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Halbyn Rich portfolio 2013
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Halbyn Rich portfolio 2013


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As space designer and management consultant, I specialise in guiding and facilitating innovation and benefit optimisation, in strategic visions, project planning and solution design, with proven …

As space designer and management consultant, I specialise in guiding and facilitating innovation and benefit optimisation, in strategic visions, project planning and solution design, with proven capability in the delivery of complex, fast track and ‘mission impossible’ projects.

My approach involves seeking improvements in resource synchronicity (between people, property, technology), the dissolving of silo thinking and enabling greater collaboration.

As project director, strategic advisor or lead consultant/architect, I provide ways to optimise the relationship between these resources, to bring multiple benefits:
• Reducing cost
• Improving service delivery
• Future proofing agility
• Corporate image
Simultaneously, through an integrated approach.

In my design roles I seek to employ architectural aesthetic devices and visual composition techniques in workspace environments and furniture layouts, to create sense of extra volume, light, comfort and interaction, within highly space efficient interior designs and space planning excellence

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. HALBYN RICHPortfolio2013 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Halbyn RichSenior Workplace Strategy Consultantand Lead Interior Architect/Space Planner Owner of Peoplespace - 25 years of workplace consulting experience and integrated solution know how, specialising in: Smart Working accommodation strategy and workplace innovation Holistic approach to board level vision development, informed by business intelligence data Guiding strategy convergence and design synchronicity in people, property and technology solutions Business case strength informed by scenario modelling with evidence data Leading creativity and solution development in unified architectural, mechanical, electrical and ICT design innovation Employing architectural aesthetic devices and visual composition techniques in workspace environments and furniture layouts, to create sense of extra volume, light, comfort and interaction, within highly space efficient interior designs and space planning excellence …with: Insight Integrity Innovation Performance Slide no: 2 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 3. Bangkok Post Halbyn Rich Times Pushing the boundariesThe Smart WorkingHandbook Guardian Better Ways of Working Award Flexibility Sustainability Award Innovation Award Case study reviews Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 4. Halbyn RichClients Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 5. Halbyn RichA strong track record Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 6. Halbyn Rich Smart accommodation strategy People: 2447 Space: 289,937 ft2 Role: Lead Consultant Responsible for developing strategy recommendations, for the period 2015-2020. Why? Need room to grow, but with reduced costs Pressure on space due to increasing people numbers. Need to dissolve silo culture, by facilitating more collaboration, co-location and flexible working. Need to move away from reactive “knee-jerk” responses to a more planned approach, to be more efficient and reduce long term costs. What was done? Research, analysis, scenario simulation Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders across the business Analysis of regional trends in demographics, transport links and investment to identify Optimum Zones and review of existing sites within zones to indentify optimum properties. Space demand and supply gap analysis, followed by scenario modelling and cost/benefit analysis Delivered detailed strategy recommendations for 6 main office sites, within identified optimum location zones and high level strategy for 67 other properties. What was the result? Road map to higher performance and lower costs Strategic direction for realignment of portfolio to support corporate objectives, with transformations funded by savings in property costs. Action plan for medium to long term strategy validation, development and delivery. Action plan for short term improvements/ quick wins, in line with principles from longer term strategy. Halbyn has since been appointed to lead the 1st phase application of the approved strategy, to the two largest properties in the portfolio, including the head office. Slide no: 6 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 7. Halbyn Rich Smart sustainability People: 383 Space: 31,502 ft2 Role: Lead Consultant Responsible for evaluation of shortlisted properties, guiding workspace vision and space design. Why? Need new single location and to support teams working together Review required for London property strategy in response to lease end dates. Need less fragmented workspaces, improving on existing multiple floors in two separate locations. Need to support growth, restructuring and better collaboration. What was done? Space efficiency mapping and workspace design Analysis of property characteristics to identify best opportunities for enabling corporate objectives. Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders across the business , to establish requirements. Collaborative design development process targeting flexibility and environmental sustainability. Workspaces designed to encourage teamwork and smart working What was the result? Cost efficient modernisation, aligned to corporate values A better quality, more productive, more collaborative workplace, with more facilities in less space Ska Gold Award for sustainability, due to the recycling, reuse and careful procurement of materials and technologies used in the interior refurbishment. Slide no: 7 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 8. Halbyn Rich Workplace agility People: 70 + Space: 11,000 ft2 Role: Lead Consultant Management of super fast track property option scoring , design development and implementation Why? Need super fast track strategic advice, design and delivery Workplace to be selected, acquired, designed, delivered and operational within 9 weeks Need future proof space supporting headcount surges and organisation development. What was done? Evidence based integrated design Space Efficiency mapping used in evaluation of property selection options Super Fast Track delivery assisted by benchmark database Maximum adaptability in technology solutions integrated within workspace design as single concept, supporting multi function spaces and highly future proof flexibility. Audio visual specification informed by benchmark comparisons and people data What was the result? ‘Mission impossible’ success within budget Early integrated intelligence approach enabled delivery in “mission Impossible” time frame and within budget Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved. Slide no: 8
  • 9. Halbyn Rich Workspace optimisation People: 80 Space: 10,764 ft2 Role: Lead Consultant (Architect and Project Manager) Responsible for project management, cost control and full design team service Why? Need to modernise culture and accommodation Need to encourage collaborative working and support culture change and modernisation Need to bring fragmented teams together into a single workspace environment Need upgrade and replacement of mechanical services , roof top plant. What was done? Single unified solution maximising benefit opportunities Relocated and redesigned historic document library and research study centre to unlock greater space efficiency opportunities Fully integrated design driving tight coordination of building services and architectural elements, to maximise the sense of space, volume and day light. Upgraded environmental performance of workspace, including new thermal efficient roof. What was the result? Exceeded expectations and amazed client New library and research study centre with additional multi purpose functionality, supporting training and conference events and resulting in increased visitor attendance rates, extended opening times. And increased revenue. The design of the new workspace successfully improved collaboration and supported a culture change and modernisation programme, scheduled to coincide with the project The delivered work environment amazed the client, exceeding expectations for the amount of practical and attractive space. Both the office space and study centre delivered greater capacity and flexibility in 40% less space …delivered in 8 weeks Slide no: 9 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 10. “The approach has transformed the quality of our working environment andHalbyn Rich I am still amazed by the amount of practical attractive space that has been created” Week 0 Week 2 Week 4 Week 6 Week 8 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 11. Halbyn Rich New Ways of Working strategy People: 2471 Space: 182,986 ft2 Role: Workplace Consultant Define Smart Working feasibility and develop business case and property rationalisation strategy Why? Need to synchronise property with new ways of working Need property strategy that takes advantage of modern ways of working to achieve savings Need head office to support an additional 750 people to vacate other property at end of lease. What was done? Data gathering, illustrations and cost /benefit analysis Wide ranging investigation into the potential to achieve benefits and savings from flexible working, across all potential business areas, including organisational mapping, collaboration and affinity needs analysis, space occupancy audits, storage analysis, space plan feasibility studies and 3d visualisations. Scenario modelling and holistic business case calculations. What was the result? Clear direction for workspace upgrades and savings Detailed report supported by space planning designs, illustrating strong case for major workplace and work style advances Slide no: 11 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 12. Halbyn Rich Collaborative efficiency People: 60 Space: 7,000 ft2 CGI proposal Role: Full Turnkey Solution CGI proposal Advice on workplace strategy, project management and full design & build service Why? Need new culture, greater collaboration and less cost Need alternative to traditional property strategy Need new working environment to support cultural developments Need to support greater collaboration between teams Rationalise storage and re use as much existing as possible What was done? Precision design informed by work style data Creation of a dual purpose hot desking and team meeting area Personal mobile storage units (‘puppies’) Delivered Introduction of library reference zone and breakout meeting area Delivered High density space efficient storage solutions Minimising cost by making use of a mix of new and existing furniture What was the result? Better place to work using 50% less space Now serving same number of staff (52) with 50% reduction in space, while improving the quality and functional performance of the working environment and assisting collaboration and internal communications. “The office brighter, friendlier and altogether a better place to work”. Return on investment in less than 12 months and saving £1million within 5years Slide no: 12 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 13. Halbyn Rich Space utilisation People: 3000 Space: 350,000 ft2 Role: Space Planning Consultant Providing specialist advice on workplace design, for supporting flexible working and developing space standards . Why? Need flexibility for rapid growth, without using additional space Unable to accommodate expanding headcount in current buildings. Lease ending on short term additional space. Need to respond quickly to changing FSA role, developing legislation and staff numbers. Current buildings need upgrade. What was done? Seminar, workshops, feasibility analysis and coaching Delivered seminar and workshop sessions to raise understanding of flexible working and best practice workplace design, breaking down the ‘one person one desk’ mentality. Analysis of working patterns and future business requirements to create scenario options. Established flexible workspace principles to support corporate agility, in response to future headcount uncertainty. Defined the space supply and demand equation. Feasibility studies and recommendations for furniture specification. Coached client’s in house space planning team in design development and delivery. What was the result? More people in better working environments, at less cost Retained existing building with no extra accommodation required. Increased space utilisation and adaptability of space, increasing asset efficiency and cutting churn costs. Created innovative future proof solution with a better working environment’ Slide no: 13 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 14. Halbyn Rich Smart Working local authorities People: 5000 Space: multiple projects Role: Workplace Consultant Providing specialist Smart Working advice to inform programme development and delivery. Why? Need help to realise Smart Working benefits Trial flexible working environments need enhancement. Need to develop Smart Working principles and implementation strategy. Need to improve collaboration and modernise culture. What was done? Strategy, programme foundations and delivery support Piloting of new furniture and ICT concepts as part of quick win workspace enhancements. Smart Working accommodation strategy, opportunity reports and project initiation proposals. Holistic business case development and validation to HM Treasury Green Book standard. Programme development, programme governance advice and project management coaching. Stakeholder management, change management, ICT coordination and space planning Working closely with managers and staff on team based work style analysis. Furniture design, specification, tendering management and procurement support. Programme communication strategy and design of website. What was the result? Office portfolio reduced by 45% A multitude of move and refurbishment projects, each delivered with an ROI of less than 2 years. Enabled internal communication efficiency gains and collaborative working improvements, through better adjacencies and more supportive environments. Significant improvements in employee work life balance. The SMART programme is producing a 45% reduction in the Council’s use of office space. Slide no: 14 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 15. Halbyn Rich Smart Working Government People: 2948 Space: 222,124 ft2 Role: Strategic Advisor Responsible for workspace transformation proposal, with prime integration and project planning guidance. Why? Need to do more with less Need to create space for other public sector occupants within health and safety constraints Reduce HMT property requirements and maintain flexibility Need to concepts proposals to inform variation to existing PFI and technology contracts What was done? Feasibility design study Layout designs demonstrating greater efficiency in space planning and supporting modern work styles Common spaces made into practical working environments, including touchdown tables in oversized corridors. More breakout areas, meeting rooms, quiet rooms and introduction of flexible collaboration zones. Distinctive walkway design to clearly define escape routes and support DDA best practice Further options and innovations, including new courtyard walkway and architectural meeting space feature What was the result? Blue print for better workspace with ROI of less than 1 year Options for creating space for up to 1558 additional workstations within an improved more productive working environment, supporting the ability to accommodate another Government department Road map and business case evidence illustrating full payback of entire investment in less than 1 year Slide no: 15 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 16. Halbyn Rich 1st flexible working project delivered in 2001 People: 850 Space: 61,753 ft2 Role: Lead Consultant and member of ‘New ways of working’ think tank Design Team Leader for implementation of flexible working and new ‘living the brand’ working environments. Why? Supporting culture change and property rationalisation Strategic approach needed for achieving multi site space efficiencies and other business benefits What was done? Integrated (people, property, technology) change process Interviews, workshops and online survey informed investment targeting and phasing Reconfigured campus accommodation to improve communications and collaboration Introduced 3D brand look and feel and upgraded environment to comply with DDA regulations. What was the result? 40% cost saving with 20% productivity increase Flexible working environments delivered 40% reduction in property requirements Managers and staff in flexible working teams identified 20% increase in productivity Slide no: 16 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 17. Halbyn Rich International confidence People: 3000 Space: 329,376 ft2 Role: Lead Architect and Interim Project Director Responsible for developing strategy recommendations, for the period 2015-2020. Why? Super fast business launch in new territory Multiple projects to support business launch in new market. Select/construct properties, including head office, call centres, regional offices, data centres and (during project development) temporary interim work environments. Complete the above, design and delivery of workspaces and supporting infrastructure for 3000 staff (growing within the same period from a launch team of just 22) within 6 months. What was done? Analysis and unified multidiscipline development Property strategy / selection guided by detailed analysis of business dynamics, demanding future proofing agility requirements and brand values translated into 3D look and feel criteria. Fully integrated building services infrastructure, interior architecture and 3d brand experience, maximising potential flexibility and multi functional capability within the workspace. What was the result? Set new standard for design and future proofing Successful delivery of projects in Bangkok and throughout Thailand, with results recognised for setting new benchmark standard for Orange offices (globally and in UK). The high degree of adaptability, woven into every aspect of the design concept, allowed the rapidly changing organisational structure and local cultural influences to be accommodated throughout the design development and beyond completion without adding to project costs. Following this success I was commissioned by Orange as member of their ‘future ways of working’ think tank and went on to design and deliver the Orange Working Life (OWL) projects. Having seen the results of the project in Bangkok, HSBC commissioned work for their floors in the same building, which in turn won an HSBC award for innovation. Slide no: 17 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 18. Halbyn RichPrecision designSlide no: 18 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 19. Halbyn RichDesigned and delivered from concrete shell within 6 monthsSlide no: 19 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 20. Halbyn Rich Better solutions, faster and at less cost People: 760 Space: 106,400ft2 Role: Lead Interior Architect Responsible for developing strategy recommendations, for the period 2015-2020. Why? Need to support rapid growth and flexibility Pressure from rapid growth of new internet broadcasting business, associated recruitment drive and developing organisational design What was done? Making the most of a blank canvass Stripped out all existing interior elements and services, back to concrete shell Designed and delivered highly flexible open plan space Bespoke joinery and metal fabrication to create unique working environment Creative lighting solutions, meeting best practice at less that traditional cost Bespoke sound booth, product testing and video editing pod What was the result? Unique results at fast track pace Entire process of Stakeholder engagement, design and implementation completed, furnished and fully operational, to high quality standards and within budget, all in less than 9 months Slide no: 20 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.
  • 21. Thank you Halbyn Rich +44(0)7973744219 Copyright © 2002-2013 Peoplespace Limited - All Rights Reserved.