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Black Diamond Presentation Black Diamond Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Black Diamond TM
  • Black Diamond TM - the big questions
    • Who are Black Diamonds TM ?
    • What are the recent trends?
    • What media do they have access to?
    • Where does cellphone usage fall?
    • Where does internet usage fall?
    • Now What? How can companies connect with Black Diamonds TM ?
  • Who are Black Diamonds TM ?
  • Black Diamond demographics
    • Our definition of middle class does not differentiate purely on wealth:
        • LSM 7+
        • Educational attainment
        • Personal income
        • Occupation
        • Igniters
  • Personal monthly income
    • Average personal monthly income verses other population groups
    Total Population R1 714 White R6 977 Indians/Asian R2 987 Coloured R1 555 Black R1 166 Black Diamond R7 160
  • From the horse’s mouth Video
  • The four segments Mzansi Youth Young males and females still living at home Start Me Ups Young ambitious single, professionals. Male bias Young Family Parents of young children. Female bias Established Older, stable family men and women - majority married
  • Recent trends
  • Growth in size
    • There are now an estimated 3 million Black Diamonds
    • 15% growth in just over a year
    • There are now 1 million more Black Diamonds than in 2005
    • Spending power has grown by 39% since 2007
  • Comparison of growth vs. races in SA Million people 2007 2008 Black Diamond 2.6 3 Total Black 22.3 24.3 White 3.4 3.4 Coloured 2.8 3 Indian/ Asian 0.8 0.9
  • Growth in spend
    • Spending power has increased from R180 billion in 2007 to R250 billion in 2008
    • This is a R70 billion increase in just over a year
    • Black Diamonds now account for nearly 40% of all consumer spending power
    • Their spending power is 67% of total Black spending power
    • Black Diamond spending now equals that of white spending
  • Black Diamond TM media usage
  • overall media summary – TV channels media summary On average, Black Diamonds TM are watching three of the four free to air channels (As it is the same Black Diamonds TM watching all the channels, the demographic skews for each of the channels is very similar) 87% had watched SABC 1 in the past week and over half of these Black Diamonds TM (55%) watched this channel most often. DStv subscribers watch on average 7 channels (including free to air) The free to air channels are the most popular , even amongst DStv subscribers This is followed by SuperSport (42%), M-Net Movies (34%) and Channel O (30%)
  • DSTV
    • 47% of Black Diamond Women have access to DSTV
    • Mzansi Youth (38%) and Start Me Up (33%) watch MNet more than the other segments (ave = 26%)
    • 29% of Mzansi Youth watch the Discovery Channel (ave = 22%)
    Source: TNS Research Surveys Media pack, 2008
  • overall media summary – radio media summary On average, Black Diamonds TM listen to 2 radio stations Over half (55%) listen to Metro FM while almost a third (28%) listen to Kaya FM . Mzansi Youth and Future Focused Start Me Up’s are most likely to listen to Metro FM Kaya FM is skewed towards the Future Focused mindsets amongst Start me up, Young Family and Established segment Many regional and language skews are evident, in line with station profiles
  • overall media summary – daily newspapers media summary Black Diamonds TM tend to read one or two daily newspapers Almost a quarter (24%) of Mzansi Youth do not read any daily newspapers The Daily Sun (49%), Sowetan (33%) and The Star (18%) are the most popular publications The Daily Sun is more likely to be read by the Young Family Status Quo and Established Status Quo segments The Sowetan and The Star are more likely to be read by the higher income and LSM Black Diamonds TM The regional newspapers have the greatest most often conversion ratios
  • overall media summary – weekly newspapers media summary 70% of Black Diamonds TM read a weekly newspaper On average, one or two of these weekly papers are read Sunday Times (35%), City Press (26%) and Sunday Sun (23%) are the most popular and tend to be read by those in the higher LSM’s The Sunday Times and City Press are most likely to be read by those with a Future Focused mind set in the Start Me Up and Established segments The Sunday Sun is more likely to be read by those that are Future Focused in the Young Family and Established segments
  • overall media summary – magazine readership media summary 65% of Black Diamonds TM have read a magazine in the past 6 months, and these are most likely to be those with a Future Focused mind set in the Mzansi Youth, Start Me Up and Young Family segments On average, two magazines are read a month Drum is the most popular magazine (24%) and has a Start Me Up Future Focused skew This is followed by True Love (23%) which is most likely to be read by those with a Future Focused mind set in the Young Family and Established segments. It also has an upper income and LSM skew
  • overall media summary – internet penetration media summary 36% of Black Diamonds TM have internet access , and these tend to be those with a Future Focused mindset Work is the most popular place to access the internet , particularly amongst those that are Future Focused in the Start-me-up, Young Family and Established segments Mzansi Youth are more likely to access the internet from internet cafes A third of Black Diamonds TM interviewed claimed that they access the internet from their cell phone on a daily basis
  • cell phone usage 90% of Black Diamonds TM have personal use of a cell phone These tend to be those of the Future Focused mind set in the Start Me Up, Young Family and Established segments Three quarters of Black Diamonds TM use prepaid air time (skewed Start Me Up Status Quo and Young Family Status Quo) SMS’s, MMS’s, SMS alerts and downloads are the most popular uses for cell phones , particularly amongst those that are Future Focused 66% of Black Diamond women couldn’t survive without their cell phones & 64% claim the internet is becoming more and more important in their lives overall media summary – cell phone usage
  • Principles for connecting with Black Diamonds TM
  • few brands understand the magical connection formula
    • Multiple factors, from identity issues, to one’s personal journey, life stage, political sensitivities, interests and lifestyle choices will all dictate which touch-points are most appropriate and which media is consumed
    • The accelerated change that most Black Diamonds are experiencing and the state of transition that defines their context means that it is premature to try to identify overarching contact points. 
    • Understand me
    • Represent me
    • Enable me
    • Entertain me
    • Ignite me
  • Understand me Understand your audiences’ place on the sensitivity scale and identify any potential areas that could offend If you plan to trigger sensitive emotions – do it consciously and deliberately and be aware of any negative fall-out it may cause Be careful of being overly politically correct and destroying creativity in the process… Consider your brand’s position in the marketplace before making decisions based on the sensitivity scale – brands with a mass market positioning are likely to find it more challenging to please everyone, as opposed to niche brands
  • Represent me Locally produced communication resonates at a deeper level than international communication Attention to detail - many of the issues that have created communication dissonance are executional decisions which could have been avoided More attention needs to be paid to the production of communication (or the pre-production phase) and rigour needs to be paid to the detail of connection to ensure relevance
  • Enable me Consider the principle of enabling in all marketing communication. Consider whether your brand could play the role of mentor Ensure that the message, tone and manner empowers and increases knowledge/understanding Seek opportunities to add value, inspiration and know-how to your brand (through packaging, back-of-pack labeling, in-store display, brochures etc.) Put simplicity high on your marketing and communication agenda, consider the flow of logic in communication (but this does not mean dumbing down creativity)
  • Entertain me Humour is a powerful way to connect but needs careful consideration and testing to avoid sensitivity Brands that meet the needs of Black Diamonds TM to escape, relax and ‘be their true selves’ will connect at a deeper level Find meaningful ways to be a part of Black Diamonds’ TM entertainment and relaxation space e.g. soccer, parties, soapies etc. Be aware of imposing your brand on Black Diamonds TM personal relaxation space – be considerate, relevant, sensitive, innovative and inspirational
  • Ignite me Success depends on ‘sticky stories’ Mediocre communication that doesn’t get ‘talked about’ is a waste of money Black Diamonds TM are likely to be good brand ambassadors. The key to creating effective ambassadorship is to engage in genuine dialogue and interaction that gives brand ambassadors information that they can share with their powerful networks