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Web 2.0 Hotness for Recruiters
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Web 2.0 Hotness for Recruiters


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Published in: Business, Career

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  • 1. Web 2.0 Hotness for Recruiters: 51 Ideas
    • Create a Delicious account for interview tip sites
    • Create Twitter accounts for products or services (mine followers for candidates or leads)
    • Create a Facebook fan page (duh!) For fun, ask everyone to change pics to baby pics for a day
    • Create a widget that scrolls new jobs at your company; distribute to bloggers in your company
    • Create a similar application in Facebook; distribute to fans
    • Crowdsource your next difficult position via your careers page. Offer compelling prizes and insight into the hiring process.
    • Blog about a big goof-up at your company. Be painfully honest about what happened.
    • Organize all recruiters to participate in a Second Life Career Fair – debrief the shared experience. Why or why wouldn’t you do this again?
    • Podcast your jobs; circulate via e-mail campaign (use reporter/subject format, with recruiter as reporter and hiring manager as subject)
    • Offer a scholarship on Facebook
    • Internal microblogging (i.e. Yammer) to generate referrals
    • Create and promote a home-made Viral Video (ask, would I pass it along to my family and friends?)
    • Write a really irreverent blog about your company or recruiting process
    • Write and distribute a Social Media press release when a big-wig joins your company
    • Consider appointing a recruiting community manager
    • Link an outdoor/offline/guerilla campaign to a microsite
    • Copy Amazon’s idea – solicit homemade videos about your company; offer a prize for the most creative, compelling, etc.
    • Host Recruiting Department Office Hours using open chat
    • Livestream an internal meeting on your careers page
    • Create a Shelfari account with recommended books
    • Closed (Private) Social network for interns, special candidates, or “fellows”
    • Flickr photostream powered by employees or even candidates
    • Give candidates Flip cameras to videotape interview day; upload to blog or website
    • Poll interviewers about their experience; post results of poll (maybe even written reviews) on company blog or careers site
    • Ask all prior candidates (or employees) to blog about their experience on an appointed day/time
    • Monitor your employer brand via Twitter
    • Create a Mashup related to your business/industry/function (i.e., after-tax salary calculator)
    • Create and publish a Product/Service/Organizational Wiki – direct candidates to Wiki for research
    • Publish a company-wide I-Tunes Playlist
    • Promote conference attendance/booth/events via microblogging (Twitter)
    • Ask candidates to write blog and publish posts about their experiences before/during and after interviews
    • Host a tech conference in Second Life. Make your big-wigs participate
    • Blog recruiting goofs/stupid resumes (protect the innocent, of course)
    • List useful community blogs on your careers site
    • Allow employees to rate their jobs; publish on careers site; add “product reviews”
    • Get your CEO to hang out with recruiters for the day. Film it. Edit it. Promote it. Watch it spread like a virus.
    • Internally crowdsource a recruiting process issue – offer compelling prize for best ideas
    • Host a press conference for digital media – make HR/Recruiting available to answer questions
    • Publish the Stumbleupon or Delicious bookmarks of your CEO
    • Job search support via live chat at appointed times
    • Offer Monthly “How to Get a Job @ My Company” Webinars
    • Twitter experiment: Over 10 days, follow 1000 related contacts. Broadcast job. Track and communicate results.
    • Create a widget like the Southwest Ding! Widget to alert jobseekers about newly posted jobs
    • Blog about geographical/community subjects to entice relocation
    • Invite new hires to private social network
    • Develop a blog for family members
    • Crowdsourcing in LinkedIn doesn’t work. Tell them you’re sorry and you won’t do it again. Invite them to opt-in to receive opportunities newsletter
    • Is your LinkedIn network worthwhile? If so, spend some $$$. Throw a party and invite all of your contacts. Livestream the event. Blog about it.
    • Spend the day with the Web 2.0 guru in your company. Take notes. Share with everyone in recruiting.
    • Offer RSS feed for newly posted jobs
    • Pair job pay-per-click ads and/or SEM with new product launch