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Peak hosting 8 benefits Peak hosting 8 benefits Document Transcript

  • THE 8 BENEFITS OF PEAK HOSTINGS OPERATIONS-AS-A-SERVICE 8 Benefits of OaaS 888 476 PEAK Whatever your line of business, Peak Hosting is ready to provide a complete Operations-as-a-Service, everything but your code℠, solution using dedicated,Copyright ©2012 Peak Hosting | Version 1.0 cloud, and hybrid enterprise-class architectures backed by expert staff, able to bridge any “knowledge gaps.” Because our industry-leading professionals deploy customers so often and so well, Peak’s soup-to-nuts solutions can be implemented within days as opposed to weeks or months. With Peak Total Operations℠ (PTO), you can rest assured that your solutions are in the hands of the best engineers, architects, and support staff in the industry. Supporting you with Peak’s, “What’s the most I can do?” philosophy gives you an unequaled advantage. Whereas the industry standard commodity vendor asking, “What’s the least I can get away with?” is only asking for trouble. Peak’s Managed hosting solutions are not “one-size fits all.” With Peak consulting, you get specialized solutions that meet the needs of your company for today, and for tomorrow. Plus, your solutions are architected and designed to never fail. No excuse. No exception. No downtime. All of this is great, but let’s move beyond the technical mumbo-jumbo, features, and product descriptions and boil it down to the very simple question that managers, executives, or any decision maker is asking, “Why do I care?” Beginning on day one, the benefits are substantial: Fill Staffing Gaps Eliminate Costly Downtime Focus on your Core Competency Increase Your Competitive Edge Increase Profitability Boost Your Job Security Peace of Mind Scale On Demand to Satisfy Customer Growth Fill Staffing Gaps Companies with substantial IT staff, different business units and multiple technologies to support, have their hands full staying current on technology changes, let alone innovating. They’re often in dire need (sometimes with- out even knowing) of modern customized solutions staffed by industry experts. What magical wand exists to make an entire team of experts appear, providing all seventeen different areas of expertise needed to run a datacenter? 888 476 PEAK | 8 Benefits of OaaS | PAGE 1
  • Wouldn’t it be great to say, “I need an IP-SEC VPN Security expert.” or, “I need someone OaaS SKILL SETSto make sure my Microsoft SQL Cluster is actually working properly” and actually have 1 Architecture and Designthat person at the ready to implement your next project? 2 Fully Dedicated Server Hardware 3 Operating System SupportHave you ever asked, “How do I know if the peak load on our environment is CPU, 4 Application SupportRAM, disk, or database and when will I need to add capacity to scale?” With Peak 5 24×7 Monitoring, AlertingHosting’s Operations-as-a-Service, all of the expertise you need is at your fingertips. and Escalation 6 System & Network PerformanceOur architects’ and engineers’ consulting expertise are unmatched in the industry. In Trend Analysisfact, we built the largest web properties in many verticals, including: social media, gaming, 7 Database Administration and Architecturemobile applications, video streaming, online dating, health care, finance, advertising, 8 Virtualization Expertiseinternet portals and entertainment. 9 Out-Of-Band Remote Access 10 Bi-Coastal SAS 70 Type Ii and Peak staff’s unrivaled credentials in designing and implementing some of the world’s SSAE 16 Certified Data Centerslargest and most successful infrastructures means that they’re able to bridge any 11 On-Site Hardware Repair with a“knowledge gaps” plaguing the success of your organization. One-Hour SLA 12 Security 13 The Most Advanced Storage Architecture AvailableFocus on your Core Competency 14 Off-Site Backup, Archiving and Recovery 15 A Robust, 10-Gigabit, FullyPeak Hosting’s Operations-as-a-Service allows you to simplify your Monitored Networkworkload, so you can concentrate on strategic tasks that move the 16 Local and Global Load Balancing 17 Application and System Failoverneedle for your company’s success. With our soup-to-nuts, Operations- and Redundancyas-a-Service, you can focus on the key initiatives that will make along-term difference to your company without getting mired in the weeds.Is your CTO or lead developer wasting their time performing IT or Outsourcing is a brilliant strategy when done properly. Out-Operations tasks? Are they installing OS, upgrade software, or ap- sourcing is about leveraging the expertise of leaders in theirplying patches? Does your most talented, expensive, and in-demand respective fields, allowing you to get back to what you do best.staff waste hours working on tasks that could (and should) be handled Shouldn’t your company focus exclusively on intellectual property,by just about anyone else? Sure, they could do the work. However, sales, and marketing? Peak Hosting’s consulting expertise andthere’s probably not a more expensive, inefficient, or detrimental way architecture pedigree guarantee that we build what your company’sto solve your Operations problems. Rather than having your most val- applications need, even if your team doesn’t quite know what that is.ued employees squander their precious time doing these mundanetasks, let Peak Hosting’s engineers support your Operations needs You can trust Peak Total Operations℠ to customize solutions thatso that you can focus on your code! handle everything but your code℠ and to remove distractions and unnecessary drains on your organization. We’ll help you simplify yourDesigning and running operations is no easy task. Does your workload by not wasting staff resources on managing servers,company gain anything by developing in-house expertise as storage, software, networks, and collocation or ISP vendors. Our“Internet plumbers?” Is this department an expense and distraction team of veterans get your issues resolved faster and with lessto the company, or does this department materially accelerate frustration, because the team that’s managing your system, is theyour company to achieving its goals? same team that designed and implemented it. 888 476 PEAK | 8 Benefits of OaaS | PAGE 2
  • Increase ProfitabilityWith Peak Hosting, you can rest assured that your cash register will never stop ringing because your systemand all of your business-critical applications will never go down. With Peak Total Operations℠ handling,everything but your code℠, you’ll be able to focus on retaining and gaining new customers. WithOperations-as-a-Service, your company gets everything it needs from an Operations department– all forone low monthly fee, costing much less than doing it yourself or relying on a commodity vendor. Make nomistake, money saved by not over-spending on over-priced public cloud services or inefficiently runningan in-house Operations team, falls straight to your company’s bottom line.Additionally, your company won’t need to invest in up-front capital expenditures (CapEx) for hardware, licensing, datacenters, managementsoftware, dedicated staff, or installation of high-speed connectivity. Peak provides all this and more as an operations expense (OpEx)with substantial tax benefits and a more flexible spending model that scales up or down, aligned with your business’ needs.Peak Hosting’s Lightning in the Cloud℠ (the latest multi-core processors with 64 cores Peak Total OperationsSM (PTO)and 512 GB of RAM) and Enterprise Scaling Platform℠ delivers the lowest possible TotalCost of Ownership (TCO), combining the high performance and incredible value of dedicated takes care of literally, every-servers with our enterprise-class public cloud. Peak’s proprietary design ensures your thing but your codeSM, whilecompany the lowest TCO, for exactly what you need, without waste and unnecessary significantly reducing yourcomplexity. With Peak, complex solutions can be up and running within days rather than total operating costs andweeks or months. Our consulting expertise and custom designs ensure that yoursolution will provide a return on investment from day one. As your company grows, ensuring that downtimewe deliver predictable growth and scaling with no hidden or surprise forklift upgrade costs. never happens.Peak Total Operations℠ (PTO) takes care of literally, everything but your code℠, while significantly reducing your total operatingcosts and ensuring that downtime never happens. Staffing all this in-house is very expensive, tedious to hire, exceptionally difficult tomanage and unless you have over 1,000 servers in your datacenter, is more than likely a poor investment for your company.Peace of MindIt’s no way to spend a career, waiting for the dreaded call in the middle of the night that your site is down.With Peak Hosting’s AlwaysUp Architecture℠, you can rest assured that you will never be awakened in themiddle of the night by system failure alarms. Peak Hosting stands alone as the only cloud or managedhosting provider to deliver a 100% AlwaysUp SLA℠ with zero exceptions or carve outs for scheduledor emergency maintenance windows. Peak was designed from the ground up as the only managedhosting provider where component failure won’t escalate into service failure, so you can take comfort thatsingle points of failure in your organization have been eradicated.Only Peak Hosting is able to maintain, Quit the rat race of constant blog, magazine, article and collateral reading in order to stayrepair, and upgrade our environment abreast of the latest industry trends. The learning curve and drag on your time to understandwith zero interruption to our customers’ new technologies is dramatically reduced when you have Peak’s experts to call on. There’sservice. Simply stated, Peak’s expertise, no longer the need to spend time and energy to research, understand, and manage newarchitecture and design provide the hardware or software platforms. You will never again second-guess if you are using the rightcertainty that your service will never be technology or be quagmired, keeping up on the continuous cycle of new buzzwords. If youdown. With Peak’s level of redundancy, want to know about the latest and greatest, understand the hype you read about or getyou can finally scratch “service outages” clarification on something you’ve seen or heard, reach out to our experts who will gladlyoff your worry list. educate you on everything (and more) that you ever wanted to know. 888 476 PEAK | 8 Benefits of OaaS | PAGE 3
  • Peak’s unrivalled consulting experience architecting and building the largest and most profitable web properties has enabled us tocreate “Best Practices” that ensure you have the right hardware, networking and architecture to ensure that your management neveragain yells in your ear because the site is down. With Peak’s custom designs, subject matter experts, redundant architecture and the bestsystem performance possible, you can trust that your company’s success is safe.At Peak Hosting, every staff member at every level knows how important our ability to flawlessly execute is to your organization’s success.We know, as your outsourced service provider, that a seemingly benign mistake can be catastrophic to your entire business. We takethis responsibility incredibly seriously and are fully committed to your success.Eliminate Costly DowntimeBefore Peak Hosting’s AlwaysUp Architecture℠, downtime was seen Peak Hosting’s 100% AlwaysUp SLA℠ Noas unavoidable. Conventional wisdom held that downtime could be excuses. No exception. No downtime., ap- proach means your customers can get to yourminimized, but it was next to impossible to eradicate. At Peak, we site, even during Peak maintenance windowstook this as a challenge to overcome. Designed from the ground up and emergency maintenance windows. Weso component failure won’t escalate into service failure, Peak has designed our system to be upgradable, main-considerably raised the bar for service availability in the Managed tainable and repaired without taking it offline.Hosting and Cloud industry. Any company still focusing on repairing Peak’s staff averages 15+ years of industryequipment only after it fails is obsolete. Peak’s AlwaysUp Architecture℠ experience and designed our AlwaysUp Ar-has revolutionized an entire industry built on non-redundant cookie- chitecture℠ so you can stop worrying that com-cutter systems with the antiquated notion that system downtime is ponent failure might escalate to service acceptable part of doing business. Downtime is unacceptable for Our redundancy in every moving part resultsany reason. No excuses. No exceptions. No downtime. in “bulletproof” systems that never go down.When your customers can’t get to your site, your competitors move in To prevent system overload from escalatinglike hungry sharks. This downtime can have a devastating impact on into downtime, Peak Hosting’s Lightning inyour business in a multitude of ways: the Cloud℠ and Enterprise Scaling Platform℠ unites enterprise-class dedicated servers with private-cloud bursting capability, delivering Requires steep recovery costs Erodes revenue and real-time expansion. You can trust Peak Total financial performance Operations℠ custom solutions to handle ev- Increases Operations spending Harms customer loyalty and trust erything but your code℠, so your company is Undermines any first mover online, all the time. Rest assured, if equipment advantage you previously enjoyed Undercuts partner relationships breaks, you don’t incur additional charges and you don’t have to staff support personnel Damages your brand Detracts the entire organization from looking forward vs. reacting on-site 24/7/365. There is always a live Destroys management’s faith in you Peak engineer available when you need Hampers regulatory and them. Additionally, experience faster issue Negative press can haunt your corporate compliance company for months or even years resolutions with less frustration, becuase the team that supports you is the same team that designed and implemented your environment from the start. 888 476 PEAK | 8 Benefits of OaaS | PAGE 4
  • Increase Your Competitive EdgeCompetition is constant across every industry and competitors are always nipping at your heals. Anythingyou can do to “build a better mousetrap” and gain an advantage over your competition by doing somethingsmarter, cheaper, faster or even more efficiently will pay substantial dividends in preventing your competitorsfrom overtaking you.How can you gain an advantage over your competition? Deploy the best architectures Stay ahead of the pack. Peak’s consul-on the Internet, supported by the most experienced staff available. Peak Total Operations℠ tants take the time to understand whatcustom solutions are built to handle everything but your code℠ . With Peak, you know your business applications need. We ex-you have the experts on hand to solve whatever problems arise. No longer will your plore what you are running now, why youCTO or development lead have to perform labor-intensive IT tasks. Peak’s unmatched made the choices you did and how yourand unprecedented consulting pedigree building the largest Internet sites, means your architecture should scale moving gets the right solution customized and tailored to your business the very first We build your solutions right, the firsttime, allowing you to concentrate on what made your company successful from the start. time. Peak’s design and implementation philosophy means customers receive Peak customers worldwide have successfullyHow can you gain an personalized assistance with somebody migrated to Peak Operations-as-a-Service.advantage over your These customers changed their architectures that knows, understands and builds your environment to quickly solve any issuescompetition? Deploy the based on Peak’s recommendations and that architectures on the have seen their costs drop, while performance increased. As a result, our customers areInternet, supported by happier and make more money by staying The vast majority of outsourced manage hosting providers uses GUI-based com-the most experienced ahead of the competition. What’s the secret modity hardware provisioning. Peak’sstaff available. of their success? They asked Peak’s experts consultative approach to custom designed to design a far superior “mouse-trap” for solutions along with our global footprint,their specific Operations needs and regained their focus on what sets them apart in allows you to service any market yourtheir industry, which (spoiler-alert) was never about running their own datacenter. company requires from now and into theCustom system architectures means that your Operations-as-a-Service solution will future with the right solutions every time.fully support whatever your business needs, now and in the future. As your needs No more cookie-cutter commodity “fastchange, your operations infrastructure seamlessly changes with it. food menu” designs.Boost Job SecurityThere’s an old saying in our industry, that “No one ever got fired for buying (insert market leading vendor’sname here).” While this statement may sometimes be true, we frequently quip, “Well, they overspent on thewrong architecture, ran out of money, the company failed and they lost their job anyway.”With Peak, your cost-cutting contributions will be substantial and evident to your Peak Total OperationsSMentire executive team. Be seen as the hero who selected and managed the vendor makes sure you hit yourwho consistently delivered and eliminated years of headaches, distractions andwaste. The pronounced savings enjoyed at Peak Hosting will be the first of many operations goals on timefeathers in your cap. and well within your budget.When senior management asks questions about new or different technologies they have read or heard about, you’ll be able to supplyquick knowledgeable answers even if you don’t have that expertise in-house or know the answer yourself. Don’t stress about beingup on every industry trend (it’s a full time job). Be seen as your company’s resident technology expert. With Peak, the well of wisdomyou can draw from is deep and wide, addressing all of the latest industry trends or buzzwords. 888 476 PEAK | 8 Benefits of OaaS | PAGE 5
  • Peak Total Operations℠ makes sure you hit your operations goals on time and well within Peak’s consulting pedigree means you willyour budget. In fact, Peak’s industry-leading service and support offerings use a proprietary always have the right technology answerimplementation and migration methodology that ensures success every time. Because on-hand for unexpected requests. Trustwe keep you thoroughly informed about costs and performance, your department will Peak Total Operations℠ custom solutionsexceed uptime goals, control costs and prevent those 3 A.M. fire drills. to handle everything but your code℠ so you know your company is supported byWith Peak Hosting’s AlwaysUp Architecture℠ you’ll be a hero within your company, stopping veteran experts.problem downtimes (more commonly know as a “Career Limiting Move”) before theyhappen. With Peak Hosting’s 100% AlwaysUp SLA℠, you’ll never again take heat for going Never be caught flatfooted for your com-offline for a provider maintenance or component failure. pany’s expansion or painted into a cornerEliminate, “The site is slow again!” complaints filling your voicemail or email. Achieve unparalleled with a vendor who can’t meet your compa-uptime and performance with Peak Hosting’s Lightning in the Cloud℠ and Enterprise Scaling ny’s expansion needs. Peak’s global foot-Platform℠ uniting enterprise-class dedicated servers with private-cloud bursting capability to print allows you to support any market yourgive your application the speed it needs to keep customers satisfied and coming back. company requires now and in the future.Scale on Demand to Satisfy Customer GrowthNothing is worse than being the one who torpedoed your company’s growth, just when it was taking off likea rocket! Bad architectures designed by inexperienced staff are the bane of any organizations existence becausethey only fail as soon as years of hard work are coming to fruition. Don’t get fired when a viral influx of newcustomers takes your site down because the architecture and hardware were (unknowingly) unable to scale.When your staff doesn’t have to worry about ordering hardware, growing a colocation With Peak Hosting, you enjoy fullyor upgrading servers, your company can expand much faster and more cost effectively. dedicated redundant and robust hard-Rather than building datacenters in-house and having to manage employees and third- ware that will successfully carry yourparty providers, Peak Total Operations℠ allows you to accelerate expansion through a business into the future. Youll know thatmanaged hosting provider with a global footprint. you have the capacity to handle what- ever occurs with Peak’s 10Gbps 2N net- Our Peak Lightning in the Cloud℠ andWith Peak Hosting, you enjoy work architecture, Lightning in the Cloud℠ Enterprise Scaling Platform℠ unites thefully dedicated redundant highest possible performance of and our dedicated Hitachi SAN’s industry leading unprecedented performance.and robust hardware that enterprise-class dedicated servers withwill successfully carry your private-cloud bursting capability, delivering Scale in minutes, not months, with Peak’sbusiness into the future. real-time expansion to accommodate any architecture experience and engineering customer burst. Rest assured Peak Total pedigree designing and implementingOperations℠ custom solutions will handle everything but your code℠ so you know when your your company’s cloud and dedicated fullysite is under load and have the right partner to scale it without downtime. You can concentrate managed sever strategy.on growing your customer base knowing that we will keep things humming in Operations Please see our white paper titled “Operations-as- a-Service.” 888 476 PEAK | 8 Benefits of OaaS | PAGE 6