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  • 1. Use Compelling Content to Attract Clients Twitter - @thawkbridges
  • 2. Compelling Content Creates Clients You can use great content to attract all the clients you need. But first there are a few things you need to get a handle on. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 3. The World Has A.D.D. A few years ago the average attention span was 13 minutes…..research says it’s now 9 seconds. We’re over-exposed and have built an immunity. To get a client you must first get their attention. How will YOU stand out in the crowded space? Are you considering this obstacle when you’re marketing your business? www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 4. What is your Unique Mastery? • Are you leveraging YOUR best assets? • What is unique about you? • What is YOUR compelling story? www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 5. Are you being clear? Clarity. To be really successful in attracting clients through content you have to be clear about what you do. FYI – Clarity is an action process. Find Clarity by deciding on your value statement. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 6. My Value Statement I teach entrepreneurs how to get more clients, find their niche, and grow their business. What do YOU do? www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 7. Who is your Ideal Client? Define your niche. • My perfect customer is ______________. • The problem they have is ____________. • I can solve this problem by ___________. • The reason I know this is because_______. • The solutions I offer are ______________. • The benefit of doing business with ME is ____. • They will KNOW I’m an expert because ______. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 8. The Process of Self-Removal The Self-Removal Process is about adapting to a mindset that considers your buyers needs before your own. Completely. It’s not about me. It never was about me. It will NEVER be about me. Completely focus on your ideal clients needs when creating content. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 9. The Buyer’s Mindset To attract clients through content you need to understand WHY people buy. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 10. People buy when….. • They understand. So don’t convolute or overcomplicate the information. • They feel understood. They can identify themselves in your marketing messages. • It solves a problem for them. • It fills a need a need. • It saves them time. • It saves or makes them money. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 11. Determine Your Positioning The Internet has leveled the playing field. Big? Little? No one knows. When they find you in the search all they know is you have what they need or you don’t. How do you compete in the search in an apples to apples comparison? www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 12. Positioning. How do you stack up? • How do you fare in YOUR search? • How do you look against your competitors? • What advantages do you have over them? • What do they have over you? • What about your pricing? • Overall what would make someone reach out to you instead of them? www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 13. Side note: If you aren’t considering where you fall in the search you’re leaving some money on the table. Don’t just use your website as an over- priced brochure. It’s an instrument to create leads. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 14. Create a Strategy • What is your financial goal? • How many clients will it take to create that outcome? Marketing Efforts = Desired Outcome Booty Call Marketing Won’t Cut It! www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 15. Learn about the Internet • Learn how to leverage the Internet. • Learn how to get your site found in the search. • Find people that you can learn from and follow them. • Invest the time. It’s SO WORTH IT! • Knowledge Creates Control and Wealth in Your Business! www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 16. Build it for THEM. • Your website should be a magnet. It should PULL your ideal client toward YOU. • Create useful information that solves your ideal client’s problems. • Create tools they can use in THEIR business. • Be seen as a Valuable RESOURCE. • GIVE FREELY and without expectation of return! www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 17. Develop A Tribe Once you start creating great content on a regular basis you will start to build a Tribe. These people will look to you as a resource to solve their problems in their businesses. They will build trust in you. They will buy from you. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 18. Your ideal client is the moth. www.perfectmarketingequation.com Be the Light Bulb
  • 19. Lead by Example Don’t talk your craft. Walk it! Compel people to follow you- To be interested in you- To be WANT to be connected to you. www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 20. Commit to the Process It takes time to build. But it’s so worth it! www.perfectmarketingequation.com
  • 21. Visit me. For articles on client attraction and tools to learn about marketing your business visit me at: www.perfectmarketingequation.com www.perfectmarketingequation.com