Facebook for the Local Business
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Facebook for the Local Business

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With recent changes, Facebook has become more important than ever for reaching local customers. ...

With recent changes, Facebook has become more important than ever for reaching local customers.

This guide will help you to understand the new Facebook Graph Search and Facebook Nearby features, and deliver practical advice on what your business can do to take advantage of them.

Small businesses have big opportunities with social media, and it's time to put your best face forward.

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  • 1. Facebook+ The Local Business
  • 2. Why Should A Local Business Use Facebook?
  • 3. Your Customers Are OnFacebookOver 2/3 of online adults in the UShad a Facebook account in 2012.
  • 4. Your Competitors AreOn Facebook70% of local businesses had aFacebook page in 2012.
  • 5. Facebook Users AreMobileNearly half of all Facebook visits inthe US are from a mobile device.
  • 6. Facebook Is GettingMore LocalIn 2013, new features changed the wayusers interact with their location.
  • 7. The Social Network Is Now A Social Search Engine
  • 8. Facebook users cannow search by locationto discover businessesnearby.That means localcustomers are searchingfor businesses like yoursfrom their home…
  • 9. … And on their mobilephone when they arelooking for something onthe go.A great Facebook pagegives your business anadvantage in gettingfound.
  • 10. How Can You Keep AGreat Facebook Page For Your Local Business?
  • 11. CreateEngaging PostsA user’s Facebook newsfeed gives priorityto content from the pages that personinteracts with most
  • 12. Giving fans a reason tointeract by liking,commenting or sharingyour posts will increasethe chance they will seeyour content in thefuture.
  • 13. Post Often, But Not TooOftenIt’s important to keep your content fresh to keepfans engaged, but don’t post unless you havesomething interesting to say.52% of consumers say they have stoppedfollowing a company on Facebook because theposts became “too repetitive or boring.”
  • 14. CreateSpecial OffersAccess to specials or discounts is amongthe top reasons consumers "like" acompany on Facebook
  • 15. For the local business,specials give yourcustomers somethingactionable that can bringthem offline and intoyour business.
  • 16. Share PhotosSnapshots of your products, staff or storefrontare the type of images that make customersfeel more connected to your local business.
  • 17. Images drive visibility foryour business,delivering up to 120%higher engagement thanthe average Facebookpost
  • 18. Keep it ShortAnd SweetFacebook users tend to scan theirnewsfeed for interesting content rather thanreading every post.
  • 19. Keep your posts briefand easy to digest toattract your fans’ interestwithout giving them toomuch to handle.
  • 20. Mix Up Your TimingThe best time to post your content will varydepending on your customer base, so try differenttimes or days and compare your results.Many local consumer businesses benefit fromweekend posts, when customers access Facebookoutside of work and have time to go out to shopand play.
  • 21. Ask QuestionsAnd ListenAsking for feedback gives loyal customersand fans a way to stay connected to yourlocal business.
  • 22. Questions and polls givepeople an easy way toengage with yourcontent and increaseyour visibility to yourcustomers’ socialnetwork.
  • 23. Create And PromoteEventsEvents are a perfect way to connect youroffline and online communities and getpeople into your business.
  • 24. When Facebook usersRSVP for yourFacebook event, yourbusiness will gainvisibility with yourcustomer’s socialnetwork.
  • 25. Respond to CommentsAs a business page administrator, you’llreceive notifications of new fan activity onyour page.
  • 26. Let your customersknow you are payingattention by answeringtheir questions,responding to theirconcerns, and thankingthem for praise.
  • 27. Get Liked, Rated AndRecommendedAsk existing customers to connect with yourbusiness on Facebook. Likes, visits and ratingsinfluence your Facebook nearby search ranking.
  • 28. Happy customers can leaveendorsements on your pagethat will be visible to others.Visitors who check in at yourlocation can add a starrating.Likes, visits,recommendations andratings all influence yourranking in local Facebooksearch.
  • 29. Find InspirationFind out how businesses like yours andbusinesses near yours are reachingcustomers on Facebook.
  • 30. Perch is a free mobileapp designed for smallbusiness owners.Use it to find, view andcreate a Watchlist ofother business socialmedia in your area
  • 31. Get Perch Now Visit perchapp.com.