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We are a ISO 90001:2001 certified, SanJose based company with development center in India and have a team of 20+ mobile application developers.

We are competent in developing applications for all major platforms -iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP7 and have developed solution accelerators for mostly all commonly used features for mobile applications.
- GPS, Social media integration and sharing, iAds, Camera, QR code reader etc

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Perennial systems mobile application portfolio

  1. 1. Mobile Application Portfolio
  2. 2. Location based reminder appClient: US based ISV partnered with Perennial to develop theapplication acts as a reminder to the user as soon as he/she is incertain vicinity. Moreover the application is of use for travellerswho can store hot shots of the place they are about to visit andfor realtors who can store location and details of properties.Solution HighlightsCreation of a Proxido for iphoneProxido, "proximity to do", allows user to create a task andassign a place to it. The tasks then show up at the topof the list when the person is close to the place. The usercan also search for places that are nearby by name andalso by category.Special background notification featureThe user is notified whenever he/she is in close proximityto his her proxido.Available here
  3. 3. Application to manage daily shopping needsClient: US based ISV needed application to help users put in theirrequirement, store it as well as search the place where they couldbuy it.Solution HighlightsUI and UsabilityThe user is allowed to create a customized list. The productscan even be listed by taking an image through the built incamera and the items can be checked out as soon as theuser buys them.Predictive searchIntelligent search makes finding products easier. The itemsused once are saved for future.Barcode scan featureThe user can use the built in camera and scan a barcode of aproduct to add it to the shopping list.Available here
  4. 4. Audio App bookClient: US based ISV needed to create an iphone audio book.The application allows people to listen to the ebooks and otherwritten text.Solution highlightsBackground PlaybackThe application allows people to do other stuffs on phone suchas email, surfing while the application runs in background.Advanced SearchAdvanced search allow user to search for book on the basis ofvarious inputs such as tags, most popular, genre, duration,author, narrator, language.Smooth transition and friendly UIThe slider used in the ebook could very smoothly help the usernavigate throughout the book. An important feature from end userperspective.Social media integrationUser can share and also know what others are doing through sharingon Facebook, Twitter or via email.Available on : Itunes store soon
  5. 5. Charity ApplicationClient- MMRFThe client is a nonprofit that works to accelerate thedevelopment of next-generation multiple myelomatreatments to extend the lives of patients. The applicationis built to act as a gateway for interested donors to donateas well as persuade other people in their network todonate.Solution highlightsSocial website integrationThe application supports integrates with user’s socialaccounts such as Facebook, Twitter.Email Client IntegrationThe application supports integration with mail clientproviding a seamless experience for the end user.Contact list integrationThe application allows the client to import contact listsfrom various resources such as outlook, social networks,and various mail clients.Available on : Itunes store soon
  6. 6. Dictionary ApplicationClient- US based ISV looking for dictionary applicationThe application is built to search and retrieve financial termto find their meaning, as well as see the other definitions inwhich the term appears.Solution highlightsFast Scroll functionQuickly view all terms using the fast scroll function.Script lane expertiseThe client had failed to get Apple approval on 2 occasions.Script Lanes experts stepped in and after recoding the appsmartly managed to get Apple’s approval.Available here
  7. 7. GPS based community applicationClient- ComcateComcate is a US based web and mobile applicationdevelopment company catering primarily to public agencies.Solution highlightsGPS functionalityThe application uses the GPS functionality to locate the user’scurrent location and also allows the user to look for otherlocations on the map as well.Social website integrationThe application supports integrates with user’s socialaccounts such as Facebook, Twitter.Intuitive and User friendly UIA lot of initial focus was put on creating the specs andwireframes for the application, since friendly and intuitive UIwas necessary to make people use the application for commongood.
  8. 8. Media sharing ApplicationFor client – AtomizAtomiz offers first one-stop shop for digital industrycustomers offering innovative services in digital media.Perennial partnered with them to mobilize the productthey had built over the web platform. The web platformis used for sharing media online as part of the mediafactory product suiteSolution highlightsSupport for multiple platformsCreating applications that run on the android and iOS platformscovering the handsets as well as the tablets.Support Media CaptureThe application supports uploading of both picture and video capture to the Wizdrop service.Existing media can also be uploaded from the application.Email Client IntegrationThe application supports integration with mail client providing a seamless experience for the enduser.Available on : Iphone 2.0 and later, Ipad and Android
  9. 9. Mobile Backup ApplicationClient – Modus CommunicationModus communication, based in Norway, is a provider ofmobile solutions to telecom companies. To help themincrease their VAS portfolio, Perennial partnered to build amobile backup solution that allowed interoperability amongvarious platforms and allowed the user to store, retrieveunlimited amount of data on the go.Solution highlightsMulti-platform solutionOur application supports all leading platforms—Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone OS, Android(under development) supporting all the available screen resolution sizes.Extensive mobile testingExhaustive testing procedures ensured compatibility of the application.Mobile cloud computingThe application backend is hosted on cloud allowing encrypted, cost-effective, highlyavailable solution for storing, distributing or sharing content at will. Such architectureallows the application to deliver 99.99% durability and 99.99% availability of objects.Available on : Iphone all versions, Android, Blackberry
  10. 10. Weather Mobile ApplicationClient – Weather Decision technologies (WDT)WDT is one of the biggest weather technology company basedout of Oklahoma USA. Perennial partnered with the client todevelop a weather related gambling application where userscan do weather prediction and earn rewards on doing it right.Solution HighlightsSupport for iads and inappsThe application integrates with iphone ad network forrevenue generation through advertising.Extensive mobile testingExtensive testing to ensure compatibility over the platformsas well as load testing to ensure that the application workswell in anticipated peak periods.Social website integrationThe application supports integrates with user’s social accountssuch as Facebook, Twitter.Available on : Iphone and Ipad all versions
  11. 11. Restaurant Mobile ApplicationClient: Restaurant company from US (Name underNDA)The aim was to design a experience application for anew upcoming restaurant with Japanese Edo periodtheme. The client wanted to design to go with the themeand yet look authentic and contemporary. So the designwas considered around the traditional Japanese scrollthemes and experience was also like a scroll.Solution HighlightsUser-friendly UIThe client’s main concern was the UI of the applicationto be made in line with the theme of the restaurant.Perennial in-house UI team worked closely with theclient to develop the specs and UI assets for theapplication.GPS enablementThe application uses GPS functionality to broadcastoffers and bargains to people in the vicinity.Social website integrationThe application supports integrates with user’s socialaccounts such as Facebook, Twitter.Available on : IPad
  12. 12. Plastic recycling Application Client: Preserve Gimme 5 provides access to the Preserve® Gimme 5 recycling program’s network of over 200 drop off locations nationwide for #5 plastic poly-propylene (PP) recycling. Available through itunes on the link Solution Highlights GPS enablement The application uses GPS functionality to broadcast offers and bargains to people in the vicinity. Social website integration The application supports integrates with user’s social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter. Available here: 5-plastic-recycling/id428785738?mt=8
  13. 13. Events ApplicationClient - PLUGPlug from is an engaging location-based Mobileapplication for events.Solution HighlightsSocial website integrationThe application supports integrates with user’s socialaccounts such as Facebook, Twitter.Enhanced UIUI enhancements with pull-to-refresh and shake-to-refresh.Available here
  14. 14. Relevant Case studies – Mobile web developmentClient –Bankrate.comPerennial is the IT partner to Bankrate online insurance "They have successfully taken care of all ourlead business. We are engaged in web application required IT services,development, designing of the rule engine as well allowing us to focus on our core business. Their agileas the mobile website. processes helped us scaleScope of the project quickly, reducing costs and time to market"Integration of website with existing lead management rule engine Technology Director,Porting on over 150 websites to mobile Trouve media (now Bankrate)Use of analytics and Google optimizer to reach optimum designsTentative ScheduleTechnologies: Platforms:
  15. 15. Relevant Case studies – Mobile web developmentClient –Mobile application based start up (Details under NDA)The client is a Denver based start up multi-platform mobile marketing and data-analytics system to be developed for local, national and global retailers.Scope of the projecteCommerce integrated with Paypal, Google checkout and Text2paySocial media integration with Facebook, Twitter and FoursquareBusiness trends and usage statistics available for analyticsTentative ScheduleTechnologies: Platforms:
  16. 16. About Perennial SystemsPerennial Systems is a business and technology services company delivering ITsolutions, consulting, systems integration and outsourced development services. Wecreate value by successfully integrating people, business and technology to createeffective, sustainable and scalable business ecosystemsBased out of San Jose CA. Offices in Texas, France and development center in IndiaCertified: ISO 9001:2008, Adobe Solution Partner, Microsoft certified partner, OraclepartnerMobile development experience for all major platforms iOS, Windows, Android andRIMClientele
  17. 17. Perennial Systems - ResourcesOver 50% of our workforce has post graduate degree in engineering and more than 2years of experience Resources distribution Technology Number of resources 13% iOS iOS 5 31% Android 19% Android 4 Blackberry Blackberry 2 12% 25% Mobile web development Titanium 2 Mobile web 3 development Education Distribution Experience Distribution 9% 4% 14% 5% 0 - 2 years Graduate 28% 2 - 4 years 35% Engg Graduate 15% 4 - 7 years Post Graduate 7 - 10 years 52% MBA 38% 10+ years
  18. 18. TechnologiesMobile Web developmentMobile Platforms
  19. 19. Offshore outsourcing best practices• Flexibility to align development with the project and the business need of the customer• Certainty through strict adherence to ISO 9001:2008 standards that deliver assurance, eliminate redundancy and mitigate risks• Protection through Comprehensive security policies covering multiple levels of security by laying emphasis on IPR,NDA (with clients), reciprocal NDA (with employees), Secured network access via VPN to authorized employees and clients• Maximum ROI through regular assessment and quality check• Detailed upfront scoping of the project with mutual consent• 24/7 support availability on demand
  20. 20. Contact Information To know more, how we can deliver USA offices more value from IT 2013 Glenmere Drive, Allen, to your business, contact us Texas 75013, USA Ph: +1 214 550 0465 Email: 1053 Jacqueline Way, Visit: San Jose, CA 95129 Ph: +1 408 480 2730 France office 7 Rue De Nathanya, 06300 Nice, France Ph: +33 06 29 60 03 61 India office Office #1, Mahavir Park Complex, Pune Satara Road, Pune - 37, India Ph: +91 20 24211286