Content Management and Collaboration


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Collaboration and content management approach - from ARANZ conference 2012

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Content Management and Collaboration

  1. 1. Collaboration andContentManagement
  2. 2. Our Agenda What makes SharePoint a great Platform for collaboration? Why does SharePoint need RecordPoint? Case Studies Questions
  3. 3. Introductions Anthony Woodward Paula J Smith, ARIM Chief Technology Officer Solution Specialist RecordPoint Intergen • Technology professional with fifteen years • RIM Professional with over 10 years of experience in information technology experience focusing on Records management and • Professional member of RIMPA, collaboration. AIIM and RIM Society GB • Member of the Microsoft Partner Council • ECM Specialist for Intergen and a Microsoft Virtual Technical • Experience across public and private Specialist. sectors in UK and New Zealand • Broad range of corporate and government • Worked with Archives New Zealand business problems including technical on development of New Zealand publishing, product data management, Standards, PRA audit tool and other and records management. consultationsCollaboration and Content Management
  4. 4. Welcome Paula to the dark side!Re-enactment…
  5. 5. Collaboration and Content Management
  6. 6. Our Customers Managing Million of RecordsCollaboration and Content Management
  7. 7. What makes SharePoint a great platform forcollaboration…
  8. 8. What makes SharePoint a great platform for Collaboration  Ubiquitous - you own it and people are using it  Integrated - key workloads brought together in a single platform  Flexible - easy to enhance and extend  Interoperable - open, documented, standards based solution  Connected - built as a core part of the Office family  Understood – built on .NET, Windows Server and SQL Server  Trusted - leader in the Gartner ECM Magic QuadrantCollaboration and Content Management
  9. 9. Why does SharePointneed RecordPoint?
  10. 10. RM 1.0 Current Challenges?  Traditional eDRMS solutions have failed to deliver proactive governance  Low adoption means not truly Enterprise  RM is a separate application, not a lifecycle step  Non-intuitive end user experience  Too hard, slow and inflexible to implement  Not integrated with users business process  Separate repository and redundant infrastructure, just to be compliant  Reactive governance is too expensive  Minister or higher up’s get upset  High FOI/ discovery cost  Loss of jobs  Punitive damages  Loss of reputationCollaboration and Content Management
  11. 11. Microsoft’s Research A considerable amount of the requirements of ICA standard is delivered SharePoint 2010. • 88% of Records functionality as defined by the ICA standard (ISO 16175) is now available “out of the box” using Sharepoint 2010 • Additional configuration and Third party applications are required to provide specific records compliance functionality • RecordPoint built exclusively for SharePoint • RecordPoint provides solutions that embrace and extend Microsoft SharePoint™ 2010 Platform to provide Australasian compliant (ISO 15489 & ISO 16175) enterprise scale content and records managementCollaboration and Content Management
  12. 12. RecordPoint Features©2012 RecordPoint Software. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. A More Practical Approach Use rules to map business (information) processes to Records Management system Business Processes Records System©2012 RecordPoint Software. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. How do RecordPoint Rules Work? Archive Site Collection 0 Content DB 0 200GB Content DB 0 1TB©2012 RecordPoint Software. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Customer Case Studies©2012 RecordPoint Software. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. PurposeMaking home ownership possible.VisionLeading the nation in affordable housing finance solutions. Over 56,000 success stories and counting Currently over 15,000 loans with value over 1.5bn
  17. 17. Records Management JourneyPhysical records have been handled well...Electronic records not so much!!!Traditional file server environment“MY” Records culture which provided“Security by Obscurity”No supported enterprise search tool Collaborative environment????
  18. 18. Identifying Technology Enabled HomeStart to start small and scale over time Gives users the features they were exposed to and liked with WSS Support skills are easier to come by and users can pick it up quicker Enabled HomeStart to introduce a DM Culture Users focus on managing docs while RM just happens Dedicated RM resources ensure compliance Making users aware of RM responsibilities while creating a DM culture
  19. 19. Timely Access to Records Documents & Information Systems Enterprise SearchConsume Information Create and Collaborate on information Bubble up and present Create and collaborate on documents relevant information from within departmental and team document document libraries and libraries or within a meeting or project other content sources context
  20. 20. Custom Views of Information
  21. 21. RecordPoint – Record Managers “Disposal” View
  22. 22. Search for InformationMost important aspect of the project from a users perspective. Users needconfidence that they will find their documents again. Tardis All SharePoint content including documents and pages People HomeStart employee searchNetwork Shares Assists with the transition of documents over time Record Point Documents that have been submitted to the records centre Security trimming only displays authorised documents Faceted search adds granularity to search results
  23. 23. Customer Case Studies©2012 RecordPoint Software. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. Who are we?> The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for the regulation of: > broadcasting > radiocommunications > telecommunications, and the > internet> Around 700 staff and contractors> 3 main sites in Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne> Plus a number of small regional locations
  25. 25. Technology landscape> We try to be a “leading edge” (not bleeding edge) adopter of technology> We were one of the first agencies to roll out Windows 7 as our Standard Operating Environment (SOE)> Corporate rollout of SharePoint 2010 for team collaboration completed in July 2010> Business Program Committee has approved an extensive program of system upgrades ($20m+) to replace and modernize all of our legacy ICT systems
  26. 26. Records landscape> Serious push to convert agency to electronic recordkeeping (~12 paper files / month since Oct 09)> Uptake of TRIM for corporate recordkeeping patchy across sections> TRIM does not have a good reputation, partly due to SOE upgrade problems> Legacy information stores and other silos (e.g. shared drives) still a problem> Lots of corporate records in legacy applications
  27. 27. Issues> How do we: … provide a consistent, easy to use interface to staff for their daily recordkeeping and document management? … make recordkeeping an integral part of all our new/upgraded applications? … minimise the risk of incompatibility as we continue to be “leading edge” adopters of technology? … centralise recordkeeping governance and management? … minimise customization requirements and ensure we have an supported and manageable upgrade path into the future?
  28. 28. A IM S R e p lace m e n t P ro je ct In fo rm atio n M o d e l Le ge n d D e live rab le fo r th is p ro je ct O n lin e d a ta lo d g e m e n t (c o m p la in ts /c o m p lia n c e ) Existin g ite m e n h an ce d b y th is p ro je ct Existin g ite m le ve rage d b y th is p ro je ct E x te rn a l w e b S p e c ia lis e d In te rn e t A p p lic a tio n s W e b fo rm s s e rv ic e s N e w ite m d e live re d b y o th e r p ro je cts C u s to m e r C o m p lia n c e C ase C o m p lia n c e N o tes C o n ta c t C o m p lia n c e ite m ite m ite m L ic e n c e D o c u m e n t re c o rd * “R e so u rce ” is a ge n e ral te rm co ve rin g lice n sab le o r o w n ab le ite m s su ch as b ro ad cast o r sp e ctru m lice n se s , n e w sp ap e r o w n e rsh ip , d o m ain n am e s, e tc. E n te rp ris e In te g ra tio n P la tfo rm (E IP ) * “Exte rn al R e fe re n ce ” allo w s cap tu re o f tran sactio n s ab o u t a cu sto m e r an d /o r co n tact, e g o p e n in g a case , issu in g an in vo ice e tc .C u s to m e r M a n a g e m e n t C a s e M a n a g e m e n t (T B D ) L ic e n c e M a n a g e m e n t D ig ita l R e c o rd s D a ta W a re h o u s e (S Q L E xtra c t, T ra n sfo rm a n d L o a d (D y n a m ic s C R M ) (L S te lc o m ) M a n a g e m e n t/ S e rv e r) D a ta S to ra g e (S h a re P o in t) (S S IS ) D ocum ent C u s to m e r C o n ta c t Fact re c o rd C ase L ic e n c e E x te rn a l R e s o u rc e * C o m p lia n c e ite m D im e n s io n R e fe re n c e * C u s to m e r c a re & s e rv ic e C o m p lia n c e m o n ito rin g C o m p lia n c e re p o rtin g S ta n d a rd c u s to m e r S ta n d a rd c a s e m a n a g e m e n t S ta n d a rd lic e n c e C u s to m uS h a re P o in t C sto m C ognos 8 BI m a n a g e m e n t in te rfa c e in te rfa c e m a n a g e m e n t in te rfa c e UI R e p o rtin g
  29. 29. Design and build choices
  30. 30. What the Legacy EDRMS shows to end users File Number File Folders Documents Title + Classification Owner Disposal
  31. 31. What RecordPoint shows to end users Files Folders Icon changes depending on record status
  32. 32. Virtually transparent recordkeeping! where’s the recordkeeping metadata?
  33. 33. Virtually transparent recordkeeping! Recordkeeping metadata sits behind the scenes
  34. 34. Virtually transparent recordkeeping! Finalised records transferred to RP archive for safekeeping
  35. 35. Making it happen> NAP – Documents remain regular SharePoint documents, users can edit and delete as normal> Archive – Documents that aren’t modified in a certain time period (e.g. 18 months) will be sent to the RecordPoint archive> Files – We set up a new SharePoint Library template that uses a new “Record” content type, this tells RP to manage the documents as records (can also be done on Lists)> Patterns – We can match on SharePoint URL patterns, Site Name, List Name or other metadata to set file classification and associate disposal classes> Class rollup – Users never have to set a function/activity when creating document library, this is a behind-the-scenes function of the Records team to ensure proper retention
  36. 36. RecordPoint Roadmap - 2012 RecordPoint RecordPoint RecordPoint Online R4 Online R2 Customer 3.3 RecordPoint for Customer Feedback RecordPoint® Exchange Server Feedback and Research Online Launch RecordPoint 4.0 and Research RecordPoint for RecordPoint Online RecordPoint 3.2 Wave 15 (3.4) R3 RecordPoint 4.1 RecordPoint 4.2 H2 H1 H2 H1 H2 H1 2011 2012 2012 2013 2013 2014  Social media record collection to be added in RecordPoint V3.3  RecordPoint for Exchange to added in RecordPoint 4.0©2012 RecordPoint Software. All rights reserved.
  37. 37. Are there anyquestions?
  38. 38. Questions? Anthony Woodward Paula Smith, ARIM CTO Solution Specialist RecordPoint twitter: @woodwa Personal twitter: @cerr1d More Information on RecordPoint at: RecordPoint on twitter @recordpoint Intergen on twitter @TeamIntergen Collaboration and Content Management
  39. 39. Thank