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Lightest foam for shoes
PebaxFoam has a very low density (only 55kg/m3) that allows the design of lighter parts. PebaxFoam is ideal for midsole, insole, impact insert and padding applications. Choosing and using PebaxFoam will save at least 40% weight while maintain critical performance characteristics on the foam components.

PEBAXFOAM BREATHABLE, is the newest range of close cell foam developing by Zotefoams Plc.
The unique close cell foam is based on the hydrophilic grades of Pebax® offering excellent permeability to moisture vapor while remaining waterproof and offering an excellent barrier layer to bacteria.

PEBAXFOAM RNEW the most environmentally-friendly foam! Pebaxfoam is chemical-free made from Pebax Rnew a plant(derived material made with 97% castor beans)

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Pebax foam introduction march13

  1. 1. PebaxFoam®Introduction
  2. 2. Presentation overview• Zotefoams Unique Technology- Process- Features- Product range• PebaxFoam- What is Pebax®?- Technical properties- Product range
  3. 3. Zotefoams Unique Technology - ProcessExtrusionExpansionNucleatedSolidFoam sheetsGas DissolutionSolid plates
  4. 4. Zotefoams Unique Technology -Features• AdvantagesEnvironmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally FriendlyHigh purity (no blowing agent residues)Odour freeLow foggingNon-irritantNon-corrosive• Foam StructureIsotropic featuresIsotropic featuresFree expansionNo cell orientationNo density profileHomogeneousControlled, regular cell size
  5. 5. Zotefoams Unique Technology – ProductRange• Azote product range*- Plastazote®Closed Cell, Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam- Evazote®Closed Cell, Cross-linked Ethylene Copolymer Foam- Supazote®Closed Cell, Cross-linked Copolymer Foam• Zotek®HHigh PPerformance PProduct range*- Zotek®F Closed Cell, Cross-linked PVDF- Zotek®N Closed Cell, Cross-linked Polyamide- Pebaxfoam®Closed Cell, Cross-linked PolyEther Block Amide* Range of polymers, densities & colours* Special properties (FR, Conductive,…)
  6. 6. 6PebaxFoam – What is Pebax?PEBAXPEBAXPPolyEEther-BBlock AAmide is a type ofThermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)with a two phase structure ofsoft (PE) and rigid (PA) blocks• Wide range of shore hardnessFlexibility is controlled by theratio between the PA and PEphasesPA - Polyamide Block (rigid block)PE - Polyether Block (soft block)
  7. 7. PebaxFoam – Features• LightweightLightweight- Weight saving• High mechanical propertiesHigh mechanical properties- excellent energy return- good tear resistance- impact resistance- low compression set• Temperature resistanceTemperature resistance- Mechanical properties maintainedfrom -75 C to110 C˚ ˚
  8. 8. Pebaxfoam – Technical PropertiesLight WeightLight WeightHigh Performance & Versatility• Pebaxfoam has the same mechanical properties as 200kg/m³ EVA foam at adensity of only 55kg/m³EVA foam Insole: 12 gramsPebaxfoam Insole : 8 grams
  9. 9. High Performance PropertiesHigh Performance Properties> 50% lighter with better properties!Pebaxfoam – Technical Properties½ hour recover
  10. 10. Pebaxfoam – Technical PropertiesTemperature ResistanceTemperature ResistanceCushioning significantly better than EVA at -20° C
  11. 11. • Midsole Structure: Rim & Core- No bonding issues- Cost savings- Colour options• Thermoforming- Good thermoformability- Moulding temperature around 120 ~ 130 ° C- Standard EVA equipmentPebaxfoam MT=120 °CPebaxfoam – Applications
  12. 12. Pebaxfoam – Product range• Commercially available grades- Pebaxfoam M55 NL (55kg/m³ )1650x1000x33 mm- Pebaxfoam M60X (75kg/m³)1500x900x30 mm• Development grades- Breathable / WaterproofHigh moisture vapour transmission rate but impermeable to water- BiobasedProduced from a renewable resource - castor oil- Permanent AntistaticAntistatic effect is maintained even at low humidity level
  13. 13. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITYAny information contained in this document is, to the best of the knowledge and belief of Zotefoams plc and of Zotefoams Inc. (together herein referred to asZOTEFOAMS), accurate. Any liability on the part of ZOTEFOAMS or any subsidiary or holding company of ZOTEFOAMS for any loss, damage, costs orexpenses directly or indirectly arising out of the use of such information or the use, application, adaptation or processing of any goods, materials or productsdescribed herein is, save as provided in ZOTEFOAMS conditions of sale ("Conditions of Sale"), hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.Where ZOTEFOAMS goods or materials are to be used in conjunction with other goods or materials, it is the responsibility of the user to obtain from themanufacturers or suppliers of the other goods or materials all technical data and other properties relating to those other goods or materials. Save as providedin the Conditions of Sale no liability can be accepted in respect of the use of ZOTEFOAMS goods or materials in conjunction with any other goods ormaterials.Where ZOTEFOAMS goods or materials are likely to come into contact with foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, whether directly or indirectly, or are likely to beused in the manufacture of toys, prior written confirmation of compliance with relevant legislative or regulatory standards for those applications may berequested from ZOTEFOAMS, if appropriate. Save as provided in the Conditions of Sale no liability can be accepted for any damage, loss or injury directly orindirectly arising out of any failure by the user to obtain such confirmation or to observe any recommendations given by or on behalf of ZOTEFOAMS.ZOTEFOAMS MAKES NO WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT SET OUT IN THE CONDITIONS OF SALE, AND HEREBYSPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH RESPECT TO ANY GOODS,MATERIALS OR PRODUCTS DESCRIBED HEREIN.Zotefoams plc675 Mitcham RoadCroydonSurreyCR9 3ALWeb: