Amazon 06 - Innovation Strategy


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“When a company comes up with an idea,
it’s a messy process. There’s no aha moment,”
Jeff Bezos,

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Amazon 06 - Innovation Strategy

  1. 1. Pere  Joan  Ribas  Barceló Innovation Strategy ! ! CIEE Study Center in Palma de Mallorca Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course Pere Joan Ribas Barceló
  2. 2. Innovation
  3. 3. Aha! Moment? “When a company comes up with an idea, it’s a messy process. There’s no aha moment,” Jeff Bezos Going from A to B it is a long road of trial-and-error learning…
  4. 4. Innovation Amazon invested heavily in R&D to develop its own dedicated hardware reading device. The first Kindle was released in 2007, three years before the Ipad. Kindle 2 was released in February 2009 positioning Amazon as an innovative and disruptive company.
  5. 5. Innovation §  234
  6. 6. Turning the idea ! into a product “To turn an idea into a successful product you need a combination of stubborn relentlessness and flexibility” Jeff Bezos
  7. 7. Innovation Amazon drones
  8. 8. Innovation Amazon Locker is a self-service delivery location to pick up packages. It allows customers to use an Amazon Locker location instead of delivering a package at home or business address, and pick up the parcel at any time. Once the parcel is delivered in the Amazon Locker, customers receive a notification with a unique pick-up code to open the locker.
  9. 9. Innovation At some point Amazon will stop buying products from the manufacturer to print the products in its own fulfilment centers. This disruptive innovation will allow Amazon to improve its logistics network and reduce once again customer´s costs. 3D Printing
  10. 10. Innovation Blue Origin Blue Origin is a personal Bezo’s venture firm created in 2000 The company is developing technologies to enable private humans to access the space with the goal of dramatically lowering costs of space tourism
  11. 11. Amazon Innovation 1999   2000   2006   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015   Is an easy way to preload a customer’s information to do a purchase process with a single click Price, selection, and convenience are at the core of Amazon’s disruptive innovations Amazon Recommendations Improving shopping experience
  12. 12. This  is  an  example  text.  Go  ahead  and  replace  it  with  your  own  text.  It  is   meant  to  give  you  a  feeling  of  how  the  designs  looks  including  text. TIMELINE 1994 Company started July Amazon Timeline 1995 April 3, 1995 fist order 1996 first page of WSJ 1997 Amazon’s IPO 1998 CDs and DVDs expansion 1999 Toys and Electronics expansion 2000 Dot-com bubble MARKETPLACE First offline alliance 2001 Borders deal 2002 Launces Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2003 jewellery 2006 Amazon Fresh 2007 Kindle Mp3 2010 Amazon Video 2011 Kindle Fire 2014 Fire Tv Smartphone 2015 Prime Air ? 2004 Shoes 2005 Amazon prime 2008 Amazon Games 2009 Kindle 2 2012 Kindle fire HD 2013 Amazon Art
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  14. 14. Videos §  Amazon's Truth Behind the Click BBC Documentary § Full Story - World Biggest Online Retailer Revealed §  Exclusive Interview with Jeff Bezos - Founder & CEO of Amazon §  Amazing Amazon Story - Jeff Bezos Full Speech §  TED: Jeff Bezos: The electricity metaphor §  Amazon's Jeff Bezos looks to the future §  Four Peaks: My interview with Jeff Bezos §  Inside Amazon: Secrets of an Online Mega-Giant §  Amazon's Truth Behind the Click §  Jeff Bezos at the ‪Stanford Graduate School of Business §  Jeff Bezos on Amazon, Innovation, Customer Service, Kindle §  Jeff Bezos discusses Amazon Business Model and Mission
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention
  16. 16. Internet companies series!