Integration 2012 bc aim final


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Integration 2012 bc aim final

  1. 1. PR’s RemixNatasha Netschay Davies Director, Digital/Social MediaPeak Communicators | February 16, 2012
  2. 2. ROI / ROO
  3. 3. Media ROI is difficult to determine…
  4. 4. Finding the sweet spot… Public RelationsSocialMedia Advertising INTEGRAT Marketing ION
  5. 5. Growth of Media = More LayersPAID MEDIA Print ads, social ads, airtime, sponsored mentions/tweets, blogger giveaways, contests, perks, check-ins, incentive loyalty programsEARNED MEDIA Media coverage, print headlines, blog posts Retweets, likes, comments, online recommendations, group posts/wall posts, shares, chat transcriptsOWNED MEDIA Letters to the editor Corporate blog posts, tweets, Facebook content, LinkedIn Groups, Google+
  6. 6. Client: TELUS International Goal: Generate Soft Leads
  7. 7. How: Webinar to share insights Action: Download Whitepaper
  8. 8. Multiple Push /Pull Tactics
  9. 9. Email marketing + LinkedIn ads + sponsored placement + social/blogger outreach + media relations + live tweeting =• Webinar generated: – 414 scrubbed leads (downloaded white paper) – 1 opportunity in the funnel valued at approx. $2M• Ongoing leads from whitepaper: – close to 1000 downloads over the year – 397 “leads” still being working• PR efforts: – 22 articles related to whitepaper (in 2011)
  10. 10. Client: Coast Capital SavingsGoal: Increase awareness of mortgage product
  11. 11. How: Facebook ContestAction: Like the page, enter contest
  12. 12. MORE THAN ONE HANDIN THE COOKIE JAR… Rethink – created Facebook app; managed contestant relations, administered ad buysCoast Capital Savings – project managed, approved budgets Peak Communicators – social outreach, blogger relations
  13. 13. Contest Overview• Social media “baked” into contest structure – Winners selected based on which entries received the most votes from friends and family via Facebook• Participants have the chance to name their own prize for their home .. Ties into branding… “the boss of the contest”• Four weeks, four winners
  14. 14. Social Newsroom
  15. 15. Facebook ads + tweets+ outreach + blogger relations =Total contest entries: 781Total contest winners: 4Total net new Likes of CCS page: 6,147Total votes: 4,453
  16. 16. Facebook InsightsActions/Viral loop performance2,052 STARTING “ACTIONS” such as someone Liking a finalist on thevoting page or a finalist manually posting a note or status update on their Wall telling theirfriends to vote for them.After traveling throughout Facebook, from friend to friend, these types of updates wereVIEWED A TOTAL 541,568 TIMES Of those people who saw updates, 0.41% CLICKED ONIT, thus taking them to the contest page.
  17. 17. Integrative approach surpassed targets within first 2 weeks• Target #1 2,000 new Facebook fans – Achieved 307% of target by adding 6,147 new fans – Total increase of fan base of 487% to 7,409• Target #2 = 10,000 pageviews of contest – Achieved 439% of target with 43,927 page views
  18. 18. Coverage, tweets, etc.
  19. 19. Client: Hain CelestialGoal: Promote Greek Gods Yogurt
  20. 20. How: Donate & SampleAction: Drop off, Public giveaway
  21. 21. Greek God gives away yogurt at Skytrain stations
  22. 22. Media relations + live tweeting +blogger relations = gone in 2 hours!Donated 7,000 containers of yogurt …to the Surrey Food Bank and Salvation ArmyDistributed 4,000 containers of yogurt to public • 144 tweets related to the yogurt giveaway that reached 201,047 followers • 11 hits of media coverage (print, radio, blogs)
  23. 23. 5 steps to campaign integration1. Avoid confusing strategy with tactics2. Decide what action defines campaign success3. Implement result tracking process at onset4. Let teams excel at what they do best5. Take a transmedia approach - leverage all content
  24. 24. QUESTIONS/COMMENTS?Twitter @natashandaviesEmail