TSM 6.4 update 22.11.2012


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TSM 6.4 update 22.11.2012

  1. 1. IBM og Peanuts ønsker velkommen til seminar Tivoli Storage Manager 6.4Agenda:•  Om IBM og Peanuts•  TSM 6.3 og 6.4•  De-duplisering og replikering over WAN/ LAN•  Ny TSM rapportering•  TSM og Virtualisering•  Demonstrasjon
  2. 2. Hva  betyr  noen  prosent  fra  eller  0l  ?   50  %  vekst   100%    vekst   160   80   50,6   40   33,7   22,5   10   10   15   20   2011   2012   2013   2014   2015  
  3. 3. IBM Storage Software Suite
  4. 4. Først  innen  databesky;else  og  recovery   IBM  Tivoli  Storage  Manager  har  vært  en   markedsleder  og  hjulpet  organisasjoner   besky;e,  hente  Klbake  og  sikre   Klgjengelighet  Kl  sin  vikKgste  eiendel  -­‐   Storage Manager 6 data  i  nesten  20  år.  • Data beskyttelse: Backup / Restore • 1ste diskbaserte løsning for sikkerhetskopiering• Data retention: Arkiv • 1ste til både støtte disk og tape (D-D-T)• Disaster Recovery • 1ste som bruker Hierarchical Storage Management• HSM / ILM (HSM) for offline lagring• Beskyttelse av applikasjoner • 1st til å tilby progressiv sikkerhetskopiering•  Beskyttelse av databaser • 20.000+ lojale kunder, inklusive 60% av Fortune 500• Continuous Data Protection (CDP) • Universell Recovery Fra bærbar til stormaskin og over alle lagringstyper• Bare Machine Recovery (BMR) • Fem sammenhengende år med raskere vekst enn• Robust Remote Office Recovery markedet*
  5. 5. TSM 6.3 – i et nøtteskallROI # of data objects managed by a TSM Server•  Scalability increased by 800% 4B –  Support up to 4 Billion data objects per TSM Server 3B•  Built-in Data Deduplication – no extra charge TSM Server capacity –  Source and target deduplication 2B doubled 3 years in a –  Combines with progressive incremental row backup to reduce data by 95% or more 1B•  Simplify Administration –  Automated client software updates across TSM v5.5 TSM v6.1 TSM v6.2 TSM v6.3 all platforms 2008 2009 2010 2011 –  New reporting and monitoring across the family with custom report creation Unified Recovery Management•  Improve service levels and availability §  Seamless integration with other parts of the family –  New client data/metadata replication for –  Advanced support for VMware, Windows, NAS warm standby disaster recovery –  Integrated protection of remote offices, employee –  Faster backups and restores reduces workstations downtimeImproved Performance and Reliability Tivoli Storage Manager for z/OS Media•  DB2 database ‘under the covers’ §  Enable z/OS clients to take advantage of latest TSM•  Eliminates most database administration features while leveraging existing mainframe-attached storage resources
  6. 6. TSM v5.5 TSM v6.1 TSM v6.2 TSM TSM V6.3 2Q07 1Q09 1Q10 v6.2.2 4Q11 4Q10TSM Server Capacity (objects) 0.5 Billion 1 Billion 2 Billion 2 Billion 4 Billion Database Client dataDisaster Recovery (TSM EE) DR Planning DR Planning DR Planning replication replicationReporting and monitoring New ü ü Add Cognos In-guest, VADP image TSM for VE TSM for VEVMware support In-guest VCB only v6.2 v6.3Target-side data deduplication New ü ü üSource-side data deduplication New ü üAutomatic client software Windows Windows All O/Supdates Integrate TSM Suite FastBack, FBUnified Recovery Management ü for Unified for Recovery Workstations
  7. 7. TSM replikering av backupdata Site A Site B TSM EE Server TSM EE Database A Server B Database Client C Client B Client A DB2 DB2 Metadata and deduplicated data Client X Client Y “Hot Standby” for better D/RStorage Hierarchy SLAs Storage Hierarchy FASTER Disaster Recovery
  8. 8. AutomaKsk  klientkode  oppgradering  •  Automatically push updates for TSM b/a client v5.5, v6.1, v6.2 or v6.3•  Reduce admin time for updates by 80%; improves accuracy –  50 minutes vs. 250 minutes to update 50 client systems –  Huge benefit for cloud and backup-as-a-service providers•  Executed based on user-defined policies and schedules TSM v6.2 TSM v6.3 11
  9. 9. Forbedret monitorering og rapportering•  Simplifies the creation and administration of custom reports –  Install in less than 2 hours –  Create custom reports in less than 30 minutes•  Provides faster, more intuitive capabilities and a simplified interface for new users –  Retains the existing full functionality for experienced users•  Automatic e-mailing of reports•  Export reports to XML and Excel•  New ‘Processor Value Unit’ report to Integrated IBM Cognos® assist in license compliance Business Intelligence reporting suite
  10. 10. Monitorering av ytelse•  API performance and monitoring analysis –  Built into the TSM Admin Center•  Bottleneck analysis –  Disk I/O, Network, Tape•  Simulated backup and restore –  Helps with tuning TSM ‘for’ products for optimal throughput
  11. 11. Backup av TSMs database Powered by•  Multiple, configurable threads for parallel processing for improved throughput: –  Example: performance increases of 70% for both DB backup and restore, when using 2 parallel streams vs. single stream.•  Frees up server for other operations•  Increased scalability of TSM server without expanding database backup window
  12. 12. TSM for Virtual Environments 6.3•  Support for vSphere 5•  New, easy-to-use GUI can be used from within VMware’s vCenter•  Easily manage multiple vStorage backup servers running on Linux (RHEL or SLES) or Microsoft Windows platforms•  Create a backup policy or restore a virtual machine with a few clicks from the familiar vCenter management console VMware ESX / ESXi Server vStorage API (VADP) TSM Hypervisor Server Virtual Machines vCenter vStorage Server Backup/Restore Data Virtual Disk Volumes
  13. 13. TivoliTivoli Storage Flashcopy Manager 3.1 IBM Storage FlashCopy Manager Benefits: Online, near instant snapshot backups with minimal performance impact Local Filesystem Enable Storage Subsystems Flashcopy for Applications Instant Restore (FlashBack) LAN/SAN No deep storage skills necessary Database Production Disk Flashcopy T1 Snapshots Flashcopy T2 Flashcopy, Split Mirror, Shadow SVC Copy, Flashcopy T3 XIV DS8000 Storwize V7000 DS 3/4/5* *VSS Integration #IBMEDGE
  14. 14. Li;  om  Disaster  Recovery  med  TSM  •  BMR  (Bare  Machine  Recovery)  •  TSM  CopyPool  og  fysisk   flyVng  av  tape  offsite  •  TSM  elektronisk  VaulKng  •  TSM  SAN  speiling  •  TSM  replikering  over  LAN/ WAN   –  Hot  standby   –  SLA-­‐basert  replikering  
  15. 15. TSM  node  replikering   • Site A • Site B • Database • TSM Server A • TSM Server B • Database Node C Node B Node A DB2 DB2 Metadata and deduplicated data Node X Node Y• Storage Hierarchy • Storage Hierarchy 1.  Initial replication – all objects are copied to target Backup, Archive, and Space Management Objects 2.  Deleted objects are deleted from target 3.  Modified objects are updated on the target 4.  Newly stored objects are copied during next replication
  16. 16. SLA-­‐basert  replikering  •  Rules  determine  which  files  are  eligible  for  replicaKon  •  Default  backs  up  all  types  (backup,  archive,  HSM)  of  data  for  enabled  nodes   –  ENABLED,  DISABLED  or  PURGEDATA  (all  data  for  that  data  type  is  deleted)  •  6  replicaKon  rules:   –  4  general  use  (ALL_DATA,  ACTIVE_DATA,  ALL_DATA_HIGH_PRIORTY,   ACTIVE_DATA_HIGH_PRIORITY)   –  Default  –  follow  the  replicaKon  rule  hierarchy  unKl  a  non-­‐Default  rule  is  specified   –  None  –  replicaKon  not  performed,  no  data  replicated  •  A;ributes  of  the  rule  tell  the  process  how  tRule Hierarchy Replication o  process  the  file   –  Priority  (High  or  Normal)   –  Replicate  acKve-­‐data  only?   –  State  (enabled  or  disabled)  
  17. 17. Fleksible  konfigurasjonsmuligheter   Source to Target Between active Sources Many to One Round Robin