Medical Device Video Streaming


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Operating Room (OR) Video to Doctor Desktops / Nurses’ Stations
• Bring efficiency to the surgical team and hospital operations with pristine quality IP video • Leverage real-time HD video to view any source securely for remote surgical collaboration • Enable HIPAA compliancy with end-to-end encryption and user authentication
• Control and monitor ORs with secure IP video systems from nurses’ stations
Real-Time IP Video to Connect ORs, Labs, and Auditoriums
• Establish advanced communications between any points on campus with real-time IP video
• Provide any remote location with pristine video quality, bi-directional, low latency communications
• Enable HIPAA compliancy with end-to-end encryption and user authentication
• Replace baseband video with IP video systems for cost effective, high quality, low latency communications
Surgical Simulations and Skills Labs
• Stream, record, and review real-time multi-stream IP video content for clinical review
• Track multiple HD sources simultaneously on any desktop for in-depth situational assessments
• Record, manage, and share video content in real-time for mission-critical decision making and post-event contextual review • Enable HIPAA compliancy with end-to-end encryption and user authentication
Live Internet Streaming of Medical Events
• Extend your multi-stream medical events to viewers anywhere, anytime
• Deliver the highest quality, lowest latency HD streaming for collaboration and training
• Simplify event streaming by delivering end-to-end control of live Internet media delivery
• Deliver live and on-demand content with automated ingest, transcoding, and publishing workflows
HIPAA compliant video streaming for medical devices

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Medical Device Video Streaming

  1. 1. H I P A A C o m p l i a n c e & M e d i c a l E f f i c i e n c yMedical DeviceVideo Streaming
  2. 2. Bring Efficiency to the Surgical Team andHospital OperationsLive Videofrom theER, OR orPatientRoomStreamingover theNetworkHIPAACOMPLIANTConditionalAccess
  3. 3. See More Patients• Doctors can seemore Patients• Video is stored forOn-DemandViewing• Stream Video toSpecialists over thenetwork
  4. 4. Radiology Flow ChartMulti-Cast or Uni-Cast
  5. 5. Operating Room ExampleStreamline Efficiency
  6. 6. Case Study 1Live Window into Operating Room
  7. 7. Case Study 2Advancing Medical Education
  8. 8. CASE STUDY 3LIVE INTERNET STREAMINGThe Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) is anindependent, academically focused, nonprofit organization dedicated toimproving the quality of life for people with cardiovascular disease throughresearch and education. The CRF’s Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics(TCT) scientific symposium is held annually, and attendees gather to hear thelatest data from key clinical trials and to observe live cardiovascular cases. Theconference is streamed in HD to authenticated viewers worldwide usingHaivision’s KulaByte encoders and HyperStream cloud-based transcodingservices.
  9. 9. MEDICAL CUSTOMERSJust a few of HaiVision’s PrestigiousCustomers.
  11. 11. LEARN MORE• Learn More at• Or visit• Product Pricing HereHaverford Systems, Inc . 610-518-2200