Chevy Cruze For Central Missouri Drivers


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Rated the 2012 Best Compact Car for the Money by U.S. News and World Report, the Chevy Cruze is designed for your changing life.

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Chevy Cruze For Central Missouri Drivers

  1. 1. The Chevrolet CruzeRated the 2012 Best Compact Car for theMoney by U.S. News and World Report, theChevy Cruze is designed for your changinglife. At a rating from 36 to 42 miles per gallonhighway, its advanced aerodynamics and 1.4Lturbocharged engine doesnt skimp onperformance while giving you more fuelefficiency.The Cruzes exterior design makes you think of a more expensive car with its curves, angles andbeveled hood which combine to give it that gas mileage your wallet will enjoy. Combine that with aneye catching grille, swept-back headllights and sculpted fenders, and you have a vehicle that makespeople stop and stare.[BOX]Our customers want the perfect value, a perfect balance. They should feel like they’re in amuch more expensive vehicle than they thought they could own.[/BOX]Comfortable InteriorThe Chevy Cruze has more passenger room and cargospace than many other compact cars. It even offers60/40 folding seats for larger items. The rich colorsand leather appointed seats give the Cruze a luxuryfeel while you enjoy the peace and quiet of theengineered design.Cruze is an example of an excellent Chevrolet statement, especially from the interior. It embracesthe dual-cockpit theme. It’s accented with great colors and materials. On the instrument panel andthe doors, Cruze has these wonderful two-toned fabric inserts that really just bring out what we callthe “surprise and delight” element in an interior. Typically you’d find two-toned fabrics within the
  2. 2. seats. Instead, the design team took these fabrics and applied them to the instrument panel. It’s theunexpected details that make Cruze something special.q More interior room and cargo space than Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus Sedanq 60/40 split-folding rear seat with adjustable head restraints for outboard seating positionsq Driver Information Center with Oil Life and Tire Pressure Monitorsq Available Bluetooth® wireless technology2 for select phonesq Available Keyless Access and Push-Button Startq Available USB portq SiriusXM Satellite4 Radio with three-month trialq Available Rear Park AssistPerformanceThe available 1.4L turbocharged engine delivers 138 horsepower which can be felt on acceleration,all the while enjoying the fuel efficiency. The rack mounted electric power steering and race-provenZ-link rear suspension provides a driving experience that will suprise you on those tight turns.Chevy started with proven technology, like theavailable small displacement ECOTEC® 1.4-literengine with four cylinders. Then they turbocharged itto get 138 horsepower. So when you needperformance, you get the added boost from theturbocharger. When you’re driving normally or justcruising, it offers great fuel economy—up to 42 MPGhighway on Cruze Eco.Cruze also uses the Chevy Oil Life Monitoring System to track how the vehicle is operating and thecondition of the oil. It tells you when you have to change it. So at anytime, you can look at the percentage of oil life left. It saves you money and is respectful of theenvironment because you’re not changing oil when you don’t need to, but you’re still protecting yourengine.Safety
  3. 3. Cruze is the first car in its segment to offer ten standard air bags. Cruze has additional knee air bagsin the front seating positions, which provide restraint to your lower body and lower legs. In the rear,we put in outboard rear-seat side air bags. Approximately sixty-four percent of the body structure ofCruze is high-strength steel, which we utilize in selective areas.Panic Brake Assist is a system that detects if there’s an urgent stopping condition. It can sense howthe pedal is depressed and provides a quick additional braking boost to help keep you out of danger.Another set of sensors can detect if the vehicle is entering a rollover condition, and if so, will deploythe side-impact head-curtain air bags.On slippery surfaces, StabiliTrak helps you stay the course by detecting the difference between thepath being steered and the direction the vehicle is actually traveling. It then uses the brakes and, ifnecessary,adjusts engine torque to help you keep your Cruze on track. What’s more, FOUR-WHEELANTILOCK BRAKES help maintaincontrol and stability during hard braking by preventing wheel lockup. Other advancements you cancount on— including DAYTIM E RUNNING LAMPS and a TIRE PRESS URE MONIT ORING SYST EM—are just a few of the ways we help you avoid trouble on the road.TestingThe Chevy Cruze is one of the most tested cars in Chevys history. You benefit from that with a100,000 mile, 5 year transferable Powertrain Limited Warranty. See our available line of Chevrolet Cruze cars in stock.If you’re looking for quality new and pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs in the Central Missouri area,Pearl Motors is an automotive dealership located in Mexico, MO on Interstate 54 near Columbia,Missouri. For over 95 years, we’ve been providing quality sales and service in the Mexico, Columbia,and Central Missouri area. Pearl Motor Company continues to be a faimly owned & operatedbusiness since 1916, when H.E. Pearl opened a Dodge-Whippet dealership in Mexico. Fourgenerations later, George Huffman is Dealer Principle. At, you can shop 24/7 andhave up to date information at your fingertips.Please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about Chevy Trucks or cars. 220 N Jefferson Street Mexico, MO 65265 (866) 876-6938 Map and Hours to visit us.