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My presentation at the European CMO conference in Zurich on 28 October 2011. This presentation summarises how leading international CMOs have grown their careers and gives some tips as to what you can do!

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  • As the director of a a niche executive search firm specialising in marketing and communications across Europe, my team of consultants work for major international firms to source high potential and ambitious professionals. To date, we have contributed to the business growth of major companies by sourcing numerous senior executives for their marketing teams and in turn, helped fuel the careers of numerous international marketing professionals. As facilitators for key companies, we have a keen appreciation for the requirements of what it takes to be successful – not just based on skills but also on personal style. To become a CMO is not easy – the market is highly competitive and challenging; the role is relatively new and continuallly evolving; and only 47% of Fortune 1000 companies actually have a CMO.
  • In this session, we share with you insights derived from our wealth of experience and exposure to the diverse and talented range of marketing professionals in Europe and the demands of continually evolving international companies. To help you know what you may need, lets look at what today’s CMO looks like I have taken the top European brands gleaned from Interbrand’s Top 100, identified who runs these brands and looks as to what kind of profile they have. I’ll then “virtually” introduce you to two of these international CMOs, look at their careers and what has helped get them there today. But what does this mean to you in Growing your career in the Digital Age? I’ll explore some options with to help you in your planning and look at what is happening digitally. Finally, I’ll make sure that I’ve answered most of your questions. So lets take a look at the top European brands....
  • We analysed the top European brands on Interbrands Top 100 list for 2010 (2011 is released on Tuesday 4 October) I’m going to take you through a look at leading countries / Gender mix / Language biases / Career growth – same company or same industry / Age Fade out German brands were the strongest represented (21%) German brands with female CMOs (fade all out) (ZERO) Brands with female CMOs (26%) .... And those that were native English (50%) However Native English Speakers overall were strongly represented (39%) – (fade in the rest) We looked at how these CMOs grew their careers – only 25% started in the actual company they are now CMO But more than double this (54%) started in the same industry (plus another 2 starting in advertising and moving to Financial Services) And, finally, 44% are under the age of 45 ... So what are the trends
  • We see that the average age of today’s international CMO is 46 Reputation is that the life of a CMO is relatively short – from about 3-5 years. As we’re looking at existing CMOs, we found that they are averaging nearly 2 years. Despite this, they have been with the company on average for 10 years. This was one of the key indicators – that CMOs started their career with the one company or moved at a lower level than their current position (54%) To be a CMO by the time you’re in your mid 40s, there is no waiting around – its a furious career growth with job promotions each few years. They also have not stayed in the one country, but moved considerably from local to regional and global roles, in marketing, sales and country management. I will highlight some examples in the next few slides. Interestingly, we saw some interesting shifts across industries. With some of the financial services companies, experience with brand marketing is paramount, and a number of advertising agency executives have jumped ship to work on the client side. A good number of CMOs got their career start in some of the most prestigious FMCG companies – mainly L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble
  • Pamela Thomas Graham was appointed last year as the CMO for Credit Suisse. She’s the only women on the board and one of the few foreigners as well and has a remarkable career. USA Born 1963 (48) 26 years experience Varied industry- consulting – entertainment – fashion – financial services MBA Harvard University Married, 3 children Pamela has a strong digital profile – and I will introduce this to you when we look at careers in the digital age. Now lets look at the career of the CMO who has grown within the one company...
  • Patrice Bula has grown his career at Nestle. One of the “older” CMO’s he has ... Career Track – all with one company 30 yrs with Nestle 5 countries Swiss -1956 (55) Married – 3 Children His job title is Executive Vice President – Marketing, Sales and Nespresso. In looking at CMOs overall, their job titles to vary and not too many are actually called CMO. EVP Marketing or SVP Marketing are the most common. I will also introduce you to Patrice’s digital profile in the careers section So lets start thinking – what does all this mean for you.....
  • Who here in this room have CMO aspirations? Identifying our barriers Can they do what those at the top have already done? (look to have the audience volunteer where they see their own personal blocks)
  • In a study of MBA graduates as far back as 1979, Only 10% actually planned their career (and 10 years later were on salaries double that of their counterparts) BUT Of the 3% of MBA graduates who planned for their future IN WRITING, their salaries were ten times that of their counterparts Planning is imperative to help you identify the opportunities when they appear
  • As marketers, you can use your skills in positioning yourself. . . BRAND ME Linked in profile Facebook Blog - your opinion - how well do you express your thoughts? Twitter - who do you follow? - what sort of information do you source? Profiling - speaking engagements - becoming an "expert" - write a book! attend events / networking find a mentor
  • How has the CMO at Credit Suisse used digital media in her career? Search: Pamela Thomas-Graham When you search Google : 19800 hits results Published author of 3 books First African American to reach partner at McKinsey
  • How has the CMO at Nestle used digital media in his career? Search – Patrice Bula 3430 results Minimal LinkedIn page (not updated with current role) Facebook page – not restricted No personal Twitter or Blog
  • Who is using Twitter anyway to enhance their personal branding? The CMOs from technology companies – IBM, GE, HP, Cisco, SAP Notable absences – Google & Nokia These people, of course, are already CMOs. The technology is new and can be YOUR opportunity to progress Who are you following? What are you commenting on? Its an opportunity for you to brand yourself!
  • do something different Target companies - follow them - engage with them - know them Find a mentor Leverage national allegiances or strong cultural interests internationally Networks - on and off line know your Market worth And finally, I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from Patrice Bula at Nestle
  • In summary: CMOs of top international companies share the following: Attitude, passion and ambition Start and grow career with a major international corporation Show a fast track in growing career within one or two companies Be geographically mobile Take a lateral move if not progressing at the right speed
  • The Future Chief Marketing Officer

    2. 2. AGENDA Our research: European CMOs in Interbrand ’ s top 100 You ’ ll meet some people Learnings How to drive your career in the digital age
    3. 3. OUR RESEARCH
    4. 4. TRENDS Age: 46 In current role: 1.8 years Has been with company: 10 years Fast career track Globally mobile Not necessarily from the same industry
    5. 5. Consultant – McKinsey CEO – President – CNBC TV Group President – Liz Claibourne CMO – Credit Suisse PAMELA THOMAS - GRAHAM
    6. 6. Marketing trainee Marketing Director – Japan Sales & Marketing Director – Taiwan General Manager – Taiwan General Manager – Chocoladovny – Czech Republic Regional Director – Southern Africa (20 countries) Head of Global Strategy – Chocolate Managing Director – Germany Managing Director – Greater China Executive VP – Marketing, Sales and Nespresso PATRICE BULA
    7. 7. THE FUTURE CMO Professions Family Opportunity Gender Cultural Age Languages CHALLENGES FOR
    8. 8. Plan If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland “ ”
    9. 9. BRAND ME
    10. 10. Pamela Thomas-Graham PAMELA THOMAS-GRAHAM
    11. 11. Patrice Bula PATRICE BULA
    12. 12. CMOs WITH TWITTER ACCOUNT # BRAND CMO Twitter account locked tweets following followers 1 Coca cola Joseph V Tripodi @JVTRIPODI Yes n.a. 2 2 2 IBM Jon Iwata @coastw . 266 10 2,052 4 Google Lorraine Twohill @lorr2hill . 5 34 91 5 GE Beth Comstock @bethcomstock 639 700 6,479 8 Nokia Jerri DeVard @JerriDeVard .Yes n.a. 2 0 10 HP Bill Wohl @billwohlHP . 1,255 116 1,311 13 P&G Marc Pritchard @PGCMO . 0 0 42 14 Cisco Blair Christie @BlairChristie . 75 44 633 19 Samsung Ralph Santana @ralphsantana . 17 31 100 26 SAP Jonathan Becher @jbecher 818 85 1,504 32 HSBC Sarajit Mitra @sarajitmitra Yes n.a. 19 0
    14. 14. You must possess certain qualities: adaptability, curiosity and respect for others are essential for success in this adventure Patrice Bula