How mobile applications can help travel industry


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Mobile applications are tremendously popular among the crowd. Smartphones have brought a drastic change in the use of internet. Businesses are fast tapping the potential of mobile market and are coming up with new applications. Among them travel industry can also take utmost advantage of this movement. Here's how.

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How mobile applications can help travel industry

  1. 1. Web: www.peopleace.comEmail: info@peopleace.comCall Us: +91 281 2468291
  2. 2. With the technology boom in the mobile industry, it has becomealmost mandatory for any business to be active on mobile andsocial media platforms and travel industry is not an exception.
  3. 3. Social Media and Travel IndustryFacebook is having over 845 million effective users with reaching over 50% ofworlds international audience accounted with 1 of every 7 minutes used onlineacross the globe and 3 of every 4 social networking minutes.From the survey travel brands worldwide, 100% of them had Facebook brandprofile and 75% of them had Twitter profile.
  4. 4. Social Media and Travel Industry70% of the travel brands have agreed to some extent that the social media hashelped them in improving people engagement50% of the travel brands surveyed had agreed that they have successfullyaccomplished direct bookings from the social media(Facebook, YouTube, flickr, Twitter)20% of the respondents worldwide have pointed out social media as their mosteffective and successful marketing formatIn the Q3 of 2011, 42% of the travel brands have allocated most of their marketingbudget for social media advertising compared to the previous quarter.
  5. 5. Social Media and Travel Industry61% of the travel brands are supposed to increase their social media investmentin next 3 months.(Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)In the Q3, 2011, 33% of the travel brands had assigned more of their marketingbudget for managing their social media presence.The travel marketers survey discovered that use of social media reduces the PRcost by 24%.The social networks are 2nd most inspiring source of online traffic forthe travel suppliers (Q4, 2011).
  6. 6. Social Media and Travel Industry85% of the airline respondents said that their company had Facebook profile79% of the airline respondents said that their company had twitter profile44% of the airline respondents said that they had YouTube profile35% of the airline respondents said that they had LinkedIn profile21% of the airline respondents said that they had flickr profile
  7. 7. Mobile and Social Media20 % of the travel brands use mobile for the direct sales25% of the travel brands use mobile to build the brand awarenessIn the Q3 2011, direct bookings through mobile services had increased by 30%The cruise sector is the biggest addition in the bookings through mobile devices in last 6months
  8. 8. So how does it help? Where are people?Over 350 million users are currently accessing the facebook using their mobile devicesIn the Q3, 2011 51% of the travel brands noted the increase in the traffic throughfacebook 39 % of them noted increase in the traffic through twitterMobile Social networking application audience have surged 126% with38.5 million in the year 2011 (comScore)The mobile social media audience of US grew with 37% last year (comScore)65% of the travel industry respondents have disclosed that they are allotting25% of the marketing budget for their mobile arrangement approach.
  9. 9. Is there any other way to engage traffic?Build custom mobile applications for your businessMobile applications can drastically improve customer satisfaction.
  10. 10. Is there any other way to engage traffic?For a travel business, mobile applications can be -• Tour itinerary kit• Offline maps• Guide to hot locations• Hotels & Accommodation Guide• Know the place (describes culture, history and people)
  11. 11. For an airline, mobile applications can be -Mobile bookingKnow Flight statusMany airlines offer loyalty points for their regular customers. An application to managethese accounts can also improve their customers experience.
  12. 12. For tour operators, mobile applications can be -Price comparison (for flights, hotels, accommodations)Trip JournalPlannerBudget plannerShare photos/videos
  13. 13. Advantages of Having Custom Travel Mobile Appsfor the BusinessAll the Mobile App Works Offline- But Mobile Websites DontApps Allow Instant Updates, Keep the Information Fresh, And Enable Direct Offers Through IntegratedSMS, QR Coupons, and GPS CouponsApps Help In Building Brand Identity and Customer LoyaltyApps Improve Your Business Standing to Keep You Ahead of CompetitionApps Offer Easy Customer Access of Your Contact DetailsApps Offer Easy Customer Access for Your Services and ProductsApps Offer Integrated Location Based Services (Like GPS etc.) For Finding Your BusinessApps Provide You the Capability to Interact With Social Network MarketingApps Produce a Direct Pipeline Towards The Customers:The Mobile Phone Owners Have Them 24X7
  14. 14. Is that not sufficient proof to rush for amobile application?Contact us to know more.And for those who want to createa travel mobile application for their business........
  15. 15. We Make Custom Travel Mobile AppsOur Apps will Promote And Reflect Your Travel Business InterestsOur Apps will be Specially Designed to Impress Your CustomersBe a winner with your custom apps for your Customers!
  16. 16. Contact Us to DiscussYour Custom Mobile Travel App RequirementsCall us at +91 281 2468291Email: info@peopleace.comVisit our website to know more about us and our services