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How Payfree works?
How Payfree works?
How Payfree works?
How Payfree works?
How Payfree works?
How Payfree works?
How Payfree works?
How Payfree works?
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How Payfree works?


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  • 1.
  • 2. SMS <br /> How to register?<br /> Send all texts to: Globe: 0917-8103733 Smart: 0908-8673733 Sun: 0922-8693733<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />BDAYMMDDYY Address<br />Ex.<br />032880 50 Santos St., <br />Quezon City<br />REG Firstname/Lastname<br />Ex.<br />REG Christine/Lim<br />Congratulations on your<br />new payFree account.<br />UserID: Christine.Lim<br />Password: 888888<br />Mpin: 1234<br />PIN 1234 7777<br />Save this!<br />For security purposes, <br />default MPIN must be<br />changed immediately .<br />
  • 3. Online<br /><ul><li>Visit Official Website
  • 4. Click
  • 5. Email Verification. You will receive an email from with the subject Payfree Activation Link. Click on the Activation link to complete your registration.
  • 6. Fill in all the required fields and click
  • 7. Congratulations, you may now login and enjoy the many uses of Payfree. </li></ul>Note: The Members’ Management Tools is on the left pane of the webpage.<br /> How to register?<br />
  • 8. Members’ Management Tools<br />Welcome Page – to see your balance.<br />Add Funds – to notify Payfree of your deposit. Must be sent immediately<br /> after OTC bank deposit or BancNet Transfer.<br />Transfer Funds – to send or receive money from one Payfree member to <br /> another. <br />Bills Payment – to make online payments of utilities, etc.<br />Withdraw Funds – to cash out funds in your Payfree Account via Cashcard,<br /> Bank, or Cheque.<br />Buy Eload– to buy cell phone loads of all major networks (Globe, Sun, <br /> Smart) at 5% Discount.<br />PayNow Button – to request a button for your website.<br />Email Billing - to request an email billing for your clients.<br />Order Cash Card – to order a debit card for purposes of withdrawal.<br />Transactions – to view your transaction history.<br />Update Profile – to change personal information in profile.<br />Network – to profit share with company through our PF Connect Promo.<br />Change Password – to request a change in password.<br />
  • 9. How to fund your Payfree Account?<br />A Payfree Wallet is just like your regular wallet.<br />You should put money in your wallet to have<br />some spending money.<br />
  • 10. STEP 1: Choose one option:<br /> 1. OTC Bank Deposit<br /> Account Name: Payfree Corporation<br />Checking Accounts<br /><ul><li>Asia United Bank 018-01000186-6
  • 11. BDO 2718-010635
  • 12. BPI 3110-0056-78
  • 13. China Bank 108-202116-1
  • 14. Metrobank 7098528616
  • 15. PNB 00-438-217100018 </li></ul> 2. BancNet Online<br /><ul><li>Transfer to Security Bank 0071-581588-200 </li></ul> Note: BancNet charges PhP25/transaction<br /> 3. Payfree Funding Center<br />SAMPLE DEPOSIT SLIP<br />How to fund your Payfree Account?<br />
  • 16. How to fund your Payfree Account?STEP 2: Notify Payfree of your deposit.<br />Text your deposit immediately after deposit or transfer.<br />Login and click “Add Funds” in the Members Management Tools. Fill in all the required information.<br />SMS<br />Online<br />AF &lt;amount&gt; &lt;bank &amp; branch&gt;<br />&lt;mpin&gt;<br />Ex.<br />AF 500 BPI West Ave 7777<br />
  • 17. End of Presentation 1<br />