About The 2010 Amber Awards


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A summary of Australia and NZ\'s Annual National Awards for Online Services in Banking, Travel, Retail, Broking and 10 other categories.

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About The 2010 Amber Awards

  1. 1. Amber Awards Australia and NZ's National Online eServices Awards
  2. 2. Amber is Amy's Younger Sister AMBER Awards 'Amber' AIMIA Awards 'Amy' Turns 2 in 2010. Turned 16 in 2010.
  3. 3. Amber Awards "Winter" Olympics for AIMIA Awards Complementary to main AIMIA Awards Counter cyclical to AIMIA Awards AIMIA Awards Online Media : Publishing, Advertising, Education Scored by a national panel of VIP Industry Judges AMBER Awards Online Services: Banking, Retailing, Travel Scored by national survey of customers
  4. 4. Amber are Apps for Broadband AMBER Awards are intended to promote competition and reward excellence in Australian Broadband applications and services. Amber is an 'acronym' for: Applications Made for the Broadband Economy Recognition
  5. 5. Amber Methodology 1. Over 120 of Australia's Leading eServices were shortlisted 2. Top 20 players in each online category ranked by total size of their Audience (Google data) 3. An independent large-scale national online survey determined a Customer Experience Score (Cx) for each service based on customer ratings 4. The top 5 finalists in each category were determined from the basis of this survey. 5. Each of these finalists was subjected to detailed, independent lab testing with customers to determine a Usability Score (Ux) for each. 6. The customer's experiences from lab and the national survey were combined to determine the winners in each category. The process was designed, verified by experts in customer surveying and statistical analysis and overseen by the independent chair of AIMIA's judging.
  6. 6. Amber Methodology Customer Field Testing Customer Lab Testing How do Services Feel How do Services Behave Sentiment analysis "Under the hood" What's the most loved performance evaluation Online Services Competitor Road Testing
  7. 7. 1st Annual Amber Awards October 14th 2009 MCA, Sydney
  8. 8. 1st Annual Amber Awards Winners Awarded in Seven Categories 1. Online Travel 2. Online Retail 3. Online Insurance 4. Online Broking 5. Online Banking 6. Online Applications 7. Mobile Commerce
  9. 9. 2nd Annual Amber Awards Thursday 16th September 2010 MCA, Sydney
  10. 10. 2nd Annual Amber Awards 14 Categories 1. Online Auctions 2. Online Banking 3. Online Government 4. Online Insurance 5. Online Retail (Fashion) 6. Online Retail (General) 7. Online Retail (Media & Entertainment) 8. Online Retail (Technology) 9. Online Trading 10. Online Travel (Accommodation) 11. Online Travel (Flights) 12. Mobile Banking 13. Mobile Commerce 14. Online Services Innovation Our Awards Night Host: James O'Loghlin
  11. 11. 2nd Annual AMBER Awards Sponsors
  12. 12. 2nd Annual AMBER Awards 70 Finalists in 14 Categories Now Announced See media release for full list http://bit.ly/AmberFinalists2010 Determined from the results of a comprehensive Nationwide Customer Experience Survey by TNS which included top 15 leaders in each category ranked by usage according to Google ad planning data Each of the finalists are being lab tested now with transaction real accounts and customers
  13. 13. How can I get involved Reserve yourself a ticket to awards night http://www.amberawards.com.au/pages/register-to-attend There's one complimentary ticket available for all finalists and discounts for AIMIA Members and OBR Subscribers. More information Paul McCarthy paul.e.mccarthy@acm.org / 0418 608 224 AMBER Awards Chair and Co-Founder AIMIA Awards Chair of Judging