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Visual software design with themes and epics

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Idea Camp at Scrum Gathering Amsterdam

Idea Camp at Scrum Gathering Amsterdam

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Business is evolving, you should too. Visual Software Design with Themes and Epics Idea camp Scrum Gathering, Amsterdam 16.11.2010 Pentti Virtanen, Tieturi OyHelsinki, Tampere, Turku, Stockholm, Göteborg | www.tieturi.fi Copyright © Tieturi 9.11.2010 1
  • 2. Me and agenda • Pentti Virtanen • Tieturi • Ph.D., CST • Training and coaching company in Finland • Informator in Sweden • Agenda • Introduction • 15 min • Let’s do it • 30 min • Retrospective • 15 min9.11.2010 Copyright © Tieturi 2
  • 3. Big Picture of Agile Software Design Product backlog Stories Product vision Sprint backlog task Feedback Testing Increment of functionality9.11.2010 Copyright © Tieturi 3
  • 4. Product vision • Concise statement that • States • Clarifies the scope of the new • Customers and users of the product software • Enough for funding • Needs addressed • Helps to keep the development • Most important product focused and consistent attributes • Communicated effectively • Revenue model • Formats: A3,Executive • May compare the product to summary, Wall, Vision other products document Metaphor: 1. How do we dobetter visual product visions Certified ScrumMaster - version 2.4 4
  • 5. Theme, epic, feature and user story • Feature is a valuable functionality • Theme is a collection of related features • Epic is a large feature • User story is a description of desired functionality told from the perspective of the user or customer • User stories are used to describe features, epics and themes As a clerk As an clerk Calendar I want to use I want to create a new course event calendar functionality so that the meeting is saved into calendars of the trainer and the class Theme Epic Feature(User story)21.11.2010 Certified Scrum Product Owner - version 1.3 5
  • 6. Product backlog “My mobile device” Theme Epic Feature Tracking profile Games Pac man Sudoku Navigation Maps 2. How do we do Cameras better visual product backlogs9.11.2010 Copyright © Tieturi 6
  • 7. Augmenting user stories • In Agile and Scrum big frond- • User centric design emphasizes end design is depreciated UI designs to help users • Time-boxes limit the time to use understand the requirements in requirements and design • Storyboards • Forces to go ahead with just • Mockups ( PostIt-notes) enough information • Prototypes • Use augmentation only when • Other examples: necessary • Spreadsheet showing business • Keep as light as possible rules • Diagram showing a work flow • Remember: product owner is 3. How do we do available for the Team during better visualization of the Sprints ! user stories21.11.2010 Certified Scrum Product Owner - version 1.3 7
  • 8. Agile development Wall C • Goals • Sprint backlog • Dashboard • Product vision P • Architecture W T vision P T A P • User stories • GUI sketches • SW design Emerging software21.11.2010 Certified Scrum Product Owner - version 1.3 8
  • 9. Acceptance tests • User stories are commonly IN refined with acceptance tests • Values of the input variables • Exceptions, alternative • …. scenarios • In XP a tester helps the customer to create automated ACTION tests • Description of the invocation of • Can be expressed in a table the functionality ( e.g. button format click) OUT 4. How do we do • Values of the output variables better acceptance • … tests ? Visual ?21.11.2010 Certified Scrum Product Owner - version 1.3 9
  • 10. Agile testing • Goal not to detect errors Test T cases but improve programming, C Spec design … Equal ? • Test harness prevents errors P Code 5. How do we do T Automated test that better Vision Define requirements collaboration? C P Code that Implements tests OK? 10 1021.11.2010 Certified Scrum Product Owner - version 1.3
  • 11. Let’s do it How do we do 1. better visual product visions 2. better visual product backlogs 3. better visualization of user stories 4. better acceptance tests ? Visual ? 5. better collaboration 6. better ...9.11.2010 Copyright © Tieturi 11
  • 12. Case: FIFATix Product • Placing tickets up for auction. Telling a floor price, • FIFA has decided to develop dedicated website start of auction time/date, end of auction time/date (known as FIFATix) for electronic ticket sale and and verified ticket information (game days, teams, resale. number of seats located next to each other and the seat locations). Background: • Conducting an auction for the tickets to registered buyers. • In some cities, such as Milan, almost all games are • Successfully concluding the auction by awarding the sold out and obtaining tickets through normal tickets to the highest bidder by the end date and, at channels is nearly impossible. The resale of tickets at the same time, debiting the buyers credit card and a profit is illegal and prohibited by the FIFA rules. placing the funds in a FIFATix account. Because available auctions like eBay are used to scalping regardless of the rules, FIFA sees that • Notifying the buyer and the seller of the successful scalping can be prevented only by its system sale of the tickets (FIFATix). • Transferring the funds for the ticket sale less 25% to the seller Functional requirements • Transferring the 25% plus any interest to a corporate • Register potential sellers of tickets and assign them a FIFA account from the FIFATix account automatically. userid and password • Disqualifying the resold tickets so that only buyers • Give staff members of football clubs and other game can have printed tickets that are valid in the stadiums organizers including FIFA, UEFA etc. individual • Providing information inventory and inventory search userids capabilities for teams, stadiums, games, tickets, • Register potential buyers of tickets and assign them a dates, and seats. userid and password • Providing for advertising and promotions on FIFATix. • Maintain profiles under the userid, including • Ability to identify and ban abusers of FIFATix. organization, email, addresses, preferences, and credit card information Nonfunctional Requirements: • Sellers can make tickets available at a fixed price, • 99% availability 24x7. which buyers can pay in full via credit card. • Secure for the level of financial activity envisioned • Transferring electronic tickets from sellers to buyers (2,000 tickets per day at an average price of $50). • Printing electronic tickets • 250,000 simultaneous users with sub second • Checking electronic tickets at stadiums response time. • Scalable to 1,000,000 simultaneous users as needed.9.11.2010 Copyright © Tieturi 12
  • 13. Retrospective • What went well? • Ideas you want to promote • What should be improved? • Something that you tried and did not work9.11.2010 Copyright © Tieturi 13