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Tara Ramsey's Level Design
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Tara Ramsey's Level Design


Published on

Examples of Tara Ramsey's cartoon mushroom themed 2d/3d level design concepts, models & art.

Examples of Tara Ramsey's cartoon mushroom themed 2d/3d level design concepts, models & art.

Published in: Design, Education, Business
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  • 1. Greetings puny Earthlings… I am General Nephar E. Uzz. General Uzz for short. Although my ultimate plan has (for the time being) been thwarted… I will borrow your saying and say I shall“try, try, TRY again”. Yes, a declaration of war has been issued!! The gauntlet thrown, the ball dropped, the whistle blown…. Etcetera etcetera! Mua-HAHA!
  • 2. And now for our heroes…
  • 3. I’m Sammy…. …and I’m Tammy <3
  • 4. General Uzz accidentally kidnapped us when he was trying to steal the cattle from our ranch! We put an end to his evil plan and crashed his ship onto an alien planet… the problem is; now we’re stuck too!Help us find a way off this strange planet and back to Earth where we can warn everyone about General Uzz and Earth’s missing cattle!
  • 5. Travel to places like the MushroomVillage, where you’ll need to talk to allits crazy fungal inhabitants to find the way out.
  • 6. Top Down View
  • 7. Details:• Mushroom houses will be stationary and when approached will activate triggers that will take the player to cut scenes/matinees where he/she may communicate with the Shroomie people.• About Shroomie people: males will refuse to talk to outsiders and start bouncing away back into their houses. Females will talk and tell the player about the goal of the game.• Player will start in middle of village and will traverse it to get hints about where to go next. general sfx will include walking through grass and the sound of water where the shroomie king fountain is.• Trees will be surrounded by a blocking volume and if player doesn’t stay on path they’ll be redirected back to Shroomie Village
  • 8. UDK Screenshot
  • 9. Textured Models
  • 10. 10 Models in Max
  • 11. Perspective Art
  • 12. Original Layout Drawing
  • 13. Mushroom Reference
  • 14. Inspiration: Mario
  • 15. Color Chart
  • 16. About:Rated: E
  • 17. Concept By:Tara Ramsey
  • 18. THE END