Photos And Videos Of Fiestas Civicas Liberia In Costa Rica


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Photos And Videos Of Fiestas Civicas Liberia In Costa Rica

  1. 1. Photos And Videos Of Fiestas Civicas Liberia In Costa RicaIn the northwestern province of Guanacaste in costa rica , the Fiestas Civicas Liberia begins in lateFebruary. It kicks off having a parade which includes horses, mascaradas , floats and brass ringscalled cimarronas. Along the march route you will find food and trinket vendors , people playingmarimbas and stands exactly where singers romanticize the ranchero songs associated withmariachis. This parade happens several times during a 10-day time period , a time of fireworks, horseand cattle parades, bull fighting , carnivals, dancing , beer consuming and junk food. There is alsoguaro (liquor) consuming , as you can see within the first video a group of males are drinking Caciquefrom cattle horn vessels. There are also stands where you can through coyol, a traditional alcoholdrink produced from a spiny palm trunk. The fermented sap appears like diluted Elmers glue and hasthe same smell. It is also said to cause a serious hangover. Ive steered free from it.In the video over , Doña Pili Rodriguez and her band are proven playing the marimba as part of oneof the Topes (parades) which occur throughout the Fiestas Civicas. There are small and largemarimbas. Large ones such as the one proven require three people to play it.Later in the video , you can hear another type of songs , the music of the brass-band group called acimarrona. These rings are always part of the parades and often journey squeezed into the back bedof little pickups. They are also present at the bull-riding arenas as part of the amusement.There are several parades (called topes or desfiles) and the highlight from the parades would be thehorses. The queen and her two princesses ride horses wearing long traditional dresses. You will findat least two hundred horses throughout the weekend parades. They come clothed in ornamentationconsisting of leather , horse hair and some silver. The traditional saddles of the region are present onquite a few from the horses. We hava also published another video centre on the night desfile.Mules are also well-liked. Many of the horses are trained to do a high-step trot, jogging in place orwith sluggish forward motion. Below are two dapple gray trotting horses and two walking , but well-adorned mules:The bull using happens throughout the afternoon and evening in a temporary stadium that isdeveloped every year, stick-by-stick ( it takes almost a month to do ). Each of 8 sections are made bya various concessionaire, who charges whatever they can get, through $5 or more per person. Thestuffed and finished stadium is shown within the photo beneath where a bull is doing its best to goresome kids. The area is generally full of kids who taunt the bulls, much more full than in the fiestaswithin Zapote and Palmares.The pole that the boy is hiking is greased with lard, and there is the prize for the first one that gets tothe very best , about $100. How do they get to the top ? By throwing sand about the lard and carryingfine sand with them because they go up-wards. It takes a couple of days of the fiestas beforesomeone makes it for their reward.The video beneath is one we took last year. There are two bull mounts. The foremost is a two-manmount, exactly where one guy rides about the neck from the bull. The guy who mounts about the
  2. 2. neck usually gets tossed first, usually within ten feet from the release into the arena. The last bullrecorded was perhaps the most intense of the fiesta. He hurt six people after the driver was tossed.There was another bull later on that up-ended a vendor who had a cooler filled with ice and beer.Glaciers and ale skyward. Yes , they do consume beer within the arena. Its a fiesta, after all....!!So, if youre in the Guanacaste area during late 03 and early February, read the Liberia FiestasCivicas. Its exciting, if not inebriating, as well as perhaps you can make it more thrilling by getting inthe arena at the rodeo to play Russian Roulette with the bulls. After all , it is free to get in this part ofthe stadium - it is part of the amusement for the crowd.1. Guanacaste-Mi Tierra blogspot. Photos of the Costa Rican Festival.2. Youtube. Com. Liberia, costa rica Photos3. Squidoo. Attractions and distractions of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.Guanacaste Costa Rica