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  • 1. 2 Social Media MonitoringA GLOBAL COMPUTERSHARE COMPANY
  • 2. The challengeKnow what they’re saying.These days, brands and marketslargely define themselves throughcommunications. Millions of customersand investors increasingly communicateonline about brands, products and offers.The more important the internet becomesto daily communication, the more importantit is to follow the “conversations” that takeplace there and to understand their effects.
  • 3. The solutionSocial media monitoring can achieve preciselythat. It encompasses the identification, observationand analysis of user-generated content on particu-lar topics in all online and social networks.Knowing more is a priceless advantage.Social media monitoring offers flexible new reporting options, openingup opportunities for the investigation of relevant areas in accordancewith a company’s information needs. A variety of tools are available towork with a broad spectrum of questions. The capabilities of socialmedia monitoring include the following:• Market knowledge and trend reporting• Identification of market and competition trends• Company positioning with regard to competition• Insight into own market, internet and social media positioning compared with the competition• Customer profile analysis• Knowledge about your customers’ needs, level of satisfaction, decision-making processes, internet behavior and communication style• Product screening• Analyses of product awareness, experiences, and acceptance, including comparisons with competing products• Campaign and communications reporting• Reports on perception and effects of online and offline campaigns and other internet-based marketing/communications steps• Ongoing risk and crisis monitoring• Early warning system for PR and IR departments with regard to negative communications
  • 4. Your benefitsAnswering open questions.Social media monitoring gives product managers and marketingmanagers detailed analyses of both their communications campaignsand their overall brand positioning. The success rates of differentstrategies can be measured and continuously improved.PR and IR managers can then better judge the effect of their PR andIR activities. Risks that originate in digital communications can beidentified and countered much faster; influential opinion-makers canbe identified.Managers receive a quick, efficient overview of their company’s marketpositioning and even of themselves. In addition to observing their ownonline reputation, they are kept constantly informed of any approachingmarket risks and opportunities.Key account managers and CRM officers can take targeted measuresto increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, based onproduct awareness information.Sales managers discover new customer acquisition channels and canuse an analysis of requirements and motivations to better adapt theirpitches and offers to a target group’s needs.Market researchers are equipped with new, professional reports thatprovide them with real and current insights into the market, the targetgroup and the competition.
  • 5. Our offerA solid foundation.Pepper’s “social media monitoring” process accompanies you from information gatheringto strategy development to implementation of social media communications activities.We work with leading social media monitoring tools to “trawl” the internet and gather all relevantcontent about your company.This ensures a solid foundation that reveals what is being said about your company and who issaying or thinking it. In addition, we offer a number of different reporting options: from real-timedashboards to risk monitoring, using brief management summaries and detailed analyses,depending on your individual requirements.As a subsidiary of the Computershare financial services group, Pepper places the highest valueon data privacy. We guarantee that your information will be treated confidentially at all times.One step at a time1. Definition: 3. Reporting/Interpretation:Defining the customer’s starting situation with regard Preparation and functional interpretation of results,to social media monitoring and internet marketing. exposure of core statements and most important inter-Detailed definition of monitoring goals and topics. relationships. Preparation of report (either one-time report or ongoing analysis).2. Analysis:Configuration of analysis software. Identification 4. Planning and execution of next steps:of relevant internet sources and content using web Compile results with strategic goals. Developtrawling and web mining. Optimization and validation recommendations for action and communicationsof results. planning and execution.
  • 6. Our offerDiscover social media monitoring.It’s never been easier to find out what socialmedia monitoring can do for your company.In order to introduce this marketing innovationto you, we have developed a “quick check” thatshows you our tool’s potential. It’s completelynon-binding but nevertheless interesting. Packet 1: Quick check • Brief analysis and report in pdf format provides you with a preliminary assessment of the scale and feasi- bility of any additional analysis packets as well as the initial results regarding sources and search volumes. • A prerequisite for all additional packets.
  • 7. Our offer Packet 3: Complete analysis • Complete report on all relevant social media activities concerning your company, your products, and competi- tors. • The analyses contain assessments of contribution volume, sources, brand recognition, authors, relevant topics and trends, selected relevant customer feed- back, and the origin and tone of the content. • The results can pertain to your company, your competi- tors or specific topics (e.g., product introduction orPacket 2: Basic analysis specific campaign launch).• Basic report on relevant social media activities con- • The report parameters are saved and additional cerning your company, your products, and your com- reports can be delivered to you at regular intervals petitors, including analyses of contribution volume, to show trends and developments over time. sources, authors, relevant topics and trends, origin • In addition, we can set up a read-only dashboard for and initial indication of the tone of the content. you for recurring analyses.• The report’s parameters are saved and additional • You receive a comprehensive pdf report with all search reports can be delivered to you at regular intervals so results in an xls format. that you can analyze trends and developments over time.• You receive a pdf report with all search results in an xls format.
  • 8. Your point of contactAnswers to your questions.As a global agency, Pepper can offer you a knowledgeable socialmedia monitoring partner at a location near you. In other words,we’d like to hear from you, wherever you may be. We can meetyour special requirements, regionally, nationally or internationally.Try us out.Your contacts at Pepper:Munich ChicagoChristian von Vietinghoff Brennen RobertsDirector Consulting Managing DirectorTel +49 89 30903 553 Tel +1 312 588 brennen.roberts@pepperglobal.comVienna SingaporeAlexandra Wolf Caroline LimClient Service Director Managing DirectorTel +43 1 71 30 110 14 Tel +65 6221 PEWP1107_US_04