Johan CRUYFF - How to Play an Attacking Game


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Johan Cruyff Game Model

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Johan CRUYFF - How to Play an Attacking Game

  1. 1. How to Play an Attacking GameJohan CRUYFF – Fútbol: Mi filosofia.Cruyff Library, 2012
  2. 2. Defending in the opponent’s field12114356810119710798342561. To the team defending in theopponent’s field it’s necessaryto know how to apply pressureon the ball.2. The team have to create asmany lines as possible (5). Thisway, when we recovery the ballhave someone near andsomeone in front of Goal.
  3. 3. 10 meters between the player with the ball and 2 teammates12114356810119710798342561. When n.º 10 wins theball, n.º 11, 9 and 8 are at 10meters maximum of n.º 10.2. If the teammates of n.º 10are more than 10 meters fromhim, the risk of lose the ball ishigher.
  4. 4. 5 lines with 9 meters distance maximum12114356810119710798342561. When we play in theopponent’s field and we make 5lines, the lines have 9 metersmaximum of distance.2. When the players are close,they work with more efficiency,and we have more people tothe offensive transition.
  5. 5. Positional Game is very important12114356 810119710798342561. In some teams, the Midfieldn.º 6 leaves his position and n.º8 have to go inside.2. This way, n.º 2 have todefend a field of 20-30 metersand not 9-10 meters. It’s veryimportant the positional gameof n.º 6.
  6. 6. Players close to difficult opponent’s transition12114 356810119710798342561. When we lose the ball, withthe players close an individualaction from an opponent willbe defended by 6-7 playersminimum.2. This way the long pass iseasily win by our players.
  7. 7. Players close to make a passing game12114 356810119710798342561. If the players are close, thetriangulations, essentials to thepositional game will occurnaturally.2. One player will pass, otherwill receive and the third makea move to receive the ball.
  8. 8. Construction from the Goalkeeper1111079834256The 1st combination will bepassing the ball, short orlong, to one of the Lateralplayers.117
  9. 9. Construction from the Goalkeeper1When the ball go to theLateral, the “local” Wingermust give depth to open aspace that put the opponentdefense in troubles.2345687910119724536810111
  10. 10. 1st option when the ball is with the Lateral11. When the ball is in(2), (9) go to the other side(left). This way we openspace to (7) play 1x1 withthe opponent.23456879101197245368101112. If the ball entersin (7) and we can goto the end line andcross, (9) come tothe 1st post, (11) tothe 2nd and (10)appears in thepenalty mark.
  11. 11. 2nd option when the ball is with the Lateral11. The ball go to (7) and hepass to (8) who escape fromhis direct opponent.23456879101197245368101112. (8) receives theball and couldpass to (9) or (11)who makes a runto appear in frontof goal.
  12. 12. • With an attack of this kind, until ¾ of the team willstand behind the ball and this way stays front to theopponent Goal. This way we minimize thecounterattack risk and we could win the “2nd ball”;• It’s mandatory that when a Lateral player isattacking, our GK and the other three defensesstays searching the adequate defending positions.While we are attacking, our defense and theDefensive Midfielder must be prepared to the lostof the ball possession.
  13. 13. Anticipating the Play• One Winger that wants the ball in thefoot, sometimes as to run in depth to receive theball and then play with tranquility;• Can occur that we have to receive the ball back tocould run then in depth;• To the Winger make a play with the foots, 1st haveto run in depth. But when the Forward go to thatcreated space, the space will become close(Forward attracts defenders – this is a big error).
  14. 14. Playing against 10 players• Sometimes the advantage becomes a disadvantage;• This happens because the players do not knowwhat the do with the extra space they have. Usuallythe ball is played in “Rondos” without go forward;• The only way to resolve this problem is to search1v1 situations in all the field. The great advantage isthat this increase the game rhythm. None opponentplayer can manipulate the ball with tranquility andlost the ball more easily, what creates more spaceand superiority situations. In that moment all theteam must think in the Space to take moreadvantage to the following play.
  15. 15. Logic Utilization• Pass the ball to the teammate “good leg”;• Defending 1v1 as Lateral, if we know that the opponentusually go inside we close the interior space to forcehim to go outside;• Work the defenders and attackers heading (from the 2shoulders);• The players must seek the opponents weakness’s totake advantage. They can try do the same with us. Thisway we have to be smarter to surprise our opponent’s;• The most important for a player is dominate the simpleactions (pass, conduction, receiving, playing with the 2foots, shooting and heading);• It’s mandatory combine the basic techniques with thepositional game.