Flexible Working Office Design


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Peoplespace is a market-leading workstyle and workplace development consultancy with an extraordinary business case supporting the services and products that it offers.
The specialised integrated approach is focused on the resolution of the complex issues that arise from the interaction between the key elements of People, Property and Technology. Enabling people to benefit from well-designed work space is reflected in the company name, and the integration of the elements is reflected in the company logo.

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Flexible Working Office Design

  1. 1. This presentation and document package is offered for consideration by an invited audience individually specified by name by Peoplespace Consulting Ltd. It contains commercially sensitive information and must be classified as ‘Confidential in Entirety’ with regard to Freedom of Information Schedules and with regard to Commercial Confidentiality in general.
  2. 2. Creating the optimum working environment for the success of your business.
  3. 3. Why flexible working? Why workplace evolution? “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin
  4. 4. Civic Centre, 2nd floor C F 201 202 203 C C A C C 1400w CLNRS C CUPBD C 201A 1400w C HEAD OF 1400w PLANNING 1400w 204 C C 1400w DISABLED TOILETS 1400w STAIR 1 C C Team SINK FEMALE MALE Leader C C 4Dr V 4Dr C 2Dr C Printer Printer INTERVIEW 2 ST RECEPTION NEW DISPLAY AREA 9 2Dr ST 8 ST 10 F/C ST 7 11 ST 7 F/C INTERVIEW 3 ST 8 6 Team 2Dr ST Drawings Leader 5 F F Layout F F MF Sh Sh F V Drawing Team Table Leader Photocopier F Chest ST 4 A/C LIFT 1 LIFT 2 229 Sh Sh F C Printer ST F 2Dr Fax 212B 3 Paper (REPLANNING NECESSARY TO IMPROVE AREA) C C V Printer Trays NEW STORAGE Sh SYSTEM C Printer 4Dr ST C C 2 C F C Sh Sh 230 C ST (REPLACEMENT DESKS?) C 1 F C C 4Dr C Sh Sh C 4Dr C C URBAN DESIGN C C C Sh D/B C C Paper C Trays he C C A/C Drawing C Fic dex C Chest e In Printer C ch Fi dex V C In Fax Plan C C Chest C Sh Sh STORE C FI ds C Car HE CH C Sh D/B FI ds C E Car HE C C Drawing MICRO- FI ds Enforcement Chest Car HE C Printer FI C ds FICHE Car HE FI ds 212C C d Car C C Car x d Inde Partition to be Car x half glazed d Inde Car x C C Inde 213E Printer & PC A/C 227 C Sh Team A/C Leader Photocopier 213D C Sh Sh F F B/c 4Dr Area to include pc's later to be relocated with Coffee prep. area 211A Sh C C 4Dr LAYOUT YET Storage Wall TO BE AGREED C C Fridge 4Dr 225 V V C Layout of area close to C Column to be updated Light C C B/C C D LE T Table NEW DOOR V 224 V LE MA ILE Sh B/c L/L C 213C 213C AB TO F Sh F DIS C Sh Sh AL C DIC M T L/L C ME OM ILE C B/c B/c Original RO TO Door POLICY 4Dr 4Dr C location special temp C C C C Sh Sh C C C 4Dr blocked width Sh LE MA T B/C A/C A/C B/C C C C C 224A B/c A/C F F FE OILE C C C Photo- T B/C 211 copier F C F 222A F Team Leader F 222 C New Door F location F PHOTOCOPIER KITCHEN Printers, Console, C PHOTOCOPIER SERVICE IN 214/ 215 WIDE AREA OF CORRIDOR & staff facilities C Sh C 3 MOVE BLOCKED T DOOR DOOR LIF STAIR 2 STAIR 3 4Dr 4Dr 221 221A 4Dr 221B 216 C 217 223