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How to Redesign for Student Success Like the Princeton Review


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The Princeton Review's redesigned portal gave students faster and easier access to the tools that could shape their future. …

The Princeton Review's redesigned portal gave students faster and easier access to the tools that could shape their future.
Learn how Ayantek helped the Princeton Review overhaul their student portal.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. 

  • 2. Praveen Ramanathan President & CEO, Ayantek LLC •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Founded Ayantek in 2008 •  •  •  •  2 18 years of experience in delivering strategic eBusiness solutions Email: Engineer by trade Specialties: Customer Experience ▪ Technology ▪ Content Management Profitable since inception Average Y2Y growth of ~200% Our vision: Enrich the Digital Experience for all users Skype: Praveen.Ramanathan Twitter: #Ayantek Phone: 857-928-5406 © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 3. About Ayantek We are a Digital Strategy & Solutions firm •  Using Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) technologies to •  •  •  3 Drive Business Innovation & Productivity Increase Customer Loyalty Generate Market Opportunities for our customers © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 5. State of Test Prep Industry Market has grown to $4B worldwide, $1B in US Lots of innovation & new entrants   5 © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 6. Landscape Shift Technology innovations have introduced a new dimension Social Media •  •  Ability to share experiences Feedback and commentary Mobility •  •  •  Use of tablets and smartphones Students can be anywhere taking courses Virtual Tutoring Interactive Experiences •  •  •  6 Videos Gamification Real-time © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 7. The Princeton Review A leader in helping college and graduate school–bound students achieve their higher-education goals. •  •  Online courses, resources, and books (both electronic and printed) •  Operating through a network of 5,000 tutors and teachers •  United States, Canada and International franchises •  7 Offer test preparation, tutoring and admissions services Prep for all major admissions tests, including the SAT®, ACT®, SAT Subject Tests™, AP® Exams, MCAT®, LSAT®, GMAT®, GRE®, DAT® and OAR®. © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 9. List of Personas Each persona has unique needs Students   •  •  •  •  Junior High School Students •  •  •  •  Parent of Junior High School Students •  •  Working Professionals with all levels of education Parents   Others   9 High School Students College Students Graduate Students Parent of High School Students Parent of College Students Parent of Graduate Students Educators © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 10. Overall Strategy Improve user experience   Infrastructure   Content   Social media & mobility   Analytics   10 A multi-faceted approach was required to engage users •  •  •  Provide easier access to information •  •  Re-architect the web infrastructure to allow for more rapid addition of features •  •  •  Provide program guidance and recommendations for courses •  •  •  Support ability to logon via their social account •  •  •  Leverage analytics to gather insights Provide high degree of context specific to the student Demonstrate the 30+ years of value and depth of experience Provide an integrated view of the student’s total interaction with TPR Provide online access to detailed score reports and commentary Establish new programs for MCAT and other tests Engage socially to increase student and parent interest Create a mobile friendly experience Personalized experience Improve the entire context of the student experience © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 11. User Goals 1   To improve the overall user experience and increase engagement Design to be useful & usable 2   3   11 Simplify the user experience Enhance engagement © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 12. User Experience Improvements Three key site areas for parents & students Registration & Profile Pages •  Registration - Users sign in or register for full access to •  Profile – User’s information can be viewed and updated at any time Dashboard Page •  Summary of course information at a glance -- this includes test scores, drill scores and access to online content Interactive and Printable Score Reports •  •  •  12 Interactive and printable reports show a user’s exam performance Provide insights on how users can improve test scores Content includes overall scores, score breakdowns, customized comments, and access to question information © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 14. Registration & Profile 14 Registration Page before Redesign © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 15. Registration & Profile Registration Page after Redesign Prominent log in link – Helps users find the correct page if they’re lost Lightbox Approach – Allows users to quickly exit and return to previous page Larger Entry Fields – Allows users to easily tap fields without making a mistake on mobile devices Larger Text – Increases readability on phones & tablets Personalized Experience – Only asks users questions that pertain to them, making the process shorter Prominent Call to Action – Tells the user exactly what you want them to do 15 © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 16. Registration & Profile Progress Bar – Shows user’s progress & how many steps in process Registration Page after Redesign Sections vs. Long Page – Breaks up process for user so it feels shorter Save & Finish Later – Allows user to stop process at any time while still saving important information 16 © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 17. Registration & Profile 17 Profile Page before Redesign © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 18. Registration & Profile Profile Page after Redesign Prominent Navigation – Gives users easy access to other pages Personalized Title – Includes user’s name for a more personal experience Check Marks Show Where User has Filled Out Information – Alerts user to where they have information missing School, Course & Event Search – Gives users easy access to search functionality Larger Text – Increases readability on phones & tablets Tabs Break Up Content – Makes content more digestible for user Prominent Save Button – Tells the user exactly what you want them to do
  • 20. Dashboard 20 Dashboard before Redesign © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 21. Dashboard Personalized Title – Includes user’s name & course title for a more personal experience Switch course dropdown – Allows users with more than one course to quickly change their course Test/Drill Scores – User can see test/drill scores & score breakdowns Dashboard after Redesign Consistent Page Header – on Profile, Dashboard & Score reports Test Date Calendar Countdown – Keeps user aware of test date Access to Online/ Printable Score Report – User can launch report with more detailed test performance information Online Content Access – Gives users access to content to help them improve their scores Shows progress on most recent online content completed/ started – User can easily see what they were last working on
  • 22. Dashboard Online Content Sections – User can easily see and access all online content sections Dashboard after Redesign Visually shows content that has been completed, is in progress or is not yet started
  • 24. Score Reports Score Reports before Redesign
  • 25. New Score Reports Personalized Title – Includes user’s name & course title for a more personal experience Score Report after Redesign Print-friendly Version – Generates on click Shows users overall score & performance compared to other students – User can launch report with more detailed test performance information Shows users what schools they would qualify for with a higher score – School titles link to pages with more information Users performance on sections out of score range Expands to show question by question performance
  • 26. New Score Reports Personalized Comments – Display based on user’s performance Questions marked Correct, Incorrect or Skipped – On click, user can view full question and all potential answers Score Report after Redesign Filter by Correct, Incorrect or Skipped – Personalized view allows for easier exam review
  • 27. New Score Reports Score Report after Redesign Consistent experience – Includes features of prospect report with additional insights and details Progress Over Time – Shows user performance over several tests Section Scores – Shows progress over time in sections. User can click to get additional score breakdown Strengths / Areas of Focus – Gives users insights on what areas they excel in and what areas they need to improve
  • 28. New Score Reports Score Report after Redesign Section Performance Breakdown – Includes number of questions answered correctly, incorrectly and skipped Performance breakdown by category and question type – Gives students specific areas within sections to improve
  • 29. New Score Reports SAT & ACT Prospect Reports give users a consistent user experience
  • 30. New Score Reports Printed reports provide similar experience but designed for printing
  • 32. Technology Goals 1   Leverage Social, Mobile, Analytics, & Cloud (SMAC) Technologies Modular, maintainable, robust Service-Oriented Architecture 2   3   32 A streamlined infrastructure for peak performance, highscalability, & high availability Re-orchestrate existing systems for an on-demand student portal experience © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 33. TechnologyStack A multi-tiered architecture creating a standardized platform for growth
  • 34. Architecture Integration across multiple internal (traditional) and external cloudbased (SaaS) systems
  • 36. Positive Reception What people are saying about the new user experience “Amazing” “ Two of our most-difficult-to-please instructors have already sent positive feedback about the NSRs. Job well done!” “Your recent project had the best outcome of any in the last 10 years.” “OUTSTANDING WORK! You guys Rock!” “  I  literally  got  teary   eyed  when  the  bulk   report  link  worked.  This   is  awesome.”   “  We’re  ge'ng  some  great          feedback    from  teachers  already.          Love  it!  !”   “  BRILLIANT.  We’ve  been   wai=ng  for  this  for  5  years.”  
  • 37. Key Takeaways 1   A top 10 checklist for you Start here: Define SMAC user personas 2   3   37 Review current analytics & usage patterns Define primary user flows by persona © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 38. Key Takeaways A top 10 checklist for you 4   5   Be Agile: Think it à Build it à Ship it à Tweak it 6   38 Conduct an SMAC architecture & platform review Go beyond responsive, be adaptive © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 39. Key Takeaways 7   A top 10 checklist for you Set up a core program team for decision making 8   9   39 Institute a Customer Advisory Board Build a strong vendor-partner network © Ayantek, LLC Confidential
  • 40. The SMAC Stack #10: Register for a SMAC Assessment Register: Learn More:
  • 41. Q & A