I Got the Job! Five Tips for Developing a Killer Resume


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To get a job interview, you need a resume that stands out from the crowd. Here's how.

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I Got the Job! Five Tips for Developing a Killer Resume

  1. 1. I Got the Job! 5 Tips for Developing a Killer Resume Penny McKinlay, Communications Consultant iStock_000002162124
  2. 2. 1. Show what you can do iStock_000024789753
  3. 3. Build your resume around key words that illustrate your abilities  Policy & Program Development  Interpersonal Relations & Group Dynamics  Organizational Analysis  Market Research & Product Development  Cultural Sensitivity more examples in Appendix A
  4. 4. Be clear about what you have to offer & how it will benefit the employer Management Skills • Strong team-building skills • Come to the table with solutions not problems. Identify mutually beneficial solutions by understanding the needs of all the participants • Provide direction and support to co-workers (e.g. a policy manual clearly outlining staff roles and responsibilities) • Not afraid of hard work – currently maintaining 30 project files and taking the lead on over half
  5. 5. Include volunteer experience if applicable Community Development Initiated the development of a neighbourhood playground by explaining the benefits and rallying residents behind a common goal Intercultural Understanding Taught English as a Second Language in Vietnam for one year as part of a CIDA international development project  Enhanced personal awareness of the demands of living and working in a foreign culture with a different set of cultural norms
  6. 6. Highlight personal strengths Clinical Knowledge “I reviewed one of my hospital client’s charts and learned that he was on a high dose of sedatives that could affect his gait, balance, reflexes and judgment. As a result, I postponed his exercise session until the following day.” (student with minimal work experience) Creative Problem-Solving Recognized as the ‘go-to guy’ who will find solutions to problems (know who to phone and how to phrase the request in order to get the desired result)
  7. 7. 2. Provide concrete examples i-Stock_000003220757
  8. 8. Avoid generalizations Innovation & Change Management Achieved significant cost savings through the merger of two administrative departments  Clarified the departmental direction and deliverables  Re-defined job descriptions  Established a strong customer focus Market Research & Product Development Developed a wine tasting and culinary day trip for tour, corporate and leisure markets after analyzing market trends and researching regional farms
  9. 9. Employ action verbs Developed and delivered workshops on job search skills and numeracy Monitored outcomes (i.e. language skills) and established parameters for evaluating language training provided by government contractors Built tour market segment from 40 to over 80 international and local companies
  10. 10. 3. Tailor your resume to the job i_Stock_000001162006
  11. 11. Use the same terminology as the job ad
  12. 12. SALES 16-year track record of success in cultivating clients & promoting sales New Business Development  Generated over $50,000 in gross revenue from a single client in the first quarter of 2010  Researched needs of local businesses (government, insurance and software companies, credit unions, etc.)  Promoted ongoing year-round business by targeting ESL schools and sports teams Add notes of colour that complement the employer’s corporate identity
  13. 13. 4. Stand out from the crowd iStock_000000485272
  14. 14. Change the format
  15. 15. Include recommendations “Your professional behavior, strong interpersonal skills and relaxed communication abilities are an asset to your emerging clinical abilities. Your professional abilities were evident as you skillfully managed your time between two placement preceptors and sites.” (RF, Physiotherapist)
  16. 16. Create a portfolio by highlighting key achievements Singles Build, Habitat for Humanity What is it? Our goal was to attract more young volunteers to Habitat for Humanity by organizing a build that would only involve volunteers under 30. What we achieved:  Singles Build attracted media attention, new volunteers and new partnerships.  After volunteering for the event, a local artist chose Habitat for Humanity as her charity of choice and worked on various projects with us, including an office mural and a fundraising auction. What I learned:  Clearly identify your audience and focus on their needs and interests. The participants in the Singles Build welcomed the opportunity to meet and work with other people their own age. Further information:  Habitat Singles Build Facebook page
  17. 17. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING & COLLABORATION “I bridge the disconnect between employees and customers.” Assisted a mature workforce to develop an online presence and to expand their marketing portfolio beyond the Yellow Pages Addressed concerns and found solutions for the problems experienced by a very young, inexperienced workforce, many of whom were still in high school MARKETING & PROMOTION “Establishing a presence on a zero budget requires creativity.” Identified a lack of business lunch options in the business district  Established a lunch delivery service  Introduced and monitored a variety of different low-cost promotional tools to make local businesses aware of the service  Set up a database of over 6,000 customers Use quotes
  18. 18. 5. Pay attention to the details iStock_000017281291
  19. 19. Check to make sure the formatting is consistent • Headings & sub-headings • Bullets • Spacing
  20. 20. Double check for spelling and grammatical errors Worked closely with the hotel restauratuer to maximum meeting room profitability by planning menus that would appeal to key client groups
  21. 21. Contact me if you would like help with your resume Penny McKinlay mckinlaypenny@gmail.com pennymckinlaycommunication.ca
  22. 22. Appendix A Key Words & Skill Sets iStock_000015623756
  23. 23. Management & Administration Project Management Policy & Program Development Organizational Analysis Organizational & Administrative Skills Administrative Support Organization & Coordination Customer Service
  24. 24. Financial Management & Sales Fund Development Budget Development Sales New Business Development Market Research & Product Development
  25. 25. Troubleshooting & Change Management Strategic Analysis Creative Problem-Solving Change Management Innovation
  26. 26. Human Resources Conflict Resolution Leadership Development Cultural Sensitivity Interpersonal Relations & Group Dynamics Human Resources Management
  27. 27. Communications Marketing & Promotion Media Relations Communications & Interpersonal Skills Writing & Editing Research (Planning, Analysis, Evaluation)
  28. 28. Community Development Community Engagement & Consultation Relationship Building & Collaboration Collaborative Partnerships Community Leadership Education & Outreach
  29. 29. Arts, Culture & Education Gallery & Collection Management Curatorial Experience Program Design & Implementation Curriculum Development & Delivery Volunteer Training & Development Small Group Facilitation