Your Own Personal Social Media Policy


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Imagine if we all had our own personal Social Media policy that we could share with current and future employers? This deck gives an overview of some tips of what it might contain. Read the blog post at

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Your Own Personal Social Media Policy

  1. YOUR OWN PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY Tips on developing digital identity from @paulbromford
  2. 70% of recruiters have changed their minds about an applicant based on social media profile Protect your Social CV
  3. Company social media policy can encourage uniformity This is about YOUR brand YOUR story
  4. What’s your personal social media strategy? What do YOU want to be known for? Do you want to be a thought leader?
  5. Or do you want to be a Social CEO?
  6. Or do want to be known for posting funny cat pictures? Be clear in your profile what followers or fans can expect
  7. As a general rule Don’t say anything on social media you wouldn’t say to your boss’s face
  8. But don’t be afraid to divide opinion… If you’re not provocative in some way, how can you possibly stand out to inspire someone else? – Brian Solis
  9. Don’t constantly talk about yourself. It’s 8 part others , 2 parts you. Otherwise you just bore people
  10. Never engage trolls or argue with others No-one wins
  11. Almost 40 per cent of UK employees criticise their workplace online Don’t be one of them
  12. What’s your follow back policy? Follow everyone and risk appearing desperate for approval Follow a small percentage of your followers and risk appearing aloof and elitist
  13. It’s fine to automate some of your posts Just be around to join in the conversation Don’t be a robot
  14. Always share great content and credit sources Everybody loves a sharer… It’s also the quickest way to build a following (via Shirley Ayres)
  15. Be clear how much you mix personal and private or whether you separate them to different networks But being serious all the time can be awfully dull
  16. A four word social media policy we can all follow (via Charlie Brooker)
  17. (via Aatif Bokhari)
  18. YOUR OWN PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY Read the blog version here