The true mark of self-realisation


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The true mark of self-realisation

  1. 1. The true mark of self-realisation By Pavan Choudary Tere andar saanch jo, bahar naahi janaav, Jaanan hara jaani hai, antar gati ka bhav (Kabir condemns bragging even about the truth in your heart. Your truth is yours alone. The knowledgeable have the ability to sense the machinations of the human mind on their own and your true heart will be seen by them anyways.) Why do we brag about our spiritual realisations? Why do we want to tell others about our spiritual growth? There are two reasons for this. Either it is for one-up-man-ship: somewhere we want the other to know that not only you but I am also spiritual and maybe, more spiritual. Such competition is very prevalent in India. We cannot tolerate the fact that God is bestowing his mercies and revealing his essence to our neighbour and not to us. Which is why, whenever the conversation drifts towards such issues every Indian comes up with his own realisations. And now, the West is also catching this virus. The other reason, why we talk about our spiritual realisations is more subtle. We use the talk of our spiritual realisations to ensnare other people, to attract them to us. These are label talks. They label us. They are meant to tell the other person that you must really be very virtuous and that is why God is so close to you and which is why you are having all these realisations. So we set up our candidature through such talks. But Kabir knows that the gains from either of this (through one-up-man-ship or attracting people through your spiritual realisations) are far lower than the cost of doing so. Because post verbalizing there are two realities that present themselves - one is, what you realised and the other is, what you have spoken. Now because you cannot exactly translate what you have realised, into words, the words lose their essence. This is because the realisation is very fluid or gossamer fine and words are very concrete. When translated into words much is lost in the translation. The authenticity of the spiritual realisation now is under attack by its description. Now it will be difficult for you to feel that spiritual
  2. 2. reality with the same intensity again, because inaccurate words will come in the way. These words have not disappeared as sound waves. They have become sound karma. As sticky sound waves they are hovering around in your mind. This is the main reason why Kabir says that you should not speak about the truth in your heart. He also consoles you by saying that the knowledgeable have an X-ray vision. They will know if you are a realised soul. They will peer through the fog of machinations and pretensions and see your heart. If it is true, they will connect enduringly with you. For more follow the author on twitter at #authorpavan or visit