PerfectLocks Hair Extensions and Hair Styles
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PerfectLocks Hair Extensions and Hair Styles



Learn about the differences in hair extension materials, how to select hair extensions, how to apply hair extensions, and some great hairstyles for long hair!

Learn about the differences in hair extension materials, how to select hair extensions, how to apply hair extensions, and some great hairstyles for long hair!



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    PerfectLocks Hair Extensions and Hair Styles PerfectLocks Hair Extensions and Hair Styles Presentation Transcript

    • PerfectLocks Hair Extensions
      • You can transform short hair into long hair to completely change your look with PerfectLocks hair extensions. This slideshow covers the ins and outs of Indian hair extensions, including selecting extension types and discussing different materials and attachment styles.
      • We’ll look at what happens after you place your extensions, you’ll see styles to inspire any woman and you'll learn how to care for your extensions and existing hair.
      • Before you order any PerfectLocks hair extensions, you need to take an introspective look at yourself to determine what you want to look like once the extensions are in place.
      • How long do you want your hair to be? What shape do you want it to have? What does your ideal self image look like? After you have determined this, then you're prepared to start looking at extensions.
      How Do You Want To Look?
      • Three beautiful women – three different styles of hair. Straight, wavy, and curly refers to the texture of the hair: just like yours is straight, wavy, or curly, these same terms can also be applied to extensions.
      • This is true whether you get PerfectLocks real human hair extensions or synthetic. The curls in natural hair will most likely be natural, whereas the synthetic hair will have been crimped.
      Different Styles Of Hair
      • A good rule of thumb to ensure perfect locks is to match the texture of your own hair. If you straighten your wavy or curly hair, it might help if you select straight extensions. Anything you do to the rest of your hair will almost certainly be done in equal measure to your extensions.
      Making The Best Choice
      • Synthetic hair extensions are usually cheaper than real human hair extensions, but the texture of synthetic hair can never match up to the texture of your natural hair.
      • It can be difficult to get hair colors to match exactly with synthetic hair. With natural hair extensions, you can simply dye the extensions along with your own hair. Natural extensions are like working with your own perfect locks.
      Real Hair Vs. Synthetic
      • Clip-on bangs are very easy to manage.
      • They simply attach to your regular hair, and can be styled in any way you please. Good clip-on bangs will look just like your hair, matching in color with the clip completely obscured.
      • PerfectLocks offers a variety of clip-on bangs, even including side bangs with front bangs on the same clip.
      Clip-On Bangs
      • If you're looking for a more dramatic, overall hair effect, then you may want to consider PerfectLocks clip-on extensions. These longer pieces simply clip on to your existing hair for a sudden change in length that still looks natural.
      • Clip-on extensions are available in all three textures (wavy, curly, and straight) and can be cut or styled.
      Clip-On Extensions
      • PerfectLocks loose hair bonds into your existing hair strands. They are exactly like your normal hair – just remember they are simply attached and not growing like the rest of your hair.
      • They need to be replaced periodically. The average life varies, but high-quality genuine untreated Indian hair will typically last 6 to 8 months to over a year with proper care.
      Loose Hair
      • PerfectLocks also offers specialized hair extension products such as closure pieces. These are ideal for women who struggle with bald spots and thinning hair.
      • The closure piece is applied to the top of the head, and then can be adjusted and styled from there. It adds an overall fuller appearance, helping combat the bald spots that sometimes come with age.
      Closure Pieces
      • Handle your PerfectLocks extensions with care to maximize their lifespan. You can use regular hair care products as long as you are careful not to create too much residue.
      • Don't let your hair to become tangled or your extensions may come out when you brush your hair. Detangle before washing gently and never sleep on wet extensions. Great care will ensure perfect locks.
      Caring For Your Hair Extensions