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Café Bulletin is a monthly magazine for the younger set focusing attention at things beautiful rather than gory. The effort is to avoid sensationalism and concentrate on important things for living as against merely things imported for life. Your suggestions and comments will go a long way in making Café Bulletin a must read magazine for the youth...

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Cafe bulletin

  1. 1. August 2010Editor/ Publisher:Nabarun PaulDesigned & Compiled by:Paul’s Café Private Limited CaféBulletin Be Aware! Beware!Subscription & Distribution:Free Read to nk hi to Read Think T ! In the land of opportunities that is the United States; It took 43 presidents to rule and finally the change; 44th was the president who was not a white American. If the USA who are considered as the worlds powerfully advanced country with a modern outlook took almost an era for a change then one life that I have and that which is yours is too less… For the bird too in the cage it will need a lot of patience… AS change is the only constant Some day the cage A friend is an angel who lifts will disappear and the bird will fly again. us off our feet when our wings have trouble Possibly I may not last that long but the thoughts remembering how to fly... must go on; the seeds need to be planted by someone…some! because tomorrow never comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget! time to ‘ It Take s a long ‘ g row an o ld friend
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  3. 3. k! Read to hin T Corruption can be of various forms- Mind, Money, Thoughts, Body & Life o Read Compromise. Not Adjust. Value Others Time. If You Want Others To Value Yours. Open Your Eyes. Mistrust The Obvious. If You Give You Must Get, Some contradicting lines; You Have To Get Or It Wasnt Worth Giving….. but these are not... - Nabarun Paul The Same Applies Other Ways As Well – If You Get You Must Give Or It Wasnt Worth Getting…… When You Want Something By Heart The Whole World Conspires For It….But There Must Be An Honest Desire… There Is Time For All To Be Done. Instant Promise Makers Seldom Keep It – Tomorrow Never Comes! They Are Politicians And Manipulation Is Their Forte. Certain Things In Life Have To Be Done Immediately. Luck Is Once… For Some That Once May Be More Than Dont Hurry! Once… Change Is The Only Constant. Though change is the only constant….an instant change Dont Quit. results in some malicious intentions… just for some selfish purpose, till it is fulfilled and then its back to the Drop The Ego. Be Proud. old ways…. Look For Happiness Within. Thus there was no change at all…. Give Others For That Might Be Their Last Day. Change needs time … it is a constant process…not a one Dont Step On Two Boats. Learn To Multitask. day job or overnight process… Whenever There Is A Problem There Is An Opportunity. You never say I will change from tomorrow…tomorrow Dont Be Selfish. Give Up, Let Go. never comes…so even if there is a change tomorrow it is Stop The Habit Of Being Good Always. superficial. At the same we keep on hearing and have started Think Out Of The Box. Follow Your Heart. believing tomorrow will be a new dawn…why not make Be Angry. Express Yourself. todays evening beautiful so that even if tomorrows Dont Take Temper To Your Head. Be Cool. dawn never comes we would cherish what we have and Communicate. Dont Blame. Confront. not repent for that which we aspire for..... dont pile up and then repent for those unsaid words those Accept Mistakes. Forgive… Not Forget (Forgive To Forget; unexpressed feelings, suppressed emotions. Who knows Never Forget To Forgive) Everybody Deserves A Second today is all that he/she might have. It’s destiny after all Chance. But ONLY A Second Chance. Not fate or coincidence. Think And Think Again. Dont Think More Than Twice. live in the Now. Blink! Think! Decide! Be concerned. Give All That You Have To, Want To. Not All That You Can. Tomorrow may be too late to- let!03
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  6. 6. what is to Compromise Adjustment ?‘All you must do isfigure out how youcan do it, not whetheror not you can. And ‘once you have madeyour mind up to do it,its amazing how your Compromise and Adjustment? Certain things in life are non-negotiable. One compromises to accept less than the best ...i.e. to reach a middle way. In compromise one has to sacrifice willingly or unwillingly. In adjustment there is indulgencemind begins to figure at others’ expense. Whether or not, one wants to; is never the issue. Itout how……. is always considered to be for the larger benefit....which is always a distant dream... an illusion.... An adjustment is induced by the vulnerable to allow exploitation, further; and thereby get used to exploitation. Is it not because of adjustment by us Indians we had to face a 26/11? It does not take a lot of courage to discard Bl ink! something that which has become a habit but a lot of guts. And be aware that it will invite trouble & resistance from ones own Th Decide mind and the society. Follow your heart. Habits which seem good to the society but bad for the self need courage in addition to guts to be disowned. And for that you have to know your inner self first—I AM. I believe errors are foreseen and Accepting a habit which the society stamps mistakes are not. Which means that to be correct are the most harmful because it errors can be rectified but mistakes is never corrected or discarded rather it is have to be necessarily corrected; if not passed on to the next generation. then they become a habit and then those habits have to be discarded if not Why? Is it for the fear of the society or is it suitable or bad. Habits can be both good because the society will stamp it as a sin and and bad. If good then one must polish it; the doer a sinner? Why do you forget that if bad then discarded. Again the you are neither a saint nor a sinner? You are question- how would one decide only you – an individual. God. Because HE between a good habit and a bad habit? resides in you and if God cannot sin so how Anything that gives you the happiness, can you? Do you think you have the pleasure, warmth and that which makes capacity to sin? you feel is good by heart is a good habit. There has to be no guilt in it. On the ...Decide! other if your mind says yes but your Whether adjustment is a habit to be heart no then it is a bad habit. This disowned or compromise to be encouraged? theory though may not be applicable everywhere, just as there cannot be one “There will always be few exceptions wherein medicine for all illnesses. If adjustment adjustment becomes inevitable. The best way is your nature think whether it is an error then, is to check the conditions rather look at or a mistake and then decide. things with eyes wide shut”... Blink! 06
  7. 7. Keep in touch with your loved ones Celebration means... Celebration means... Four Friends. 3 old friends. Bahar Barsat. 3 separate cities. Four Mugs of Coffee... 1 internet messenger. Celebration means... Celebration means... Hundred bucks of petrol. You and mom. A rusty old bike. A summer night. And an open road. A bottle of coconut oil. A head massage. Celebration means... Celebration means... Maggi noodles. Rain on a hot tin roof. A hostel room. Pakoras deep-frying. 4.25am Neighbours dropping in. A party! You can spend Hundreds on birthdays, Thousands on festivals, Let’s Lakhs on weddings, …but to celebrate all you have to do is spend your Time with your loved ones. Celebrate !07
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  9. 9. Tomorrow may be too late, to-let...If opportunity doesnt knock, build a door! Too many times we stand aside and let the waters slip away ‘’Til what we put off ‘til tomorrow has now become today... So dont you sit upon the shoreline and say you’re satisfied... Choose to chance the rapids and dare to dance the tides...11, Dream House, Datta Mandir Road, Nashik Road 422101 email: