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  • 1. The Challenges of Gen Y - Our Customers
  • 2.
      • Optimism?
      • Confidence and self esteem?
      • Entertainment overload
      • Networkers?
      • Sceptical
      • Achievement?
      • Impatient
      • Morality
      • Naivety
      • Ambitious?
      • Job consumers?
      • Techno-savvy
      • Global citizens?
  • 3. The digital divide
    • Half of social tenants never used the internet
    • Half of those not online are also classed as disabled
  • 4. Problems of digital exclusion
    • Offline households miss out on £560 savings annually
    • 90% of new jobs require ICT skills
    • Estimated that 60-70% of education and work related opportunities were advertised online only last year
  • 5. But……
    • Over 70% of those in in lowest income decile own a mobile phone
    • Amongst age range 16-39 – mobile phone ownership – even in lowest decile – ranges from 96% to multiple device.
  • 6. Gen Y attitudes to Homes
    • Social stigma about living at home with parents has gone
    • Sharing space (and costs) more acceptable – rise in short term for multi-family units
    • But………Longer term –pent up desire for single family accommodation and home ownership
  • 7. Want smaller – but really efficient – boxes that cost less
  • 8. Gen Y attitudes to Homes
    • Not just broadband ready but decent broadband
    • Aware of environment/value conscious
    • Distrustful of large private estates
  • 9. Gen Y attitudes to Household
    • Women as heads of household – far more security and design conscious
    • Multi-Ethnic – much greater desire for proximity to family, cultural and sports facilities
    • As above – also living permanently with older relatives for many groups
    • Conversely the “Greying” of the UK – means a surge in demand for a new style of assisted living and sheltered accommodation
  • 10. Gen Y attitudes to Service
    • Will not wait – 2.5 minutes being litmus test for service (online)
    • See’s self serve as default way of accessing service
  • 11.  
  • 12. Gen Y attitudes to Service
    • Wants everything for less and more price comparison conscious
    • Different attitude to problem solving – done through networks
  • 13.  
  • 14. Gen Y attitudes to Service
    • Gen Y is more “Do it for Me” than “Do It Yourself”
    • Much more confident in complaining – using trending, blogs and organising online campaigns against poor service
    • “ Secondary” Advocacy increasingly driven by other peoples experience than their own