Empower network internship program business internships – digital media internships


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Empower Network Internship ProgramSpeak To The World, Become A Leader,Share Your Story & Build The Business.Business Internships, and Digital Media Internships. Become a Producer, BadAss Marketer, Take Massive Action, Get Results and Get Treated Like Your Majesty.In the Empower Network Internship program students will be…

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Empower network internship program business internships – digital media internships

  1. 1. Empower Network InternshipProgram: Business Internships –Digital Media Internships Empower Network Internship Program Speak To The World, Become A Leader,Share Your Story & Build The Business. Business Internships, and Digital Media Internships.Become a Producer, BadAss Marketer,Take Massive Action, Get Results andGet Treated Like Your Majesty.In the Empower Network Internship program students will beworking with one of the largest content publishing platforms on theinternet, building the business through sharing enriching contentthrough the network (that’s ranked in the top 220 trafficked sites on theweb with between 600,000 to 1,000,000 unique vistors a day),interacting inthe marketing with our world class training from producersthat get results with what they teach!! and . . .If students take action on what we do and tell them to do,successful students will get money through our 100% commissionpaying affiliate program.Business Internships & Digital
  2. 2. Media InternshipsI make myself available for an hour and a halfeach day between3:00and 4:30 PM CST to do coaching and answer questions. In theclassroom and online chat.Students may also join me in the eveningsfor collaborativeproductions; creating video or audio work, sharing stories on liveonline panels, TBA.Digital Media Internships focus on creativecontent production .Students may also work independently,theyaren’t required to come to coachingor participate in collaborativeproductions.Business Internships focus on marketing andleadership.You work off your own computer,in your most comfortable chairfrom your dorm room or cafe,in the library or at a shop. You may work off a smart phonewhile at the gym or taking a walk.Our Business Internships and Digital Media Internships have Mondaynight ‘Hangouts’ happen on Google every week. Students in ourBusiness Internships and Digital Media Internships will be able tomeet with other successful marketers and entrepreneurs from aroundthe world, speak with them, ask questions and listen to their storiesthrough google live stream ‘Hangout’ parties.On the Empower Network, we’ll be creating provoking,entertaining, and enlightening content using digital media andthe internet; writing articles, taking pictures, recording audio, and producing
  3. 3. video, around brand names to create traffic that will convert to sales.Students enrolled with the Business Internships and Digital MediaInternships will be learning “what’s working now” on how to gettraffic to the content through SEO strategies, free (optional low cost)advertising, social media, youtube, email marketing, and otheronline strategies.The intention may be unique for eachstudent. Build a Business – Have a life.(Of course active affiliates receive100% commissions off Empower Networkproducts sold through the user’s network.)Students will learn to capture leads for their business,(the empower business or any business) usinglanding pages and automated followup systems. The Empower Network is a ‘free speech’ marketing tool.Any business may be presented on itand any content may be shared as well.“Our Business Internshipsand Digital Media InternshipsAre Per fect for. . .”“This system is perfect” for introducing students to cutting edgetechnologies and strategies used in business, marketing, andalso in life today, ‘as in the last few months kind of stuff. . .’Showing up
  4. 4. on Empower Network is entering into a business located on primereal estate on the internet. Getting sometimes over 1,000,000 pageviews a day and ranked in the top 220 most trafficked sites in the U.S.and growing. Students will be part fo a bustling online community asreal as if the business waslocated in the heart of a big city downtown district, accept we’reonline and students may work together globally from the comfort oftheir own home.The Empower Network Internship Program is one program andthere’re two types of people who will be interested in it. There’stheBusiness Internships for people who may purely be interested inbusiness and marketing, and learning the most advanced skills usedtoday in a real world environment.This may be a task oriented, numbers person who wants to see Xamount of numbers turn into Y amount of money and alsostrengthen the vision of The Empower Business; which is to spreadthe science of business intelligence ; which is the greatestprogression, evolution, and growth of a business with the leastamount of time, energy and effort put in.The Digital Media Internships are for the artists, the musicians,the photographers, cinematographers, the story tellers, and artistswith a message. These people may be interested in reaching a wideraudience or funding a creative project through the Empower NetworkIncome Stream.
  5. 5. Both types of people are welcome: Business InternshipsandDigital Media Internships , All available here through theEmpower Network Internship Program .–> Learn More about the Empower Network Opportunity <–Make Sureto Click Above, Watch the Videos,Scroll to the Bottom of the page andclick the green button that says:Learn How Easy It Is To Get Started.Or Take Action Right Now & Click the Cool Blue Button Below to Start ImmediatelyIn the Empower Network Internship Program Students arenot guaranteed that they will get money through the program butsome may get money as soon as a month or even a week. Moststudents see income start coming in after 90 days if they work hardand are successful. See our full income disclosure here. Welcome tothe world’s most powerful Digital Media Internships and BusinessInternships.