Arrive RoomPoint 2142


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Arrive RoomPoint 2142 all in one Video Conference, Wireless Presentation and Digital Signage system.

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Arrive RoomPoint 2142

  1. 1. Arrive’s transformational technology architecture called “EdgelessMedia® ” is based on the reality that in the cloud connected world, devices perform extended functions which are not limited to the geometry of the box, nor within the physically defined schematic connectivity of the box. Instead devices also function as gateways to the whole wide world by performing functions that are “outside the box”. Arrive EdgelessMedia® concept follows the tenet of “Formless Function” and significantly reduces the problem of equipment and cable sprawl which is inherent in the physical installation environments. Arrive’s RoomPoint™ family of Unified Media Processors are created to provide the ability for system integrators and users to benefit from the AV and IT crossover opportunity of merging the wired world of AV with the wireless and cloud connected world of IT. Arrive RoomPoint™ 2142-HD Unified Media Processors Arrive RoomPoint™ Unified Media Processors perform the functions that several discreet devices independently used to perform in the past. Edgeless architecture provides the opportunity to integrate the form to single devices with multiple functions that edgelessly perform the AV-IT crossover functions by merging wired, wireless and cloud into a single performing application driven system. The Arrive RoomPoint™ 2142-HD works in a High Definition presentation environment where all the wired outputs are Full HD. Eye-catching design perfectly blends into architectural 1U scenarios for wall mount, under desk mount or table-top, rack mount placement.
  2. 2. RoomPoint™ 2142-HD Unified Media Processors Hardware Functions Software Functions FF Room Reservation FF In-Room Signage FF Cloud Application Delivery FF Virtual Desktop Arrive RoomPoint™ room reservation capability, allows the users to book the meeting room through their MS Outlook or web-interface which rules out booking conflicts within the organization. Arrive RoomPoint™ Cloud connected application delivery and storage accommodates cloud based shared access which allows users to upload files prior to the meeting or store the files on the cloud during and after the presentation. Arrive RoomPoint™ Cloud applications fully integrates with Microsoft App-V and Citrix Xen-App to deliver Virtual Desktop Capability into shared workspaces such as meeting rooms and classrooms, which allows application virtualization and application delivery from the cloud to the RoomPoint™ . Administrators can centrally create and publish the applications to all the RoomPoint™ based rooms and remotely enable the applications in a few clicks. • 2 input X 1output USB 3.0 switch for connecting interactive devices to Touch Screen USB 3.0 Switch • Dual Output - Full HD capability with 1 X HDMI and 1 X Display Port integrated PC output. • Fully Integrated with Microsoft App-V to publish cloud based applications. • Integrates fully with Citrix Xen-App to publish VDI applications. • Connects to Cloud based storage clients (Microsoft Skydrive, Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft Sharepoint workspace) Virtual Desk-top Client With Dual NIC inputs provided on the device, high bandwidth applications can be supported to content delivery via VDI infrastructure: • Windows laptops / desktop • MAC laptops / desktops • Android phones / Tablets • Blackberry SmartPhones • iPad / iPhone iOS devices Wireless Presentation Gateway Supports wireless presentation / screen sharing and control from wirelessly connected hand-held and user devices such as : Copyright © 2013 Arrive Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks and copyrights, whether acknowledged or otherwise, are owned by their respective owners. Arrive® does not claim ownership of any trademark other than the Arrive® , Arrive InfoPoint™ , Arrive RoomPoint™ , Arrive FacePoint® , Arrive ViewPoint™ , Arrive CloudPoint™ , Arrive AirPoint™ , Arrive NetPoint™ , Arrive TouchPoint™ , Arrive ControlPoint™ , Arrive CablePoint™ , Arrive EyePoint™ , Arrive VoicePoint™ , Arrive SoundPoint™ and Arrive Edgeless Media® trademarks. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All images are provided for reference use only, are graphically generated and representative for promotional purposes. Finished goods, packaging and products will be provided with user interface designs and graphic elements including packaging design elements that may vary from the images shown in this document. E&OE. Arrive Systems, Inc. 6737 Katella Avenue Cypress, CA 90630, USA +1-800-256-3560 (USA/Canada Toll Free) Arrive Limited P.O.Box 17723 Dubai, UAE