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How to engage the press and make the most of media coverage for your nonprofit.

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  • Thank you for joining us today for “Rise above the noise. How to engage the press and make the most of your media coverage in 2013. This webinar is brought to you by PaySimple, THE platform to help you manage and grow your organization through electronic payment acceptance, contributor database management, and real-time donor reporting. Stick around for more information about PaySimple and a special offer at the end. Chat in your questions and we’ll address them at the end.
  • 2013 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report (http://www.nonprofitmarketingguide.com/resources/book/2013-nonprofit-communications-trends-report/#). With print marketing starting to fail, in-person events and media relations are of growing importance to nonprofits. As shown here, acquiring new donors, engaging the community and spreading brand awareness are listed as the top three most important communication strategies of 2013….
  • … and media relations and PR are ranked as “very important” communications channels by a third of nonprofits…
  • … Yet only a quarter of nonprofits will spend most of their time on press content. You’ll notice that the activities where more people spend their time require an audience, prior to their being an effective channel – newsletter needs subscribers, Facebook needs fans, etc. Press is an earned media strategy, and one that that builds an audience by nature, without having to spend ad dollars. (not to mention these activities can take more time and resources that certain press activities)
  • So, why else is PR important? Cost-effective: 41% of nonprofits list “budget” as a challenge for 2013. Again, you’re not paying with money for your audience by engaging the press. You’re paying with quality news. All of this leads to more donors, who may not otherwise be aware of your organization or cause.
  • Your mission statement should relay your passionate, authentic reasoning for why you work towards your cause. Motivational – volunteer! give! spread the word!
  • Clear and concise. Michael – chime in.
  • Michael – Always ask the question, “is this newsworthy.” Be very selective in what is newsworthy. Don’t be the boy who cried wolf.
  • Not every instance of these examples is newsworthy. 5k fundraiser, public support from local official, new Board Member, addition to your facility, impact report, etc. Make a list of what’s already coming and what you can create in the upcoming year. Michael – context of current events make them especially newsworthy. Think about what’s top of mind in the news. See how the cause addresses that concern. Unemployment example.
  • Over a quarter of nonprofits admit they lack a clear strategy in 2013. Purpose of media strategy: Dictate: Are you looking to spread awareness? Increase contributions? Gain more users? Recruit volunteers Goals: Related to the purpose – buzz, revenue, user-base, volunteer activity Resources: How many people or dollars are required to execute the plan? Measurement: How many stories were picked up? Recognition survey w/public. Revisit metrics laid out in goals.
  • Schedule: This is where you list of newsworthy items comes in Media outlets: Proximity (local, national, int’l), print, magazines, TV, online/blogs Michael - Form: press release, press conference, targeted outreach, media advisory, write an op-ed for your newspaper People: Identify contacts at the media outlets, then make initial contact to introduce yourself, your organization and your cause
  • For this example, I’m using a ticketing service like Eventbrite. Include all relevant info including Media Contact. If no ticketing is necessary, set up a page on your website.
  • Michael – chime in.
  • Elements of Press Release:
  • Headline: Captivating, keep SEO in mind
  • Michael – chime in. No right answer on day, but some suggest early in the week and early in the day, when controllable. In this proactive case, it is. It is also important to consider the news source you’re targeting. If it’s daily newspapers, there is more flexibility compared to a weekly or month publication. Also keep keywords in mind for search.
  • Use BCC!
  • Distribution services help you distribute to news partners, search engines, RSS feeds, magazines, bloggers, etc in one swoop.
  • Social Media: Hootesuite, Tweetdeck Info from source: impressions, views, and how many emails were sent Michael – Expand on the follow-up from media piece. Release in itself is not necessarily the story.
  • Michael – Expand on “in case you missed it.” Stretch the story, find new angles.
  • Starting at $9.95 per month. Use promo code PRESS13 to get 50% off PaySimple Pro.
  • Rise Above the Noise

    1. 1. Rise Above the NoiseLet your Cause be Heard in 2013
    2. 2. Agenda► Why public relations?► Getting started • Mission Statement • Newsworthiness • Media Strategy► Tactical Execution: Example► Your story was picked up!
    3. 3. Why public relations? ► Your message through a trusted, third-party voice ► Builds credibility ► Wide exposure to new audiences ► Cost-effective
    4. 4. Poll question► How familiar are you with your organization’s mission statement? • I can recite it • I can paraphrase • I know the general message • I don’t know it well • We don’t have a mission statement
    5. 5. Mission Statement ► Clearly states your cause and shows authenticity ► Well-known throughout your organization ► Impactful, memorable and motivational
    6. 6. "To create a humane and sustainable worldfor all animals, including people, througheducation, advocacy, and the promotion ofrespect and compassion."
    7. 7. news·wor·thy  adjectiveof sufficient interest to the public or a special audience to warrant press attention or coverage.
    8. 8. So, what can be newsworthy?► Events► New Hirings► Partnerships► Reports or other Publications► Successes► New Programs or Services But don’t wait for it. Plan for it.
    9. 9. Poll question► Which of the below has your organization experienced in the past year? • Events • New Hires • Partnerships • Reports or other Publications • Successes • New Programs or Services
    10. 10. Media Strategy► Dictate the purpose of the strategy► Outline goals and what you’re looking to achieve► Determine the tactics you will use, and the resources required to execute those tactics► Identify measurements for success
    11. 11. Elements of Strategy► Schedule a calendar as far out as possible► Determine which media outlets to target► Decide what forms your communications will take► Build relationships with members of the media
    12. 12. Example: Upcoming Event► Who: Springfield Animal Shelter► What: Family 5k fun run► Where: Starts at Town Hall► When: 1 month ahead► Why: Facility is at capacity► How: Press Release
    13. 13. Tactical Plan1. Create event page on your website or create a flyer
    14. 14. Event Landing Page/Flyer
    15. 15. Tactical Plan1. Add an event page on your website or create a flyer2. Give your media contacts a heads up
    16. 16. Tactical Plan1. Add an event page on your website or create a flyer2. Give your media contacts a heads up3. Draft Press Release
    17. 17. Elements of a Press Release► Headline► Date, time, location► Purpose of the 5k run► Other details (pricing, age requirements, etc)► Quote from President of shelter► Quote from confirmed participant► About Springfield Shelter► Media contact
    18. 18. Tactical Plan1. Add an event page on your website or create a flyer2. Give your media contacts a heads up3. Draft Press Release4. Plan a day for release
    19. 19. Poll Question► Which day of the week is best to push a press release? • Mon • Tues • Wed • Thurs • Fri • Sat • Sun
    20. 20. Choose a Day for Release
    21. 21. Tactical Plan1. Add an event page on your website or create a flyer2. Give your media contacts a heads up3. Draft Press Release4. Plan a day for release5. Send release directly to contacts via email
    22. 22. Tactical Plan1. Add an event page on your website or create a flyer2. Give your media contacts a heads up3. Draft Press Release4. Plan a day for release5. Send release directly to contacts via email6. Push Press Release
    23. 23. Distribution ServicesFree Paid
    24. 24. Monitor Results► Set up Google alerts► Monitor Social Media► Monitor traffic to your website/event page► Track registrations► Monitor your targeted media outlets► Get info from distribution service► Examine demand from media for more information
    25. 25. Your story is picked up!► “In Case You Missed It”► Give thanks, offer 1:1 interview on the event► Post to Social networks► Email to supporters / volunteers
    26. 26. Questions?
    27. 27. Helping nonprofits take on the world.► Low Transaction Fees► Subscription starting at $9.95 a month► Accept Payments► Manage Supporters► Operate anywhere 800-466-0992 www.paysimple.com Promo Code: PRESS13