The Wisdom of Fools: Collaboration Technology Transforms the Motley Fool

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The Wisdom of Fools: Collaboration Technology Transforms the Motley Fool






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  • Jeff: Collaborative social functionality embedded in HR software is more than a passing trend. Fact is, collaborative communication and other related behavior have already high adopted in the “wilds” of consumer-driven social media networks for years now in LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many others. It’s the way many of us across generations communicate with one another today. Individuals from every level of the enterprise are demanding consumer-focused and highly personalized software experiences. Consider this - according to Bersin by Deloitte, more than 80% of corporate learning occurs through informal approaches, which include coaching, mentoring, communities of practice, use of expert directories, and collaborative social networking. By injecting social collaboration, video, analytics and mobile, to help with organizing and connecting HR processes – from recruitment to onboarding to talent management and more – organizations can improve engagement and productivity. Lee’s going to share the story of how Motley Fool adopted social collaboration software and transformed their organization for the better. Lee: Jingle embraces the way people communicate Social – The Pope, The President of The United States use Twitter and Facebook.  It is the way people communicate. Interactive / Comments – no reply all in email but we need discussion. Short / Unedited – No longer is there a need to sweat over the editing of company communication Video –90% of communication is about nonverbal, tone, etc.  Video is easy Real time – Messages are going up, discussion is happening, all day every day. 
  • Lee: Preamble Don ’t get lost in this conference We are all here to improve the lives of our employees Technology is enabling incredible changes in how we work   Our Goal Our goal @TMF is a Culture of Communication Reinforce our culture of Collaboration Move to modern technology consolidate conversations Consolidate disparate social systems company-wide Make it easier to search and share Retire legacy intranet and wiki
  • Lee: The Challenge We were steeped in our habits – communication is constant Using Technology needs to become automatic and easy Rules of engagement are learned and understood Success is when communication is so easy it just flows I am here today because change is worth it
  • Lee: The shift Require very small tech investment for setup and maintenance Wean ourselves from Yammer, email, Sharepoint, Idea Factory, ad hoc internal blogs Orchestrated communication for the first 60 days Ensured must see news was only there Went for easy wins with big groups Built a game
  • Lee: Where we are today 2 years in Fully integrated Social Workspace Significant Employee Adoption & Use We can do more not less communicating Jingle is a verb
  • Jeff: As you can see, our social collaboration platform is highly configurable. Motley Fool created specific, custom widgets for their collaborative needs that included news feeds, a video player, signal streams with open and private messages, and much more. Lee: Yes, we were very excited that we could create such a user-centric environment for our employees. Ooyala video player Quick Start (essentially sidebar nav) Metric trackers (members, NCR) RSS feeds with custom links Important Fool News Job Board
  • Lee: Affinity Groups Nearly 100 groups built around shared affiliations or interests Scrum teams, functional groups, initiatives, hobbies, shared interests, classified, etc Largest Membership - Quarterly Challenge, Around the Office, Wellness, Love Our Members, Classifieds, Just had to share, Competitors, Techies, NFSHHI Most active (PVs) Techies & Preditors
  • Lee: Cool Unexpected Uses Just Had to Share Classifieds Clubs Innovation & Idea generation Company Challenges Banner one clicks
  • Lee
  • Lee: Opt in – Maybe the biggest win.  You decide what messages you want by joining the groups you want.  If you don ’t’ care about the printers being down then you don’t have to see those messages. Jingle is fast We don ’t have to think about how to communicate to different groups.  We are updating real time all the time. We don ’t have to worry about too many messages or the right messages for the right audience.  If you think it is interesting you go. Remote employees are part of the discussion.  Whether you are in our AU, UK, or Portland you are receiving and participating in an important part of communication.
  • Lee: After Slide, [Introduction of Jeff Carr, Peoplefluent’s President and CEO]
  • Jeff: HR Systems are evolving from traditional HR systems of record, which include who you are what you are paid your performance rating etc But these systems don’t engage the workforce. Today’s systems need to enable HR programs to: provide managers the data to make informed decisions, coach management, connect with employees, provide enterprise communication, allow collaboration, foster learning
  • Jeff: Social collaboration solutions are expanding into every part of the Talent Management suite; and include solutions that help identify, attract, integrate, motivate, develop and recognize employees.
  • Examples of Social within Talent Management Recruiting Metrics, Analytics Communications Compensation Leadership Development Learning
  • Lastly, social engagement is about use and the ability to deploy these solutions across browsers and devices for maximum adoption. After slide   [Jeff turns it back over to Lee to talk about Jingle results]
  • Lee

The Wisdom of Fools: Collaboration Technology Transforms the Motley Fool Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Wisdom of Fools: Collaboration Technology Transforms The Motley Fool SE4 (4:00-5:15 pm)SE4 (4:00-5:15 pm) Presented by: Lee Burbage (Motley Fool) and Jeff Carr (Peoplefluent)Presented by: Lee Burbage (Motley Fool) and Jeff Carr (Peoplefluent)
  • 2. The Wisdom of Fools: Collaboration Technology Transforms The Motley Fool Lee Burbage • People Fool, The Motley Fool Company Jeff Carr • President and CEO, Peoplefluent
  • 3. What is “Social Software” ratings and reviews Wiki’s Blogs Social Networks Links RSS feeds Signals Social Computing discussions Tags Video Workspaces Groups Widgets collaboration Microblogs Employee Profiles Consumerization Dashboards bookmarking Communities Knowledge Transfer Likecrowdsourcing Using social software to foster collaboration
  • 4. Motley Fool Jingle Creating a Culture of Communication
  • 5. Jingle: Be Bold Change is worth it
  • 6. Jingle: How We Made the Shift
  • 7. Jingle is a Verb You should totally Jingle that!
  • 8. Jingle: Dashboard
  • 9. Jingle: Affinity Groups • Nearly 100 groups built around shared affiliations or interests • Types • Scrum teams, functional groups, initiatives, hobbies, shared interests, classified, etc etc etc • Largest Membership • Quarterly Challenge, Around the Office, Love Our Members, Classifieds, Just had to share, Competitors • Most active (PVs) • Wellness • Techies
  • 10. Jingle: Unexpected Successes
  • 11. Jingle: Personal Pages Motley Loyalty Purpose Fools love coming to work and we love having them here Objective Ensure Fools are combining their passions & skills to create 6 times more value than we pay them. Strategies 1.Evaluate Performance of all Fools – Set expectations for what being a 6x Fool means and check in with each Fool every 4 months 2.Deploy Talent - Matching every Fool’s passion and skill with value creation 3.Develop Our Edges – Provide a coach, a path, and regular feedback to all Fools
  • 12. Jingle: Big Wins No more reply to all. RE: No more reply to all. RE:RE:RE: No more reply to all. RE:RE:RE:RE: No more reply to all. RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: No more reply to all. RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RE: No more reply to all. …unsubscribe
  • 13. Jingle: Data Reporting • Easily track usage data using built-in reports and Google Analytics
  • 14. HR Systems Evolving to Engagement Platforms Evolution from ‘System of Record’ to a ‘System of Engagement’  Strong and Engaging User Experience  Simple Access and Workflow (supporting Video, Mobile)  Easy Knowledge Transfer  Built-in Collaboration  Social & Collaborative Learning
  • 15. Expanding Social Solutions within Talent Management Processes • Recruitment • Preboarding / Onboarding • Learning • Collaboration • Development • Work Teams / Communities • Recognition • Communications • Coaching
  • 16. New Level of Engagement through Talent Management Programs Recruiting Metrics / Analytics Communications Learning Leadership Development Compensation
  • 17. Social is Mobile and Mobile is Social Adoption is greatly enhanced by deploying solutions across multiple devices
  • 18. Jingle: Results • Positive addition to Motley Fool • People know where to look for things, instead of wasting time wondering which system to use • News, info, documents, conversations: it’s all here • Better team and all-Fool collaboration & communication • Reduced email clutter • Easily opt-in to see the types of messages (signals) they want • At least 75% reduction in all-hands email • Enhanced collaboration and code / process quality through centralized, shared documentation • Early adopters: techies • Easier to share between project-based scrum teams • Editors use signals to track workflow and do handoffs. Beats the mix of email & IM we used to use
  • 19. Thank you • Q & A • For more information on Peoplefluent, please visit • Slides will be available on Peoplefluent • Follow us: @themotleyfool @peoplefluent