Comenius's project - Brzesko


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Presentation about my home town. I need it for Comeniu's project :)

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Comenius's project - Brzesko

  1. 1. Poland Poland is a country in Central Europe established in 966, when Christianity was adopted. The capital city of Poland is Warsaw. Poland is made up of 16 voivodeships (provinces). That’s homeland for people like John Paul II, Frederic Chopin, Nicolas Copernicus and many others.
  2. 2. Lesser Poland Voivodeship Lesser Poland Voivodeship (in polish: Województwo Małopolskie) is located in southern Poland. The capital city is Cracow (Kraków). That's the most historical and cultural valuable region in whole Poland.
  3. 3. Brzesko Brzesko is a city that lies approximately 25 kilometres west of Tarnów and 50 kilometres east of Cracow. It has 18.000 inhabitants. The town was founded in 1385 by Spytko II Melszynski with permission of Queen Jadwiga of Poland. Brzesko lies on the Uszwica river, along the important rail route from Kraków to Przemyśl, and along the European route E40.
  4. 4. Okocimski KS Brzesko Okocimski KS Brzesko (Okocimski sports club) is a football and voleyball club based in Brzesko. It was founded in 1933. Football players play in first polish league, while voleyball players in second.
  5. 5. Important places in Brzesko There are several things in Brzesko you should visit or at least know about them.
  6. 6. Goetz Palace Goetz Palace is one of the best manufacturers' residence in Poland. It was built in 1898 by John Albin Goetz Okocimski. Since its inception was considered one of the finest residences in this kind of Galicia. After the death of Baron in 1931, the palace along with the brewery was inherited by his son, Baron Antoni Jan Goetz. September 5, 1939, he left it with his wife and mother and went to war exile. The last owners of the palace never returned. At the beginning of the war Air Staff had a residence in the palace, and in 1941 it has changed to a group of South headquarters. It also functioned as a school officer and a military hospital. After the war it housed High School and the School of Economic. Since 2008, the palace is privately owned. Soon, there will be luxury Spa and 5 star hotel.
  7. 7. Okocim Brewery Okocim Brewery was founded by Johann Evangelist Goetz (John Albin Goetz’s father) and Joseph Neumann in 1845. After the death of Johann Evangelist Goetz in 1893, the brewery was taken over by his son. He quickly expanded family business and became one of the richest person in Lesser Poland at the time. At the turn of the 20th century, the Okocim brewery was the largest brewery in the lands of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. At the end of the war, in 1945 the brewery was nationalised by the communist and reorganized. During the communist period, Okocim was one of only two beer makers allowed to sell its products outside its region and abroad. Since 1996 the brewery has been a part of Carlsberg Polska.
  8. 8. Market Square Brzesko’s market square is the most characteristic place in the town. Originally, it was made of stone and cobblestone as we can see on the old photos. Later, it was rebuilded and instead of grey colour, green has dominated. A lot of trees were planted. In 2011 the square was rebuilded again. Mayor of the city wanted to bring back the first look of this place. This operation took 2 years to complete and over 5 million of PLN.
  9. 9. St. Jacob’s Church St. Jacob’s Church dates from the XV century. The church has two parts. St. Jacob is the first part. The second part (The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Church) was builded in 19791983. It was builded in gothic style. The church burnt many times. First time it burnt in 1678, second in 1723, third in 1863, and fourth in 1904.
  10. 10. The Monument to the Unknown Soldier The Monument to the Unknown Soldier is located next to the St. Spirit’s Church, opposite District Court. Plaque is dedicated to „Unkown Soldier who died for Homeland 1914-1920”.
  11. 11. Jordanowski Park Jordanowski Park is the Green Centre of the Town. It was opened in July 1956. Jordanowski Park is the place where you can come, meet and speak with your friend. Various attractions allow children to have a lot of fun.
  12. 12. Regional Library and Cultural Centre Regional Library and Cultural Centre in Brzesko was opened in June 2011. It contains a huge library, special rooms for children, boardrooms, stage and many others.
  13. 13. Old City Hall Brick, storied City Hall was builded in 1909. It is projected in neo-Gothic style. It is one of the oldest objects in Brzesko. Nowadays, there is Municipal Cultural Centre.
  14. 14. Sport and recreation center in Brzesko Sport and recreation center in Brzesko is the largest building that allows you to go swimming, go to local sauna, solarium or even the gym. You can play voleyball, basketball and football on local sports field that is called „Orlik” in Poland.
  15. 15. The entertainment-conference centre „Planeta” The entertainment-conference centre in Brzesko contains 3-star hotel, restaurant, 3D cinema and bowling.