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  • Philmont entrance
  • Left to RightPaul Tomosky, Travis Bickmore, Jim Mienert, Anthony Mienert, James McCamy, Ian McCamyNOT INCLUDED, Jimmy and Harold Ayers and Brad Snyder, they couldn't make this training hike.
  • …We were the only crew with multiple troops. 612 is the date, P we assume was the state, and we had 5 crews from our council.
  • We did 2 training hikes on the laurel highlands trail. One was at the Ohiopyle end (left) for 19 miles and one was at the Seward end (right) for 25 miles.Picture was taken during the second hike when we took a break.We also had several meetings planning for these hikes. (food, dates, roster, etc.)NOTE ON FISRT HIKE: On the second day, Mr. McCamy pulled his ham string about 3 miles in, right at we made it to the top of the hill. We got back really late that day, but he managed to make it.
  • NOTE ON SECOND HIKE: you can see that we were supposed to hike 5 miles on the first day. Because people got to the starting point late because of torrential rain, we got about a mile in and had to make up the extra 4 miles the next day.
  • Laurel Highlands Trail
  • Laurel Highlands Trail
  • Laurel Highlands Trail
  • Laurel Highlands Trail
  • Waiting and eating lunch at KPIT
  • KPIT – first boarding, we had to get off because of weather condition in chicago.
  • Colorado Spring
  • At the Air Force base
  • Colorado Springs – Pikes Peak in the middle with the snow cap
  • On the way up pikes peak
  • The tracks are so steep that the 1st of the 3 cars is 3 stories higher than the 3rd card
  • Going up Pikes Peak
  • Top of Pikes peak
  • Me, atop pikes peak.
  • Above the tree line
  • Kissing camels
  • Garden of the Gods plaque
  • Ian McCamy , Paul TomoskyGarden of the Gods
  • Jimmy trying to squeeze his way through the 2 rocks.
  • Pulling up the Air Force Academy
  • Chapel at the Academy
  • B-52 stratofortress!
  • A-10
  • Royal Gorge, outside of the gift shop
  • Different shots of the gorge
  • Train on the left, another view of the gorge right
  • Water powered clock
  • Suspension bridge
  • Incline at the gorge
  • Rapids at the bottom of the gorge
  • Bents Fort entrance
  • Inside bents fort
  • Inside Bents fort
  • New Mexico Border
  • Sign posts to all the Philmont camps.
  • Extreme Fire Danger – NO FIRES
  • Talk About Orientation, Compare it to summer camp
  • My “life”
  • OverviewActivites
  • Overview Map
  • Duty Roster – Talk about the different jobs especially pathfinder
  • Show the maps and talk about them
  • TOP L-R: Jim Meinert, Brad Snyder, Jim McCamy, Sara Johnson, Harold Ayers, Jimmy Ayers, Paul TomoskyBOTTOM L-R: Anthony Meinert, Travis Bickmore, Ian McCamy
  • Outside the Dining hall
  • Basecamp sunset
  • Mountains from base camp
  • Field orientation.Map and Compass / Lightning procedures / Latrine Procedures
  • HikingPaul / Travis
  • Signs are not to be trusted
  • T-rex footprint
  • HikingBrad
  • Deer
  • First campsite
  • Petroglyphs
  • Excavated house
  • Another camp
  • Above Indian Writings
  • AtlatlsBrad / Jimmy
  • AtlatlsBrad / Jimmy
  • AtlatlsPaul
  • AtlatlsPaul
  • AtlatlsJimmy
  • Indian Writings in the evening
  • “Side hike”
  • Bandanas are very important
  • Sister crew trying to keep up
  • Made it up the first hill of the trip
  • Baldy Mountian
  • Acquire Burro, ????, Profit!Paul, Jimmy
  • Burro
  • “Dirty Hairy”
  • Hiking on the dirt road
  • Spar climbing
  • Ian spar climbing
  • Travis at the top
  • Harold Ayers Spar Climbing
  • Dustiest. Camp. Ever.Bandana Baths
  • Chillin’
  • Logger Ball!
  • Dirty Hairy is ready to go
  • Hiking to MirandaPaul
  • Hatchet Throwing
  • HatchetThowing
  • 1- Wake up extra early (4:00 I think)2- Hike to baldy town, get permission to climb baldy, bring empty backpack for later, bring daypack with water and lunch3- Hike south face of Baldy mountain4- Hike down north face to French Henry5- Blacksmithing, mine shaft, gold panning at French Henry6- Go to baldy town to pick up Aprox. 80 bags of food. 7- Return to Ute Meadows8-do conservation next day at Miranda
  • Baldy Mountain Saddle
  • Civilization!
  • Small peak of BaldyPaul
  • Small peak of BaldyJimmy
  • Made it to the top!
  • Far side of Baldy
  • Group shot
  • JIMMAY!!!
  • The way down
  • It felt like we were going down for miles
  • Those signs angles are accurate
  • Blacksmithing
  • The one day we get to sleep in to 8:00
  • Tree from Head of Dean, note hook at the top
  • No pictures that I could get.The climbing and rappelling was up and down a 75-100 ft face. There were 2 faces you could climb
  • Talk about the long hike, rest/nap, Shotgun shell reloading, shotgun shooting, Burro Racing, Etc.
  • Deer in the middle
  • Webster reservoir, near turnaround
  • Philmont sign when we left

Philmont 2011 Philmont 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Philmont 2011
  • Our Crew: Pre-Philmont
  • Our crew consists of 9 people: 6 youth, 3 adults
    There are 5 crews going from our council, a total of about 50 people will be with us before we get split up at Philmont.
    Youth: Paul, Travis, Jimmy, Brad, Anthony, Ian
    Adults: Ayers, McCamy, Meinert
  • Paul Tomosky – Crew Leader
    Travis Bickmore – Assistant Crew Leader
    Ian McCamy – Wilderness Pledge Guide
    Anthony Meinert – Chaplains Aid
    Crew Roster
  • Training for Philmont
  • Training hike 2:
  • Laurel Highlands
  • Besides Philmont, we toured Colorado for about a week.
    We had to be at the airport at 6:30 for out 8:00 flight.
    That flight left at around 11:30 due to bad weather.
    Once we finally left, we went from Pittsburgh – Chicago – Denver.
    The first Night We stayed at Peterson Air Force Base near Colorado Springs.
    Trip Overview: Day 1 – 6/9/11
  • Day 1 of touring Colorado
    We take a train up/down pikes peak
    Garden of the Gods
    Air force Academy
    Day 2 – 6/10/11
  • 14,115 ft above sea level (in PA, were about 1,000 ft ABS)
    In central Colorado, 10 miles east of Colorado Springs
    Zebulon Pike, who discovered Pikes peak actually failed to climb it in 1806.
    Edwin James was the fist to climb it in 1820. He named it Pikes Peak because he already named a mountain after him.
    Pikes Peak
  • Public park near Colorado Springs
    Unique geological formations of ancient sedimentary beds colorful sandstone and limestone.
    Garden of the Gods
  • Air Force Academy
    In El Paso Colorado
    18,000 acres
    Forbes ranked the academy the #2 public college in the US in 2009.
  • Day 3 – 6/11/11
    Day 2 of touring Colorado
    Royal Gorge
    Bents Fort
    Kiva / Koshare show
  • Royal Gorge
    AKA the grand canyon of the Arkansas
    Near Canon City, Colorado
    50 ft wide at the bottom and several hundred at the top. It gets as deep as 1,250 feet in some places and it’s 10 miles long.
  • Bents Fort
    AKA Fort William
    Fort was used in the 1830’s in southeastern Colorado
    The fort was a permanent settlement along the Santa Fe Trail.
    Was destroyed under “mysterious circumstances” in 1849. Probably burned down.
    Fort was reconstructed in the 1960’s
  • La Junta to Philmont
    Aprox. 200 miles south
    Spend the time watching “Tron” and “Hancock”
  • Check-in at Philmont: 6/12/11
    Unload Gear from the bus and make a pack line
    Check-in and get our trail-bound tent assignments
    Meet our Ranger and go through orientation
    Get food and gear
    Get Water Conditions
    Opening Campfire
    Tomorrow we start on the trail.
  • Ranger Orientation
    First Aid
    Crew Leader meeting
    Crew leader guide
    Clew leader duties
    Guns n’ Roses (Thorns and Roses)
  • Maps
  • Day 1 on the trail
    Start at base camp
    Bus to 6-mile Turnaround
    Hike approx. 2 miles to Anasazi
    Pass “Worlds only T-rex track”
    This is a non-staffed camp / no activity
    Do first day orientation.
    Meet sister crew
    Water issues
  • Day 2 on the trail
    Hike from Anasazi to Indian Writings
    Approx. 2 miles
    Activity: Petroglyphs, Archaeology, and Atlatls
  • Day 3 on the trail
    Hike from Indian Writings to Ponil
    Approx. 7 miles
    Our Ranger leaves us this morning – shortly after, we get lost. :/
    Activity: Branding, Cantina Show, Western Lore, Horse Rides, Chuck Wagon dinner
  • Day 4 on the trail
    Hike from Ponil to Pueblano
    Approx. 8 miles
    Food Pick-up
    Get burro form Ponil to carry food
    Activity: Chuck Wagon breakfast, Burro training, Continental Tie and Lumber Company, Campfire
    Jimmy runs back to Ponil for root-beer
  • Day 5 on the trail
    Hike from Pueblano to Miranda/Ute Meadows
    Approx 7 miles w/ Burro
    Activity: Turn-in burro, Mountian Man Rendezvous, Black Powder Rifle, Hatchet Throwing
    Camp at Ute Meadows 1 mile away
  • Hike to Baldy Town, Baldy Mountain, French Henry, Baldy town, and return to Ute Meadows
    Approx. 15 miles
    Food Pick-up at Baldy town
    Activity: Hike Baldy Mtn., Gold mine, Gold panning, Blacksmithing.
    Day 6 on the trail
  • Hike from Ute Meadows to Head of Dean
    Do conservation project at Miranda
    Approx. 6 miles
    Activity: None
    Since we did the conservation project late, we did Head of Deans activity the day after.
    Day 7 on the trail
  • Hike from Head of Dean to New Dean
    Approx. 7 miles
    Activity: Challenge events at Head of Dean
    New dean is a trail camp / no activity
    Day 8 on the trail
  • Hike from New Dean to Dean Cow
    Approx. 6 miles
    Activity: Climbing and Rappelling, Volley ball, showers!
    Day 9 on the trail
  • Hike from Dean Cow to Harlan
    Approx. 10 miles
    Activity: 12-gauge shotgun shooting and reloading, Burro racing.
    Burro Racing: Our burro was “Favre's Shenanigans” and came in 3rd then 2nd place.
    Day 10 on the trail
  • Hike from Harlan to Cito Turn-around
    Approx. 5 miles
    Activity: Return to base camp, return gear, closing campfire, go out to St. James in Cimarron for Pizza.
    Day 11 on the trail
  • Check out of base camp
    Bus back to Denver
    Fly from Denver – Chicago – Pittsburgh
    Drive from Pittsburgh to home
    Last day