Kristian on cyber safety
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Kristian on cyber safety






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Kristian on cyber safety Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By Kristian
  • 2. Examples of personal Information  Your user name or        password Your age Your ID number or social security number Your email address Your home address Your phone number what city you live in What neighborhood you live in  You parents names  Where your parents work  Names or phone numbers      of Family members and friends What school you go to Your teachers, names Credit card numbers License plate numbers
  • 3. Tips to identify spam Emails  It sounds too good to be  There are lots of true  It is advertising something  The email sounds  Interesting but you weren’ t expecting it. misspelled words  It sound really strange
  • 4. Cuber crime  A cyber crime is a crime that is committed with the help of a computer or a communication device and a network.
  • 5. Malware  Malware is a software program that harms your computer. Adware, spyware, viruses Trojan horses and worms are all types of malware.
  • 6. Examples of Malware  Adware A software program that causes advertisements to appear on your computer.  Trojan Horse A nasty program disguised as legitimate software  Spyware A software program that secretly tracks what you do on the Internet and sometimes gets information about you from your computer.
  • 7. Malware Continued  Virus A software program that can wipe out information on your computer and create major problems.  Worm A destructive program that can get into computers or networks and harm them by deleting, modifying or sending out the data.
  • 8. To protect your computer  Install the most recent anti-spyware and anti-virus software.  Keep software up-to-date to stay protected.  Check with a trusted adult  A Firewall is a software program that protects your computer by acting like a security guard and monitoring and controlling internet traffic.s
  • 9. Cyber Crime  A cyber crime is a crime that is committed with the help of a computer or a communication device and a network.
  • 10. Elvirus  Distributing Malware  Prevention  Anti-Virus software, cold shoulder
  • 11. Ms. Information  Spreading Misinformation  Prevention  Reliable websites, cold shoulder
  • 12. The Maaster Hacker-Nils  Hacking and identity theft  Prevention  Protecting personal information,firewall
  • 13. Jax, Cyber bully  Cyberbullying  Prevention  Reporting to authorities, cold shoulder
  • 14. Sparky,Script Kiddie  Script kiddy hacking  Prevention  Reporting to authorities