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A quick representation of my 3rd and 4th year work in architecture school

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Quick Folio

  1. 1. _mark P o r t f o l i o _wendel _selected _works _Contents _Cover (0) _Solar Decathlon (1-2) _Katrina House (3-4) _SW Federal center (5-12)
  2. 2. _mark _wendel http://www.solardecathlon.org Page 1 Solar Decathlon Concept Collaborative effort of over 800 students and facult from the Penn- sylvania State University for the 2007 Solar Decathlon com- petition on the national mall Spatial Perspective in Washington, D.c. After the initial design phase our 15 person studio section was challenged with designing the cladding and interior design scheme Cladding Concept Interior Concept of the building Our studio concluded with presentations, a physical mock up and scale model, as well as a full set Building Mock-up of construc- Scale Model tion drawings to pass along to the next de- sign team
  3. 3. _mark _wendel http://solar.psu.edu Page 2 Final Digital Design Solar Decathlon After the week long decathlon, Penn State (in its debut year for the 3 time decath- lon) ranked fourth place out of the 20 Universities competing Some of its Reclaimed Slate Solar Shingles Mayer’s Dairy (PA) Solar “Bottle” Wall higher marks included The final design used advanced technology as well as vernacular points in Engi- ideas on architecture. A notable example of this combination of vernacu- neering, mar- lar and new ideas was the reclaimed slate sheathing combined with new key viability, solar shingle Sheathing from europe. Other examples are Pennsylvania bluestone floors combined with radiant heat flooring, water filled bot- communica- tles from a local diary as a passive solar wall, and wood from a tree that tions, applianc- fell down on campus during a storm to make the interior funrishings. es, water use, and lighting. It scored 8th in the architec- Solar Decathlon_Oct 20 2007 ture category
  4. 4. _mark _wendel The Doering Residence Page 3 Katrina House Hurricane Ka- trina was one of the worst disasters to Waveland, Mississippi Kate Doering’s strike the U.S. (Post Katrina) “Dream” Home Waveland, Miss. was at the epicenter of the storm and the 25 foot storm surge wiped the town off of the map A family who’s home was com- pletely de- The Project began with each of the 16 students in the studio designing their stroyed ap- idea of Kate’s dream house based on the client meeting proached Penn State for the The similarities in the 16 designs were grouped into Courtyard Scheme: task of design- Connection of the house ing a new home on its artificial ground plane with a tiered court- for them, with yard only a few re- three main design schemes quests. There was no record Bar Scheme: of the previous Derived from the vernacu- home on the lar Dog Trot to utilize site except for natural ventilation and serparate the building a bare slab into public and private buildings around a pier. Great Room Scheme: Central core with vari- able elements that can be added or removed, or destroyed in a hurricane without affecting the main functions of the house
  5. 5. _mark _wendel Page 4 Katrina House After a month The Doring Resi- of designing dence and refining, Two buildings. One pub- the client lic function, one pri- came back in to vate; split in the middle review the 16 with a breezeway that stretches all the way individual de- into the backyard to signs and the 3 connect to a grandmoth- team designs er apartment connected at the end From this meeting we created the Inteior_ Breezeway Inteior_ Kitchen final design of the Doer- ing residence and a set of construction documents for them to take to a contrac- tor and get the Exterior_ Backyard house built. mother Apartment Exterior_ Grand Interior_ Living Room Interior_ Bedroom 1
  6. 6. _mark Southwest Harbor: Heart of the New D.C. _wendel Page 5 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 2 Months _Then: Destruction of culturally Di- _Now: No public domain, brutalist one Urban verse Neighborhoods of southwest D.C. use buildings, no sense of location, and Renewal for I-395 and the federal center (1960’s) no connection to the waterfront _Southwest National Mall D.C. was one of the first “New Urbanist” devel- opments, and it failed miserably _An entire sec- tion of d.c. was leveled for the _Transportation is complex in SW D.C. brutalist fed- eral center, A place that to this day acts as a barrier be- tween the mall and the water- front less than a mile away _Diagram: How the SW harbor can become _Incredibly most of the area is a poten- a connector for all of the communities tial flood zone that occasionally does _Using water and tourists around the potomac river fill with water as the major inspiration for my partner and _The proposed ferry system creates I, we created the need for a harbor area that can at- the Southwest tract tourists, create a place for new residents to gather, act as a riparian Harbor area buffer between the hardscaped city that spreads and the river, and generate growth throughout throughout southern D.C. southwest D.C. to revitalize _(Left) The harbor embraces visitors the currently from south and north while extending dismal state of to the east towards the new Nationals development stadium
  7. 7. _mark _wendel Page 6 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 2 Months Urban Renewal _The grand promenade uses water to carry people along several nodes _View at the “Gateway” _Grand Promenade with Water Features to the harbor. A gateway, shops, open plaza, solar canopy, and grand stair lead you down to a vibrant wa- terfront with shops, bars, and museums _New neighbor- hoods and mixed _Typical Neighborhood at Night _The Harbor Area (With Ferry) use buildings balance the scales of the monumental gov- ernment build- ings while cre- ating a live work environment _Cisterns below the main water feature of the promenade in- form the public that storm wa- ter management is important to their city _South West Washington D.C., The Heart of the new capital
  8. 8. _mark 10th and Maryland _wendel Page 7 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 5 Weeks Urban _The site is part of an urban, district, neighborhood, and local context Context _The site lies at the inter- section of a major passen- ger railway and the newly proposed plaza along the 10th street prom- Preliminary Work enade • The building will respond to its urban context, but most imporantly for our fu- _ In response ture, the earth’s context to the ur- ban context, • The building will be broken up with the building light well spaces that bring in day- must... lighting, cross ventilation, as well as • Be part of a complimenting the original city grid of large area of L’Enfant transit • Be mixed use • It will step back on the north side to al- in order to low muted light into the spaces and step work with sur- forward on the south side to shade the rounding pro- harshest rays gram • Buffer the • The surface area of the East and West scales of the walls will be minimized to reduce prob- buildings in lems of unwanted sunlight the area • Respond to • The south facade will be a double skin the solar and of solariums and building integrated wind needs of solar panels for energy collection and the site ventilation
  9. 9. _mark _wendel Page 8 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 5 Weeks Urban Context _The building tries to make sense of the com- plex sectional quality of the area, the overall D.C. grid and the environment _The plans emerge from the lot boundaries and break up into separate tow- ers to allow for privacy, sunlight, and air flow _As the towers break up, areas left over become green space and in turn create community spaces in the sky _Blanketing the collection of tow- ers is the solar responsive BIPV wall that either acts as a simple double skin wall, creates solarium spaces, or a acts as a decorative shade wall
  10. 10. _mark 10th and Maryland _wendel Page 9 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 5 Weeks Urban Context _Choosing a mixed use com- munity in our Promenade scheme our two person group split and designed our own building within _My mixed use commercial/ office/resi- dential build- ing tries to respond to the original L’enfant plan city grid, the new shopping promenade, and to the climate of the area to create a com- munity that is internally and externally re- sponsive
  11. 11. _mark _wendel Page 10 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 5 Weeks Urban Context _Notice how the program of the building adjusts from public to pri- vate as is breaks into smaller and more specific pro- gram elements
  12. 12. _mark 10th and Maryland _wendel Page 11 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 5 Weeks Urban Context _The buildings design as well as details that allow the user to control their environ- ment allow the building to adapt to mul- tiple comfort levels for the tenants _From eleva- tion to eleva- tion we can see the design North Facade West Facade intention of breaking tow- ers that lean towards the sun East Facade South Facade
  13. 13. _mark _wendel Page 12 Southwest Federal Center_ Project Time: 5 Weeks Urban Context _While the building it- self creates intrigue, its big accomplish- ment is how it fits into the overall urban fabric _The building does not for- get the two most impor- tant contexts of all, nature and the ten- ants who live in it