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A short introduction to myself and my work.

A short introduction to myself and my work.

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  • 1. Paul Rowell Portfolio Presentation
  • 2. About Me Education Kingston University, 2011 Computing and Mathematics Games RPG Puzzle Action/Adventure TV/Cinema Disney/Pixar Science Fiction Comedy
  • 3. Employment – Reading Room www.readingroom.com How long have I been there? June 2011 - Present What is my role? Lead Technical Developer What do I do? PHP Developer Drupal/Wordpress New Business Proposals/Pitches New Developer Training Ask me!
  • 4. Projects I’ve worked on a variety of projects, creating them in Drupal and Wordpress. Below are a collection of websites I have been involved in, after which is more information about a few of my favourites.
  • 5. My Health London A site that allows users to find and compare health services and information in London, including various data sets on performance and services available. See more at: www.paulrowell.com/my-work/myhealth-london www.myhealth.london.nhs.uk
  • 6. Healthy Schools London A project designed to help tackle childhood obesity as well as provide other benefits to children’s physical and mental wellbeing. See more at www.paulrowell.com/my-work/healthy-schools-london www.healthyschoolslondon.org.uk
  • 7. Leonard Cheshire A complete site overhaul and refresh, allowing the charity to showcase itself, and allow people to search its work, campaigns, services, and events. See more at www.paulrowell.com/my-work/leonard-cheshire-disability www.leonardcheshire.org
  • 8. Outside of Work Outside of employment I have an lively interest in development and the web. Other than reading material and tutorials I maintain an active involvement in the Drupal community. Some of what I do is below with more information about some of my activities following. Development Blog Events Trying out new modules/themes, reading and following tutorials Sharing my thoughts and my experiences of Drupal Attending events and meetups, talking with other developers
  • 9. Webform Email Reply A module I created to integrate with Drupal’s popular ‘Webform’ module. Submitted to, and approved by, the community it is now freely available to be downloaded and used by others. https://drupal.org/project/webform_ email_reply
  • 10. DrupalCamp London 2013 I spoke at DrupalCamp London 2013 about how Drupal helped create a site that allowed Londoners to find and compare data about their health. See more at: http://2013.drupalcamplondon.co.uk/session/your-health-and-your- data-how-drupal-helped-londoners-take-control http://2013.drupalcamplondon.co.uk
  • 11. PaulRowell.com My blog is used to share my thoughts and experiences with Drupal, as well as using it as a portfolio for a selection of my work. www.paulrowell.com
  • 12. Contact Me www.linkedin.com/in/paulrowell www.paulrowell.com https://drupal.org/user/1881402 https://twitter.com/Paul_Rowell