsible care 1 3 2 The customer receives an immediate response from the company through the Blitz CM system solves the case by offering a new ticket and additional costs for the discomfort, the customer is satisfied. Channel Manager streamlines the customer-company incidents. The customer enters the case through Facebook and Twitter through your mobile device that automatically comes to the support platform and integrates CM Service & Support, the incidence is served by the users in charge who will respond quickly to customer offering obligatory apology and solving your problem.
  14. 14. Show us the• ONLINE DEMO
  15. 15. Roadmap • Lifecycle Approach to Customer Relationship 2006 2008 2010 2011-2012 Blitz V. Portal, Blitz ChannelBlitz V 1.0 – Blitz.NET V.2.0 Manager, SocialASP.NET RETAIL- SUITE Telco, SOA Networks, Email,• ITIL Service • SOA Integration • B2C , and B2B Sms, chat. Support • ENHANCED • Webservices• Employee • Alerts notifications • e- mail integration • Blitz mobile native•Help desk • Improved dynamic • customization And enabled. inprovement• Customer workflows integration • Inbound integration And outgoing broadcast