The Future of the Internet 1 - Social & Search = Content Marketing (Feb 2013)


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How Content marketing is evolving from search and social media. Dated February 2013. Social media offers a huge array of opportunities. The blurring line between social media, search and its offspring Content Marketing.

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  • Keywords and hashtags still critical
  • The Future of the Internet 1 - Social & Search = Content Marketing (Feb 2013)

    1. 1. Social Media – The Opportunities
    2. 2. Agenda Introduction What Social Media isn’t What Social Media is The Blurring of Social & Search Marketing 7 Steps to Content Marketing Conclusions
    3. 3. Hello, This is Me Paul Tansey – Intergage Web Marketing Nerd with the Big Chin I will never know everything Slides available later!
    4. 4. My Company Web design Online & offline PR Content management Video and multimedia Online advertising Training and seminars Social media Our aim Search engine optimisation
    5. 5. What Social Media Isn’t
    6. 6. What Social Media Isn’t Optional A replacement for offline networking A replacement for salesmanship Easy Cheap An opportunity to shout sales messages A place to talk endlessly about you A replacement for a Website Without challenges
    7. 7. Biggest Social Media Challenges Finding the time Creating original content Deciding what to say Measuring ROI Engaging with customers
    8. 8. Pre-Requisites To Social MediaSuccess Be good at what you do Know what success looks like Have your brand guidelines agreed - including keywords Know your perfect customer Get to know them better! Join up systems and automate to save time
    9. 9. What Social Media Is A tool for keeping your ear to the ground A way to have conversations A way to get discovered A team game Something that needs rules Something that needs a plan / tactics A way to waste a lot of time / money A component of your marketing strategy
    10. 10. What Social Media Is A way to drive traffic to your website A great way to stay in touch A great source of advertising opportunities A great source of referrals The best way to use testimonials and recommendations A highly efficient way to communicate Something you should do yourself A way to publish and promote content
    11. 11. Pre Internet Marketing Our changed world Diagram adapted from the book “Social Media Marketing – An Hour A Day”, by Dave Evans
    12. 12. Where Social & Search Impact Social Media Search Engines Social Media Diagram adapted from the book “Social Media Marketing – An Hour A Day”, by Dave Evans
    13. 13. The Power of Word of Mouth 14% of people trust Ads 70%+ of people trust recommendations from strangers 90% of people trust peer recommendations
    14. 14. Good Word of Mouth
    15. 15. Detractors – The Problem
    16. 16. The Changing Face of Search Google hasn’t changed it’s goals The importance of keywords The importance of links The new link landscape
    17. 17. SearchFirst We Discovered Keywords
    18. 18. Then Google & PageRank
    19. 19. Anchor text links All links that drive relevant traffic are good All links are not equal however Cheese More information Smells like cheese Click Here Site A Site B Cheese More Information Cheese Read more Interesting Cheese Click cheese here facts
    20. 20. On-page Vs Off-Page
    21. 21. More Complex Relationships
    22. 22. The Evolution Of SearchEngines Recommendations Realtime Social influences Personalisation Localisation
    23. 23. Search Results now MoreDiverse No longer just “blue links to Web pages”  PDFs  Images  Blogs  Video results  Google Graph results  Google+ Shares and Google+ Linked Blog articles  Slideshare presentations  News articles and press releases
    24. 24. Google’s Panda Update Panda born February 2011 Mission = Kill low quality sites / Reward High Quality Sites An algorithm built to mimic what humans really like and trust A unique Machine Learning process Over 500 updates in 2011 alone Affected 12-13% of all US/ English websites
    25. 25. Google’s Panda Update Panda loves: Expert and enthusiast content Fast loading Social shares Sites you love and spend time on Interlinked content on pages Dynamic links
    26. 26. Google’s Panda Update Panda hates High bounce rates Lots of Ads (especially above the fold) Lots of static links Broken links Pages that look like article marketing sites
    27. 27. Google’s Penguin Update Penguin born April 2012 Mission = Kill WebSPAM – Over optimised sites Affected 3.1% of Websites A filter to remove junk out of SERPS
    28. 28. Google’s Penguin Update Penguin hates: Keyword stuffing in content Scraped / duplicate content Sites that rank high and engage low Suspiciously exact inbound keyword links A lack of link diversity
    29. 29. Search post Panda & Penguin Content still has to be labelled clearly (meta data etc.) Domain names still matter (although we are told not as much) Links important but inbound link profiles need to appear natural not manufactured New emphasis on user experience and navigation Design for users not search engines – create “Wow!” content How users engage BY KEYWORD Social shares the biggest predictor of success – make sure your content can be easily shared
    30. 30. Is SEO Dead?Some people have said “Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is dead”
    31. 31. Search Results now MoreAuthentic “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, February 2013
    32. 32. Google+ Authorship
    33. 33. Quick Re-Cap Social and Search are not enemies, they are partners Search engines LOVE likes, shares, comments and recommendations All kinds of stuff shows up in search if it “Liked, Shared etc.) If SEO means manipulating search results through old school link creation, then it is dying… Authorship is absolutely the way forward Search results can be dominated by successful social media profiles Can I show you something cool…
    34. 34. My Linkedin Profile is Found as No1 result on Google search for  UK Web marketing speaker  Web marketing expert Bournemouth  Bournemouth Web marketing expert  Bournemouth internet marketing expert
    35. 35. My Linkedin Profile is Found on Page 1 on Google search for  uk web marketing expert  uk linkedin expert  uk linkedin expert speaker  internet marketing speaker dorset
    36. 36. So What Big Head? How did this happen?
    37. 37. The 3 C’s of Social Media Creation TheCurationof Content 3 C’s Consumption
    38. 38. Content Consumption “Though the consumption of traditional media hasnt declined significantly among the executive audience, various social and digital media have been added to the mix for work-related purposes: 76% watch online video. 71% view webcasts. 65% use professional networking sites such as LinkedIn 63% read blogs.”
    39. 39. 7 Steps to Content Marketing
    40. 40. Optimise this contentusing SEO tacticsEnsure sharing iseasy
    41. 41. Summary Profile your customer in detail. Understand where they hang out online and how they search to solve their problems and achieve their goals. Create and promote optimised Assess, measure, refine and content you think they will repeat LOVE Content is Liked, shared, Your follower network grows commented on and as content is shared conversations start You attract more traffic to It becomes more visible in your site through search and search as this happens referral
    42. 42. Key Conclusions Social media isn’t a strategy – it’s a collection of tools and tactics You need a Marketing strategy that encompasses social media Likes (shares, comments recommendations etc.) are the new links Social profiles can outrank websites Authenticity and expertise are key Focus on a customer and the how they make a decision Create content these people will LOVE Distribute this intelligently Engage in conversation Build relationships Measure, adjust and repeat
    43. 43. Thank You +Intergage @PaulTansey