Global Citizen Brand Toolkit


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Global Citizen and Global Talents Brand Toolkit

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Global Citizen Brand Toolkit

  1. 1. Powered by c brand toolkit 2013
  2. 2. typography logo official icon BASIC COLORS novecento wide NORMAL BOOK LIGHT MEDIUM BOLD DEMIBOLD Choose the color that fits with your advertising You can use it with opacity or solid and any color you want. You can use it with the icon or without Select the one that fits with your advertising. Use minimum 2 versions to make a nice contrast or you can combine it with other typo
  3. 3. dashed line irregular AND REGULAR bANNERS BASIC ICONS Environment SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP health CULTURE education Use these issue icons for external promotion Choose the direction that you prefer Play with different shapes and directions The icons can be used in positive or negative
  4. 4. AIESEC BRAND VISUAL elements aiesec signatures Powered byAn initiative byHelvetica Oblique (Required) (Required) Only 2 options are allowed With opacity or solid color This shapes never sustitute de AIESEC logo (Required) ALL THE COLORS YOU CAN USE Blue Pantone 286C Web (hex) #003399 RGB 0/51/153 CMYK 100/91/6/1 HSB 220/100/60 Lab 25/21/-61 AIESEC LOGO c LONG LOGO SHORT LOGO *USE THE LOGO OR AN AIESEC SIGNATURE FOR ADVERTISING. aLSO YOU CAN USE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME
  5. 5. How can I make brand alligned advertising? c
  6. 6. STEP 1 1.1 Choose your language The languge that you choose needs to be the official one for all the program in your country 1.2 Select your global issues Depending on your focus issues select the icons that you want to use 1.3 DECIDE YOUR MAIN CHANNELS This will help you to make a better promotional material. Remember that the importance of an advertising is that it needs to fits with all your communicaction channels culturaSALUD Recommendations
  7. 7. STEP 2 2.1 select your info Think about which info you want to deliver. What do your customer needs to know? 2.2 Select your typos Try to combine different typos with the official one. Select one that can reflects the essence of the program. 2.3 choose your images Select all the images tha are going to represent your program. All of them need to be the same in all your channels Recommendations iNTERCAMBIO SOCIAL culturaSALUD ¿QUÉ ESPERAS? 6 A 8 SEMANAS Inscríbete colombia y perú
  8. 8. STEP 3 3.1 design your banners Try to make something that can fits with the AIESEC brand and can support all the info that you want to give 3.3 pimp your add with the aiesec brand and make your guidelines Select the shapes that fits better with your banners and pictures. Established your guidelines so that will be easier to make different applications. 3.4. make your campaign versions! Respect all the guidelines that you established! Recommendations iNTERCAMBIO SOCIAL 6 A 8 SEMANAS ¿QUÉ ESPERAS? Inscríbete colombia y perú cultura SALUD c 6 A 8 SEMANAS ¿QUÉ ESPERAS? Inscríbete colombia y perú cultura SALUD iNTERCAMBIO SOCIAL c
  9. 9. any doubts? contact us: