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My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
My SQL Portfolio
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My SQL Portfolio


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  • 1. SQL Server Portfolio
    Paulette Warrick
    (516) 425-5906
  • 2. Table of Contents
    Introduction 3
    Piggy Bank Project 5
    Mini Adventure Works Project 12
    BlockFlix Project 19
  • 3. Introduction
    This portfolio contains a sample of my development skills in MS SQL Server 2008 which was a result of hand-on experience from the SETFOCUS Masters Program. The Master’s Program curriculum is based on Microsoft Official Curriculum which includes:
    • RDBMS
    • 4. Querying using Transact SQL
    • 5. Advanced Querying and Programming using SQL Server
    • 6. SQL Server Integration Services
    • 7. SQL Server Reporting Services
  • What is SetFocus?
    The SetFocus SQL Master’s Program is an intensive, hands–on, project oriented program allowing knowledge and valuable experience putting the SQL skill set to use in a simulated work environment.
    I received over 300 hours of in-depths hands on experience focused on SQL Development.
    SetFocus projects are real world projects that are distributed just as I would receive in a position. I received project specifications and was expected to identify best courses of action with deadlines set for completion.
  • 8. The PiggyBank Project simulates back-end banking processes. Key functionalities were:
    • Maintain customer information
    • 9. Maintain Account information
    • 10. Process transactions utilizing Overdraft facilities
    • 11. Maintain Data Integrity
    • 12. Extract & Upload old Data from XML file
    This was accomplished via the use of views, stored procedures and triggers
    Piggy Bank Project
  • 13. Piggy Bank ER Diagram
  • 14. Sample of XML file
  • 15. Code to upload the historical transactions from the XML file
  • 16. Update Account
  • 17. Process Transaction
  • 18. Update Customer
  • 19. MiniAdventureWorks Project
    In this project a new Database, MiniAdventureWorks was created and historical spreadsheets (CSV) data for products listing, vendors, and purchase order history, were loaded into this SQL Server database utilizing SSIS.
    The load process must work on a go-forward basis, so that new/modified products/vendors/orders can be loaded in SQL Server as well
    The orders load process should validate that any incoming orders with product numbers or vendor numbers that do not match an existing product/vendor number should NOT be written to the SQL Server database. Instead, this data should be written to an exception file and emailed.
    Two reports were developed using SSRS: one for top vendor and product sales, and the second for sales by vendor and ship method across years.
  • 20. MiniAdventureWorks ER Diagram
  • 21. Vendor and Product Upload
    Vendor Upload
    Product Upload
  • 22. Control Flow – Upload Orders
  • 23. DataFlow – Upload Orders
    Orders Header Upload
    Orders Details Upload
  • 24. Vendors Sales By Year
  • 25. Top Vendor/Product Sales
  • 26. BlockFlix Project
    BlockFlix was the final group project where I was honored to be one of the Team Leaders. We were employed to design and implement a RDBMS system for a on-line movie rental chain. The groups were then requested to do a presentation of the solution.
    Key factures includes:
    Design and implemented database
    Create Stored Procedures
    SSRS Reports
    Backup and recovery Plan
  • 27. BlockFlix ER Diagram
  • 28. Checkout Movies
    Before Checkout
    After Checkout
  • 29. Lost/Damage Movies
  • 30. Plan Change
  • 31. Reports
    Customer by Plan