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  • I’ve added a slide for Industry Problems rather than Firm Problems. The goal in the deck and conversation is to get them to start saying yes, for example, yes we have those problems too, not have them look at their problems, or tell them their problems. It might end up that some of these problems are not their problems, and that results in a ‘no’, rather than a moderate ‘yes’ of ‘I can see how others have those problems’ AGREED
  • Paul: Craig, can you indicate what the Inputs would be on this slide, so I can illustrate them. Eventually, we want an illustration like the one laid out over this slide.
  • This slide was moved to the end. I think it works better moving this to the end.


  • 1. Mobile Time Capture Proposal For SEILLER WATERMAN Prepared By: LawCapture October 12, 2010
  • 2. LawCapture Mission To deliver a revenue generating tool that captures and optimizes billing for time spent on mobile communication devices.
  • 3. Presentation Agenda • Industry Problems • What LawCapture can do for your firm • Our process & approach • What our clients are saying • A dedication to your Firm
  • 4. Industry Problems • Reducing expenses are paramount to clients • Business climates are becoming more competitive • Clients requesting detailed records to justify client bills Drive to become more competitive & find additional revenue streams Squeeze on internal IT Resources • Technology is diverging to new functional areas • There are increasing mobile platforms • Technological services have major impact on IT staff • IT staff is pressured to handle more projects
  • 5. Industry Problems • Adoption of a wider variety of mobile platforms • Users are trending toward using different mobile carriers • Users want to use ‘their’ mobile device Communication Trends towards mobile devices New problems require innovative solutions • New business tools result in non-serviced areas • Transformations in business require new tools Failing of existing products in new business climate • Not mobile, only desktop • Existing mobile solutions not firm wide
  • 6. The Solution is LawCapture • No behavior modification. Mobile calls placed in the ordinary course. • Streamlined record keeping and detailed call report and analysis. Using this no hassle approach, LawCapture expertly captures and matches phone calls placed to clients ID numbers and compiles and distributes data in hard copy and electronic format. • Ability to provide detailed bill information to clients. • There is no need for a specific phone manufacturer or wireless carrier. • Safety feature. Simply placing a phone call is safer than going through multiple steps that is typically required if using an “app” that resides on the mobile phone. Why LawCapture
  • 7. The Solution is LawCapture Your mobile calls are escaping your billing capture system Captured Activities (inputs) In the Office • Electronic desktop time capture • Hand written time entry forms Out of the office • Hand written time entry forms • Electronic mobile applications • Leaving it to chance/remembering what you did Client Invoice Emails sent from mobile device Mobile Phone Calls
  • 8. The Solution is LawCapture Your increase in revenue and billing This is an estimate of the time recovered based on our historical data
  • 9. The LawCapture Approach • Benefits to Partners & CFO • Benefits to IT Staff • Benefits to Associates The LawCapture approach is unique and designed to maximize Firm benefits across the organization
  • 10. The LawCapture Approach • You can now see client communication across all lawyers • Expand your billing capture system without creating headaches for Attorneys or Staff • Brings analytics of a typically un-captured activity Partners and the CFO have unique problems that impact the financial growth of the firm
  • 11. The LawCapture Approach • There is no applications to provision, LawCapture is transparent • The IT Staff doesn’t have to worry about an extra server, or application installs • Implementation of LawCapture often doesn’t require IT staff as a resource Your IT Staff is overworked
  • 12. The LawCapture Approach • Helps find more billable time • Allows them to increase efficiencies by using their out-of-the-office time • Increases availability by building trust that their mobile time will be captured Associates need to maximize billable activities
  • 13. The LawCapture Pricing Structure 1 – 24 $60 25 – 49 $55 50 – 99 $53 100 + $50 The LawCapture process is labor intensive and we are dedicated to serving your business needs. Per user per month
  • 14. LawCapture’s Clients "I’ve been looking through the reports and was blown away by how many hours I had on a couple of (client) numbers . . . " "With the limited time I could put into it, I’ve (LawCapture has) done the following analysis which confirms that I am not capturing all time. For client SD: I (LawCapture) identified 216 minutes or 3.6 hours of calls from January through July, over 10 separate days, regarding which I did not see any evidence of billing the time. That translates into $900. It also constituted 24% of all call time to SD."
  • 15. LawCapture Intake & Install Process We’ve streamlined the process to minimize impacts on your organization. Intake Implementation Operation Processes During the intake process, we need to get detailed phone information from the phone owners and a list of client numbers. Firm Impacts • Owner of each phone • IT Staff Processes During the implementation process, we set the service up and make sure everything is working properly. It’s an easy process for you. Firm Impacts • Firm Point Person Processes During operations, the reports will be accessible by anyone that is designated to have access. Firm Impacts • Billing Admin
  • 16. LawCapture Contacts Craig Lustig • Business & Organizational Development • 502.314.5854 • Paul Sizemore • Technologist & Operations • 502.475.0069 • LawCapture Leadership