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Twitter presentation

  1. 1. FSC Twitter toolkit Why, how, where, when and who 7 August 2013
  2. 2. It’s instant It’s a great way to communicate and start conversations It’s a form of ‘micro-blogging’- up to date news that is simple to digest Allows us to keep abreast of relevant industry news Allows us to showcase a brand’s personality and what interests it Allows us to get the brand out into the market space – it’s a visible public exchange of information Why Twitter?
  3. 3. Create a recognizable online personality/brand for the FSC Position the FSC as an industry leader and ‘go-to’ for all things fire service We know what we are talking about We’ve got friends in all the right places We have knowledge of the most up to date news/events/technological developments in our field Start and maintain conversations with existing supporters Encourage new supporters to take interest Convert our online supporters to real life attendees Our aims
  4. 4. Twitter 101
  5. 5. 140 characters long can reference other users via an @ mention can become more searchable via hash tags # can link to external sites can include a picture A tweet
  6. 6. Re-posting another’s tweet on your feed Useful to get across the FSC’s personality- what you agree with/don’t agree with, if your football team is playing, if a delegate has tweeted saying they had a great time at the FSC A re-tweet/RT
  7. 7. Useful when another user has tweeted @ the FSC - means the ability to connect and start conversations By hitting reply, Twitter will automatically display the @username If the @username is right at the start of the tweet, this will only be visible to your common followers By putting a . at the start, or embedding the @username in the body of the tweet, the reply will be visible to all of your and their followers A reply
  8. 8. A term or subject that most Twitter users are simultaneously talking about Hash tags # are often used when aiming to get an item trending Keeping abreast of what is trending is useful if you want to be seen as a thought leader - you can throw in your two pence worth e.g. JustinBieber, #RoyalBaby, #Comebacksun A trend
  9. 9. Allow your tweets to become more searchable Increase your chances of getting an item trending e.g. #BowlesRefurb, #M25Collision, #SmokeAlarmsSaveLives Hash Tags
  10. 10. Help you to organise those you are following into categories This is useful when monitoring the landscape and keeping up to date with specific thoughts from select bodies e.g. Firefighters, Industry, CFOs, International Fire Services Lists
  11. 11. It’s a popularity contest! The aim of the game is to increase our online visibility. This means increasing our follower count. Basic Twitter etiquette states that one should follow someone back (even if for short period of time) How do we increase our followers? Post interesting content regularly Celebrate the content of others- via links/retweets Give our favourite followers shout outs using #FF Be interesting and conversational Act as a go-to for information Be responsive- reply to people, tweet at people The aim is to be Retweeted!
  12. 12. Is a social media management system It allows us to: communicate from multiple social networks at once (Twitter and Facebook) view our home feed, direct messages, @ mentions and searched terms add images, shorten links and search profiles Hootsuite will be most useful to the FSC to keep abreast of meaningful conversations be aware of what others are talking about and join the conversations ensure that all retweets, direct messages and @mentions are replied to Hootsuite
  13. 13. Networks Add FSC Twitter and Facebook profiles Tabs Click plus on ‘Add Tab’ icon and add separate Twitter and Facebook tabs Streams Select Twitter or Facebook. Click + next to streams to be added e.g. Home, Direct Messages, Retweets, @Mentions, Searched terms i.e. fire fighter Organising the dock
  14. 14. Tweets and Posts Select Twitter and Facebook (will post to both networks) Compose and send! Adding Links Click Add Link and paste URL Select to shorten link Links can be analyzed via to monitor click throughs Adding Images Select the paperclip and add file from computer .jpg images will automatically be compressed via Facebook- avoid using these to keep quality high! Composing messages
  15. 15. Select magnifying glass in top right Select Search Twitter or Search User ‘Search Twitter’ will find all conversations mentioning your search term- useful if you want to become part of or reference a conversation ‘Search User’ will find all users mentioning your search term in their name or bio Select bold link to view profile Select ‘Follow X’ to add to your network Following users
  16. 16. Hootsuite operates an in-built analytics system which will be useful to check our progress By selecting the graph icon on the left of the screen, we can monitor: Our follower growth How certain conversations, mentions, retweets etc. have affected our popularity (and do more of the same) The number of click throughs per link (so we know what our followers are interested in) Let’s make sure that we are aware of what works and doesn't’t, and tailor our behaviour to this! Checking our progress
  17. 17. Plan of action
  18. 18. People relevant to the FSC Individual firefighters, fire stations, schools, industry bodies, international organisations and bodies Relevant news sites BBC News, Yahoo, CNN People the FSC admires Sports teams, celebrities, politicians, ne wsreaders Follow, follow, follow! Select ‘add to list’ when adding followers to help organise sectors
  19. 19. Split personalities People are much more receptive when they know they are talking to a person Benefits: followers will get to know those that are tweeting and look forward to their shift divides that job so all need not be glued to Twitter constantly e.g. person 1. 9am- 12pm, person 2. 12pm-3pm, person 3. 3pm-6pm Every personality should tweet from the same account- @FSCMoreton Introduce yourself at the start of your shift If you are animated, your followers will be too- make sure you are tweeting about things that truly interest you
  20. 20. Be aware! The most successful tweeters are… ..reactive, posting news and pictures as it happens …monitor their landscape, responding to, and reporting on, things that are relevant e.g. re tweeting, linking to external articles and events ..respond swiftly and positively to all interactions via Twitter E.g. Thanks for the RT @Jamie! Or .@LucyT Bowles House is being painted as we speak! You wont recognise it! Despite the proposed shift system, if you see something great, Tweet it/send it to the person who is on shift!
  21. 21. Following users Assume that your audience knows nothing about the FSC Although there has recently been better engagement, there are still thousands of people that are unaware of your facilities
  22. 22. Get organised Download Hootsuite and make sure it is visible on your desktop at all times Arrange the dashboard to display the home feed, @mentions, direct messages, lists by category, relevant conversational topics If you know that you will be in a meeting, travelling etc. during your shift, schedule tweets using Hootsuite Schedule 1-2 tweets during commuting hours 5-7pm (once more comfortable, we can do this at the weekend too!)
  23. 23. News gathering Set up Google news alerts using relevant search terms such as Fire safety Fire Services etc. Spend a bit of time researching websites that may be useful for industry news and events e.g. individual fire stations If you have a spare ten minutes, check the Daily Mail/The Times etc. website Put an internal news system in place e.g. compose a round up of all FSC news, events, courses that are to happen the following week. Circulate to the social media team on Fridays
  24. 24. Produce a rota Produce a Rota, splitting shifts up amongst the team e.g. 3 hour shifts on rolling basis, 1 person each day on rolling basis Keep a note of who is on shift each day and help each other out by sending… relevant content links images etc. …when you spot them
  25. 25. When to tweet The aim is to be sending out around 4 tweets per day. This means tweeting 1-2 times during your shift Be aware of what has previously been tweeted and when. Make sure we are not tweeting straight after one another Optimum times for tweeting include lunchtimes (1- 3pm) and the evening commute (5-7pm) After monitoring the feed for a while using Hootsuite, we should get an idea of how much engagement our followers prefer! We need to make our voices heard without overwhelming our followers! 10 tweets each day is too much!
  26. 26. Examples Big things are happening at the FSC. Keep up to date with news here! Morning! Another exciting day at the FSC. Wonder what we'll get up to today? Overturned lorry, collapsed Did you know that the FSC goes through X tins of beans each week! Got to keep the team big and strong! Check out our website for fire service news and events in your area Our very own Helen Tooley competed at the WPFG, find out how she did here