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  1. 1. Discovery Education Science Techbook Virginia Adoption Patrick J. Engleman
  2. 2. Discovery Education Science Techbook • Fully digital alternative to the traditional textbook • Not simply a digital resource or PDF version of a text book • Fully interactive, engaging, and enriching resource • Student centered multimodal platform • Integrated formative and summative assessments • Based in best educational practices • Built in teacher preparation
  3. 3. Discovery Education Science TechbookFully digital alternative to the traditional textbook• Lexile score based leveled text “We have delayed purchasing new textbooks for years. The books we• Fully reproducible expect our children to use are in shameful condition, and some• Multilingual passages available students cannot even bring their books home because multiple• Customized for Virginia classrooms share them.” Alabama Senator Gerald Dial• Up to date The Daily Home 1/17/12• Cost efficient
  4. 4. Discovery Education Science Techbook Screen capture from Kinetic Energy Unit
  5. 5. Discovery Education Science TechbookNot simply a digital resource or PDF version of a text book • Videos • Demonstrations • Activities • Assessments • Resources Screen capture of Techbook resources
  6. 6. Discovery Education Science TechbookFully interactive, engaging and enriching resource• Students engage with choice• Ownership of material leads to increased retention and scores1• Scaffolding knowledge development• Constructivist approach• Avoids “drill and kill” Screen Capture of student assignment 1Toward a Model for Knowledge Development in Virtual Environments: Strategies for Student Ownership N.B. Adams , International Journal of Human and Social Sciences 2:2 2007
  7. 7. Discovery Education Science Techbook Student centered, multimodal platform• Hands on activities “…constructing a multi-• Self guided videos modal representation of an investigation was• Interactive glossary of terms strongly motivating, and• Writing prompts produced more effective learning than• Readings text-book reading, note-• Assessments taking, or other strongly teacher-directed activity.”2 2Learning Junior Secondary Science Waldrip, Prain, and Carolan Electronic Journal of Science Education V. 11, 1 Fall 2006
  8. 8. Discovery Education Science Techbook Screen Capture of Multi Model Activities
  9. 9. Discovery Education Science TechbookIntegrated formative and summative assessments • Writing Prompts • Tests • Labs • Research • Learning Groups • Flipped Classroom • Learning Center
  10. 10. Discovery Education Science TechbookBased in best educational practices• Organized around the teacher-friendly 5E Instructional Model• Integrates the nature of science and inquiry into every phase of learning• Designed around big ideas and essential questions• Student resources for ALL learning styles
  11. 11. Discovery Education Science Techbook Built in teacher preparation• Topic Summary Sheets• Model Lessons• 5 Minute Prep Screen capture of some teacher tools• State Standards “The problem of inadequate teacher• Misconceptions preparation is not limited to high school, but extends down into middle and elementary• Assignment Manager school. There,enthusiasm and background to teach with lacking the proper• Classroom Manager confidence, teachers often transmit to students as dislike of science.” L. McDermott (1990)• Custom in-personprofessional development