PAC Fast Track Implementation Program


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PAC Fast Track Implementation Program

  1. 1. © 2009 Performance Analytics. Office of the CFO Solution Specialists Performance Analytics 3601 Highway #7 Suite 400 Markham, ON L3R 0M3 905.887.2112 Overview For an organization adopting an implementation project, there can exist many different facets to consider including a comprehensive scope and a long list of deliverables, which can extend the project’s execution to a number of months. Many organizations have a limited timeframe or budget available to them and the traditional solution deployment approach may not provide these organizations the opportunity to participate. An alternative approach is to establish a limit on time, which enforces a well-defined set of deliverables to be included in a very focused scope and accelerated timeline. The end result is a production-ready application, trained and experienced resources and both a timeline and budget that is on target. The delivered solution presents a successful footprint for future development and success in other areas of the business. This is the impetus behind development of the Performance Analytics Corporation (PAC) Fast Track Implementation Program (FTIP). The following document describes the details behind the program. Benefits to Client Accelerated implementation – Fast ROI Customized to specific needs – Live, functional application Manageable Scope – High Value/Quality Delivery High Knowledge Transfer – Client ownership Platform for Performance Management – prove value of BPC to organization Team Effort - Lower TCO Project Scope One Application - standard planning with simple allocation logic or basic driver calculations. Consolidation using standard BPC functionality, standard allocations or inter-company logic. Data Sources - two data sources for master data and data (provided by client in defined standard format). Dimensions / Logic - maximum of nine dimensions, each with no more than 500 members. Limited business logic. Reports / Input Schedules - Up to eight reports and eight input templates. Standard P&L reporting, some management views. Duration - six weeks duration, plus one week for training, SSAAPP BBuussiinneessssOObbjjeeccttss PPllaannnniinngg && CCoonnssoolliiddaattiioonn Fast Track Implementation Program
  2. 2. © 2009 Performance Analytics. Office of the CFO Solution Specialists Performance Analytics 3601 Highway #7 Suite 400 Markham, ON L3R 0M3 905.887.2112 Client Project Team - Project Manager (PM), Subject Matter Experts (SME), Solution Administrators (Admin), Team Members (TM), Information Technologist (IT) PAC Project Team: - Project Manager (CPM), Application Architect (AA), Application Consultant (AC), Technical Consultant (TC) On any project the client is required to provide documentation and information related to their business processes, outputs, and data sources. FTIP expects an accelerated delivery such that this material is prepared by the client in advance, ready for the project team to work on. FTIP also anticipates a heightened degree of involvement by the client project team. The benefit of this is that the knowledge transfer is intensified resulting in a more knowledgeable client team. The PAC team takes on more of a guiding role in helping the client deliver components of the solution themselves. Project Approach PAC follows the ASAP Methodology for project delivery. With the FTIP, the approach is slightly different in that there is a well defined solution delivery time of six, eight, or 10 weeks. As a result, some elements within the methodology are adjusted to specifically manage the scope of the deliverables to meet the timeline. This establishes a clearly focused set of deliverables and a manageable project plan. The table below outlines the project activities, deliverables, timeline, and responsibilities by role: Activity Description Deliverable Responsibility Time Plan & Scope Discovery session to identify functional and technical needs, determine priorities, and business processes. Scope definition and high level project plan SME, PM, Admin, IT CPM, AA, TC 1 day Technical Installation Based on expected usage and performance planning discovery session (1-2 hour meeting), a single BPC environment will be installed and tested. BPC Environment ready for build process IT TC 3 days Accelerated Blueprint Intensive schedule of sessions with key stakeholders to confirm requirements and formulate design approach. High Level requirements and design document SME, PM, Admin, TM CPM, AA, AC 5 days Iterative Build and Unit Test Intensive schedule of sessions with key stakeholders to confirm requirements and formulate design approach. High Level requirements and design document SME, PM, Admin, TM CPM, AA, AC 5 days Accelerated User Testing Short concentrated test phase where users perform process testing on the application following a system test phase Sign-off on Test Phase Admin, TM AA, AC 5 days Deployment Application refined from user tests, rolled-out to end user community Documentation and Phase 2 recommendations Admin, TM AA, AC 5 days
  3. 3. © 2009 Performance Analytics. Office of the CFO Solution Specialists Performance Analytics 3601 Highway #7 Suite 400 Markham, ON L3R 0M3 905.887.2112 Roles & Responsibilities Although each project can be different, the roles and responsibilities required for success will be consistent. The table below identifies the key roles and responsibilities for a successful implementation. Some roles may be assumed by more than one individual and one individual may have more than one role. The % Time presented below is estimated. Role Description Organization Time (%) Project Sponsor Establishes overall goals and Critical Success Factors. Allocates resources (people, dollars). Client 5% Business Lead Drives business functionality detail, designs and reviews reports for content and meaning, works closely with all team members on all functional aspects of the system. Escalation point for issues. Client 50% Administrator Analyst on the business team with strong Excel skills that will take responsibility for business functionality maintenance of the BPC application. Writes reports, performs BPC maintenance. Client 1 @100% Team Member(s) Performs application development tasks as directed by the project manager in accordance with the tasks defined in the project plan. Primary skills sets include business knowledge, expert level Excel skills, familiarity with key data, and analytical capabilities. Client 2 @ 50% IT Lead Organizes the various technical activities: data integration, User Acceptance Testing, desktop installs, server database maintenance. Client 25% Project Manager Makes sure that all project resources are focused on their assigned tasks, tracks project progress to meet deadlines and is responsible for the on time/on budget delivery of the project. Client PAC 50% 20% Application Architect Employs best practices to provide the overall functional system design based on Client requirements. Involved at key project milestones. Build advanced application components. Provides implementation quality assurance. PAC 50% Application Consultants Provides detailed knowledge of BPC, builds early versions of system and reports, provides hands-on knowledge transfer to Client business team. This includes development of security model, building of dimensions, logic associated with cube data processing, reporting, data input, data loading, and currency functionality. PAC 1 @100% Technical Consultant Provides technical infrastructure knowledge, server installation and configuration, test scripts, and related services. Certify SAP environment(s). PAC 10%
  4. 4. © 2009 Performance Analytics. Office of the CFO Solution Specialists Performance Analytics 3601 Highway #7 Suite 400 Markham, ON L3R 0M3 905.887.2112 Resource Profiles The following profiles are representative of the PAC resources identified for this project: Role Responsibility Project Manager An experienced business manager and senior consultant with an extensive track record that spans many positions within the finance function as well as key roles in the implementation of many finance oriented IT solutions. Able to plan at the detailed level, and discuss strategies at the executive level. Application Architect Senior level experience working with BPC on numerous applications and customer projects. Responsible for the overall design of the BPC applications, with thorough knowledge of budgeting functionality and capabilities. Application Consultant Certified on the product along with ongoing in-depth training (internal). Experience developing all aspects of BPC on customer projects. Business background and thorough knowledge of the budgeting process. Technical Consultant In depth knowledge of the configuration of hardware and software platforms with BPC. Best practices application of installation procedures. Assumptions Client will provide the following to enable accelerated blueprint process o High level requirements documentation o Actuals data in standard, comma-delimited text file format o All master data and dimensional rollups defined in Excel format o Any historical data (already converted if necessary) in standard data load format o Report and input template examples in defined standard format o Any business logic (calculations) documentation o The fast track includes one application for reporting, planning or consolidation. Scope will be tightly defined and managed through a change control process. Further details of application complexities and detailed requirements (such as number of users, alternate rollups, dimension logic, depth of functionality) are documented and available to consulting team. PAC will deliver one week of Power User training for Administrators, subject matter experts, IT staff, data validation resources, project management office resources, business sponsors, etc. Availability of these resources will be critical to project success and could result in changes to the timeline/cost of the project.