Pentaho Business Analytics for ISVs and SaaS providers in healthcare


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Pentaho Business Analytics for ISVs and SaaS providers in healthcare

  1. 1. Pentaho Business Analytics for ISVs and SaaS Providers in the Healthcare Sector Kevin Dobbs Managing Partner, Montclair Advisors Drew QuinlanDirector of Sales, OEM/ISV - North America, Pentaho © 2012, Pentaho. All Rights Reserved. Worldwide +1 (866) 660-7555
  2. 2. Today’s FocusCentered around ISV’s (On Premise or SaaS or Hybrid) Sellinginto the Healthcare SectorAre Advanced Analytic capabilities important to compete inthe industry?How can I get world class analytic capabilities for my nextrelease?How do I evaluate all of the choices?What are other ISV’s in my industry already doing today?
  3. 3. BI Trends in HealthcareConsolidation of Information • Bringing financial, patient & clinical data togetherNew Data Resources Available to Leverage with Analytics • National health DBs, shared data w/ insurers, etc...Need for Self-Service Data Discovery Tools • Data is new, analytics is new, needs changing constantlyEase of Use for Non-Technical Users • Doctors & nurses don’t have the time to become advanced data scientists along with their other responsibilities.Users are Mobile • Providers and patientsProfessionalisation Through Metrics & KPIs • Seeing the patient as a customerBig Data analytics on large and varied data sets
  4. 4. Big Data in HealthcareBiggest challenge is data varietyMonitor and manage growing volumes of data for HIPAAcomplianceHow to leverage all data sets for predictive, pattern & riskanalysisAnalyze patient behaviour to optimise processes, reducere-admissions and provide better care
  5. 5. Why Business Analytics Are Critical For Successful SaaS Healthcare OfferingsCopyright © 2008-12 Montclair Advisors, LLC Confidential Information
  6. 6. Growth of Business Intelligence and AnalyticsSaaS offerings continue to be a big market driver• Business Intelligence platforms to surpass $8 billion in spending per year by 2014 and growing at a rate of 14.4% a year according to Gartner. (see chart below)• IDC indicates that the SaaS BI market will triple the growth of the overall market, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.4% by 2013.• A 2012 survey by SnapLogic found that 110 CIO’s intend to implement and expand their BI and Analytics initiatives and that 39% mentioned that this remained their number one priority. Source: GartnerCopyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 6
  7. 7. Delivering a Superior Customer ExperienceUnderstanding the importance of adoption and consumption Commitment Support Internalization Institutionalization Acceptance Adoption Change Management Training Initial Use Perception Positive Perception Communication Understand Preparation Aware Unaware Time Go Live Source: Product Adoption and Consumption Curve. Appirio, 2012Copyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 7
  8. 8. Business Intelligence and Analytics Improve Customer SatisfactionDelivering more compelling products• Improve customer adoption and consumption > renewals• Faster access to data and self-service• Mobile and tablet solutions Top Benefits of an Embedded BI Strategy:• Lower TCO and COGS •Speed of adoption/ ease of deployment: 53% •Ability to tailor analytical functionality: 31%• Big Data solutions •Cultural and process improvements: 30% •Add value to existing software deployments 27% Source: Aberdeen Group, 2012Copyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. Buy vs. Build for OEM Software5 year Total Cost of Ownership comparison for BI/Analytics platform• Lower costs to start with but significant savings over a 5 year time period – Less FTE’s and infrastructure required – Software is up-to-date – Available support and training• Comparing small, medium and large use cases > Was lower TCO with a OEM software solution than an in-house build over 5 years Source: SaaS TCO Modeler – Montclair Advisors, 2010-2012Copyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 9
  10. 10. Importance of Cost of Goods SoldMaturity model illustrates that keeping embedded costs low, can increase profits200.0% 42.0%150.0% 77.3% 20.5%100.0% 22.5% 11.3% Income(Loss) 40.9% 14.6% G&A 33.1% 26.2% 50.0% 28.4% Sales & Marketing 23.1% 17.1% 15.0% R&D 39.0% 35.3% 33.0% Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) 28.0% 0.0% -19.8% -0.7% -86.7% -50.0%-100.0% <$10M $10-50M $50-100M >$100M Start-up Build-up Profitability Scale Source: OPEXEngine and Montclair Advisors 2010-2012Copyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 10
  11. 11. Healthcare ITThings are really changing! Image: Courtesy of Athenahealth, 2012Copyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 11
  12. 12. Healthcare in the CloudUse case examples Healthcare Information Exchanges Electronic Medical Records Consumer Healthcare Apps Hospital CommunicationsCopyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 12
  13. 13. SaaS BI/Analytics Selection ConsiderationsMontclair Advisors recommendations• Strongly consider standards-based solutions – Minimize risks – Larger skills pool – Reduce chances of lock-in• Flexible business terms – Very important to line of business and finance executives – Willing to grow with your BI/Analytics product or initiative• Strong relationships – Look for a track record of successful on-boarding – Training, tools and templates – Active, on-going supportCopyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 13
  14. 14. Montclair Advisors provides customized Software-as-a-Service advisory services designed to help SaaS-based andnon-SaaS-based software companies optimize their business models, improve revenues, control costs and deliverworld-class software. Montclair also develops the leading report on the Top 250 SaaS companies globally and providesstrategic expertise that is trusted by industry leaders. The firm offers valuable perspectives and a focused set ofSaaS-related service solutions including strategy, revenue, and products. The result allows software companies toimprove competitiveness, revenue performance and profitability. Founded in 2008, Montclair Advisors has an eliteclientele including CA Technologies, Ceridian, Infor, Novell, Oracle, Red Prairie, SuccessFactors, and Xactly.Worldwide Inquiries: Contact:Phone: +1.510.336.0019 Kevin Dobbs, Managing PartnerMobile: +1.510-967-9229 Follow us at Montclairadvrs Subscribe to our blog Smart SaaS at Copyright © 2008-2012 Monclair Advisors, LLC. All Rights Reserved. 14
  15. 15. Foundation of Pentaho OEM ProgramTechnology Will this technology do what our industry needs it to do? Can this be a competitive advantage for us?Partnership Is this a company we want to stake our future success on? Is this a company that understands and has experience in our sector?Business Terms Can I make more money doing this? Can I win additional market share? Do I have to change the way I am licensing or contracting today?
  16. 16. TechnologyOpen Architecture Modular and pluggable, built to be extended. Lightweight and modern.Open Standards 100% Java, you already have expertise in house. Widely used technology.Open Source View the source code so extending is easy. Don’t get locked into vendor release cycles. 16 © 2012, Pentaho. All Rights Reserved. Worldwide +1 (866) 660-7555
  17. 17. PartnershipAchieving Critical Mass Over 10000 deployments Over 1200 commercial customers Large partner ecosystem: Red Hat, EMC, Cloudera, … One Download EveryTechnology/Innovation Track Record 30 Seconds First fully integrated BI and Data Integration First analytics for Big Data/Hadoop “Pentaho exceeds its peer group in Quality First Mobile BI and Value of Consulting First Agile BI Services. It was recommended by 100% of its customerPremium Production Support respondents.” World-class support software: ZenDesk Source: Howard Dresner “Wisdom Exceptional SLAs for your L3 support of Crowds” report, 2010
  18. 18. Partnership = Development HandholdingDevelopment Enablement (Required) Extension of product support, enabling developers Product experts with knowledge of APIs & architecture Proactive monthly calls to discuss roadmap & progressArchitecture Workshop (Required) Architecture, best practices & techniques Jointly developed architecture & implementation strategy by Pentaho architect & partnerTailored OEM Training Class (Required) Deep understanding of architecture & extension points Knowledge to support and troubleshoot the integrated solution
  19. 19. Business TermsYour Model: On Premise or SaaS? Single contract from Pentaho Flexible subscription based pricing useable across all deployment modelsHow Do You License Your Product? We want to match it Custom metrics and custom pricing availableTerms and Conditions? Open to all reasonable ISV/OEM industry standard Terms & Conditions No need to change or update your EULA in most cases
  20. 20. Pentaho Users in Healthcare Today •Improve Operational Efficiency Clinical •Eliminate costly, manual and delayed report Excellence generation Nurses •Behavioural analysis Analyzing patient waiting times •Pattern & risk analysis •Outcome of care analysis Improving •Clinical service excellence through access to Patient information for better decisions Predictive Healthcare Analyst •Sharing of patient information through the Satisfaction treatment lifecycle Preventive medical treatment for high risk patients •Reduce Patient waiting times •Avoid fines / litigationCompliance •Maximise available public funding Doctors & Nurses •Provide Social and Public Information Better patient care, compliance & cost metrics through • Fraud detection and prevention analysis of big data streams of clinical data • Resource & staff planningFinancial • Optimise supply chainManagement •Understand patients/procedures/revenue Finance Analyst • Manage claims & reimbursements Full financial performance visibility for each facility to optimize operational costs 20 © 2012, Pentaho. All Rights Reserved. Worldwide +1 (866) 660-7555
  21. 21. Today’s Focus In Closing Centered around ISV’s (On Premise or SaaS or Hybrid)  Everything today was relevant to software providers in the healthcare industry. Are Advanced Analytic capabilities important?  Extremely so. You are losing to others that have them today or missing a huge strategic advantage. The amount of data in healthcare is already huge and it is expanding at an incredible rate. How can I get them?  Buy them, don’t build them yourself. How do I evaluate them?  Find the right technology, the right partner and the right business terms. What are other ISV’s already doing today?  Many are already embedding Pentaho. (8 Week GTM Program)