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Social Media for B2B: The Big Picture
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Social Media for B2B: The Big Picture


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Social media is often done in a silo - rarely integrated, lacking strategy and, eventually, undermined by a reliance on vanity metrics. In B2B, brands need tangible returns from their marketing spend, …

Social media is often done in a silo - rarely integrated, lacking strategy and, eventually, undermined by a reliance on vanity metrics. In B2B, brands need tangible returns from their marketing spend, so social platforms and content should not immune from this requirement. To begin the process of refining or re-structuring your social media activity, first take a look at the bigger picture.

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology

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  • The convergence of technology devices means that social activity needs to be desktop/mobile/tablet friendly. Multi-tasking through multiple devices with double-screening a growing phenomenon. Smartphones and tablets account for a 63 percent growth in users time spent on social media:
  • Social sharing doesn’t just provide a form of advocacy within the channel, but more broadly also influences search optimisation. Consider the impact of +1 with Google’s search results and Likes with Facebook’s Search Graph
  • Social platforms will soon be launching commercialised social sharing features such as Facebook’s “Want” button.
  • This chart is used by Morgan Stanley to capture the lifecycle of disruptive technologies. Not specific to social media but certainly applies.Think of the how disruptive technologies such as the commercial Internet and downloading music have hit each stage of this cycle.(Open to audience) When thinking of your clients, where are they on this graph when it comes to social media?Hype = Clients on the sideline, taking a wait and see approachDisappointment = Clients who have tried social media but didn’t see the business caseRealism = Clients who are seeing how social media can help their marketing mix, although in a limited capacityGrowth = Clients who have determined a successful use of SM and continue to grow on it
  • From a 2012 Penton Media study of B2B marketing pros, note the need for social media expertise from agencies when serving client needs. “Not enough time” indicating an agency’s brain power needed to meet client needs“Not crucial for my business” indicating a lack of education of how social can help marketing and business efforts“Lack resources” indicating how the bench strength of an agency can help shoulder the load. Also telling of modest budgets for client’s starting social media.
  • Don’t eat the Elephant at once – break it into chunksThese are the steps to RPMBalance of all these elements – working in harmony
  • Ideally, once social media starts it should never stop but rather continue to evolve. Both the brand and agency will reap the most benefits from social media if it’s sustainable and setup to supplement the overall marketing mix, not simply as one isolated Facebook page or a Twitter account for a tradeshow.Simply put, if the client’s target audiences and competition are on social media, it’s time for them to be on social media as well.
  • Different social strategies can be deployed, so careful objective setting needs to be establish from the outset. This will dictate which channels you activate, what type of content you produce, how often it is published and how much proactive and reactive management the channel will require. It could even impact on what the social network is named and how it is designed (i.e. either heavily corporate/brand-led or neutral/impartial).
  • Discovery, even if done in quickly and in a vacuum, should never be skipped. Free social media monitoring tools such as and TweetDeck provide a great start, with premium tools such as Radian6 offering a deeper, more quantitative look.When evaluating content, think of every marketing discipline to draw content from; including creative, PR, DM, event marketing etc. Too often B2B agencies don’t look beyond PR
  • Transcript

    • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA THE BIG PICTURE @myerscough
    • 3. DIGITAL NATIVES v DIGITAL IMMIGRANTS Source: Enquiro B2B report / The rise of the digital native
    • 4. BETTER CONNECTED 37% OF B2B BUYERS reported researching products or services for their business on their mobile phones
    • 5. TIME PRESSURED 56% OF B2B BUYERS make business decisions at home, blurring the lines between business and personal lives
    • 6. MORE EMPOWERED 70% OF THE PURCHASE CYCLE in B2B is completed before getting in touch with suppliers
    • 7. MORE INFORMED plays a major role in moderating vendor selection 87% SAY ONLINE CONTENT
    • 8. MORE SELECTIVE 67% OF B2B BUYERS don’t trust vendor content
    • 9. COMMUNITY MINDED 28% OF B2B BUYERS share online content with more than 100 people
    • 10. COMMUNITY MINDED 41% USE SMARTPHONES to access B2B content, 30% use tablets and 68% via desktop PCs
    • 11. STALKING
    • 12. TALKING
    • 13. the hunter has become the hunted
    • 18. THE PURPOSE OF SOCIAL MEDIA Entices audiences to enter a dialogue Encourages them to pick up some information of value Provides an environment where a relationship can exist Supports brand advocacy through endorsement and sharing Improves online brand visibility Allows them to step into the sales funnel
    • 19. Understand the Buyer Digital body language Channel and Web integration Communicate effectively Targeting and segmentation E-mail marketing Stay In touch Effectively nurture leads Get sales involved Improve lead quality Lead scoring and prioritisation Make sales effective Enable sale Sales and marketing alignment THE PURPOSE OF MARKETING Measure KPIs Understand revenue Revenue
    • 20. INTEGRATED SALES & MARKETING FUNNEL Customer (Revenue) Prospect Qualified Lead (MQL) Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) Suspect Sales Qualified Opportunity (SQO) EvaluateLearn JustifyInterest Marketing validates quality of interest. Marketing nurtures to sales ready. Sales validates and accepts ownership. Sales validates BANT criteria Sales closes revenue opportunity. Customer Buying Process Sales & Marketing Process Purchase
    • 21. Engage and inspire Encourage users to interact with content and functionality and capture data Web personalization, Behavioural targeting, Conversion optimization, Analytics, Content marketing, Social media… Bounce rate, Pages per visit, Product page conversions, Landing page conversions, Downloads, Form completions, Visit duration… Nurture and convert Conversion of Web traffic in the form of leads, sales, registrations, membership Marketing automation, Lead nurturing, Lead scoring, E-mail retargeting, SMS, Telemarketing… Conversion rates (CPA/CPL), Leads/sales volumes, Inbound call volumes, Content engagement, Revenue… Keep Build relationship with customer and drive cross-sell/up-sell strategies CRM, Campaign management, Segmentation, Customer lifecycle marketing, E-mail, Newsletters, Apps… Repeat visits, Repeat conversions, Content engagement, Lifetime value, Average customer spend… Impressions/CPC, Unique visitors, Audience share, Share of voice, Revenue… SALES AND MARKETING FUNNEL Business StrategyReach and attract Build awareness of brand/campaigns and drive traffic to Web site to fill the funnel E-mail, D-mail, Search, Content Marketing, Social media, Prospecting, PR, Events, Mobile, Display, Data Management…
    • 24. BUYER PERSONAS ONE FOR EACH ROLE Understand their world How they search for products and services Where they source information When they enter the buying process Issues and needs they have Customer persona: Technical Buyer
    • 25. NEEDS ANALYSIS CONTENT PLAN Personas needs against buying process What questions will they ask? How do we answer the question? What type of content and format is relevant? Where do we share that content?
    • 26. PAID, EARNED AND OWNED MEDIA Awareness content (Connectivity e-book) OWNED Landing page PAID “connectivity” PPC (long-tail keywords) Display ads Social recommendations (Google +1) Traffic from social sharing (likes, re-tweets, etc) Connectivity blogs & supporting content TTB social channels Push Push Traffic Promote EARNED Shares
    • 27. INTEGRATE ALL CHANNELS Landing pages (Segmented) Marketing automation (Eloqua) Analytics (Google, VisiStat, DoubleClick) CRM ( Segmented content Premium content (e-books) Videos and infographics Web apps and tools Phone (Dynamic NGN) Live chat Availability checks Web forms (content reg) E-mailD-mailTwitter LinkedIn Fllickr YouTube Slideshare Display ads Behavioral ads Mobile (SMS) Blogs Social ads PPC Mobile ads Inbound (advertising)Inbound (social and PR) Outbound (direct) SeminarsEvents Outbound (off-line) SEO Integrated campaigns (SME, Corporate and Partner) Brand experience Sales/lead generation Lead scoring Explicit & Implicit Lead Nurturing to MQL Pass to sales Leads E-mail Re- targeting
    • 28. MAP CONTENT TO THE BUYER TIMELINE Infographics x10 Presentations x16 Light Reads x21 Product Demo Videos x19 ROI/TCO Calculators x4 Intro Copy x119 Topic Videos x12 Case Studies x35 Image Diagrams x18 Technical Specs x34 Articles x 45 Press Releases x 45
    • 31. SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES 42 CRM Audience reach Brand building Influence influencers SEO Thought leadership Competitive advantage
    • 32. Media Description How it works Frequency Website to share contents & where target audience can also leave comments  The hub of all social media activities  An integrated resource for all social channels  Content driven by PR campaign, supplemented by ‘ad hoc’ contributions Updated fortnightly Micro-blog that enables its users to send and read text-based posts  Act as a ‘signpost’ to target audience to the blog, with short messages called ‘tweets’  Mainly driven by blog content  Tweets will feature ‘story teasers’, related to blog posts & references to interesting 3rd party content Updated daily Net-working site designed for business community to make new business contacts & to keep in touch with co-workers & affiliates  The prime channel for generating discussion  Groups will stimulate both questions & answers as well as delivering news to key audiences  Content will relate to blog & topical issues as well as reactive activity in response to members’ queries Updated daily (status) or weekly (Group) Photo-sharing website, image bank for SEO, highly ranked by Yahoo  Primarily used as an SEO (search engine optimisation) tool  Resource for directing users to the blog/website  Images uploaded to the blog & Flickr simultaneously  Images tagged with SEO keywords Updated as and when images are available Web TV with ‘talking heads’ and project footage . Easily digestible, visual delivery of messages  Used to showcase our products, projects, experience & expertise  Primarily driven by thought leadership & issues based content Updates as & when videos are produced
    • 33. HOSTING WordPress Blogger Tumblr Slideshare YouTube
    • 34. SIGNPOSTING Facebook PinterestGoogle+SlideshareYouTubeTwitter
    • 35. Conversing LinkedIn Twitter WordPress Blogger Tumblr
    • 36. THE PROCESS STRATEGY CONTENT CHANNELS MeasureDiscover Content Design Produce Deploy Collect audience and international insights that will inform the content strategy and evaluate current situation Develop the strategy to support frequent, rich and responsive business goals Create visual identity and design. Identify and select technology that support the desired online experience Create and configure channel outlets and populate beta social platforms for testing Test and revise environments for launch and commence promotional plans – via digital and non- digital channels Continually measure effectiveness of digital tactics and social media against established objectives STRATEGY CONTENT CHANNELS
    • 37. THANK YOU | @SteinIAS | @SteinIAS_EMEA